Monday, October 06, 2008

holdem poker starting hands

Holdem Poker Starting Hands

No matter if you play a freeroll at Full Tilt Poker
or a mid-stakes cash game
at PokerStars, you need good starting hand requirements if you want to
be successful. What are good starting poker hands in Holdem? There are a number of
different playable hands, depending upon your situation.

Big Card Hands

Big card hands have two cards in the Broadway Zone, between ten and
ace. The higher and closer, the better. Hands like AA, KK and QQ and AK
(especially suited) are monster hands that you will play from any
position and usually don?t mind getting it all in before the flop.

JJ, TT and 99 are strong hands that you can play from any position, but
very cautiously. Hands like AQ, KQ, KJ and QT are trouble hands. When
you hit your hand, you will either be far ahead and get no action or way
behind hands like AK, tied on for a lot of money.

You may want to raise up front with hands like AQ or KQ. However, its
okay to throw these hands away if there has been a raise in front of
you, especially in an early position. A hand like TJ or QJ is one you
would like to limp and see a flop with, hoping to make a straight, a
suited flush or big two pair.


Pairs other than mentioned above are usually ones you would like to see
a cheap flop with and hope to hit a set. The problem with medium and
small pairs is that an overcard often hits the flop. If you do not make
a set, these hands can be difficult to play.

Suited Connectors

Hands such as 67 suited and 89 suited can be great to play in late
position, if you can do so cheaply. You are hoping to flop a
well-disguised monster hand and win a big pot. Throw these hands away if
you only catch a small piece of the flop and other players are
representing strength.

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