Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bodonkey Chat.....for smart people only

MoFo_69: damm u b
MoFo_69: ring ring
MoFo_69: LOL
MoFo_69: 4rd bullett
MoFo_69: damm
MoFo_69: lol
MoFo_69: gl
MoFo_69: i am calling you
MoFo_69: gg
PokahDave: gg B
pokerpeaker: gg
irongirl01: great call
pokerpeaker: nice call Wonka
[TRexRoar]: nh
[TRexRoar]: a10o utg. nicely played heehaw boy
MoFo_69: ty
[TRexRoar]: gl all
MoFo_69: i guess your all being sarcastic
pokerpeaker: I'm not
pokerpeaker: it was a great call
MoFo_69: i am a calling station
irongirl01: not at all
pokerpeaker: you're a good player
MoFo_69: lol dont pu******
MoFo_69: pu******
pokerpeaker: pu?
MoFo_69: push
MoFo_69: it
pokerpeaker: decent player?
irongirl01: pu SSY trying to say
MoFo_69: cant say push
MoFo_69: it
pokerpeaker: pu******
MoFo_69: pu****
irongirl01: really
pokerpeaker: he's right!
irongirl01: push
pokerpeaker: pu******
PokahDave: pushpush
irongirl01: push
PokahDave: push
pokerpeaker: man that is ****ed
PokahDave: PUSSH
irongirl01: *****
pokerpeaker: man that is ********** e d
pokerpeaker: lol
pokerpeaker: the censor is so strange
irongirl01: P U S SY cant be typed
irongirl01: push
irongirl01: is okay
irongirl01: for me i guess
pokerpeaker: but if you say "p u s h"
pokerpeaker: it
pokerpeaker: pu******
pokerpeaker: see?
PokahDave: pu****
irongirl01: p u s h
PokahDave: its because the ****** part
PokahDave: **********
irongirl01: its fawked
PokahDave: s h i t
PokahDave: that part
pokerpeaker: f a w ked
pokerpeaker: I like that
PokahDave: poo****
pokerpeaker: poop?
pokerpeaker: that works
PokahDave: poo s h i t
pokerpeaker: a s s hold
pokerpeaker: lol
PokahDave: d'oh

F'n bubble-bitch again......damn....I had 7c-8c with 7x-Xc-Kc.....I went all in and Joewhatshisname called with Ah-Kh...and gets his Ax on the turn for better two pair....no flush on the river..........Bodonked!!!!!!!!

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