Friday, February 29, 2008

Through the Gauntlet

6 months of the Real Estate Gauntlet....finally done. I never knew what stress could do to me until now. I thought selling my condo in North Conway, NH was tough. This was (for lack of a better analogy) a botched abortion in RE terms. 5 delays on closings...including what was supposed to be a closing on the 27th. The people that bought my house (they should own it since they live, work and school in the town)were first-time RE noobs. They did exactly 0% of their requirement the right way. Considering it's a first-time purchase you would usually cut some slack...but this was forced upon me. There were no other they had a field day with delays. The FHA requirements are ridiculous when the market is good....but in this age of 'sub prime' blah they are beyond that. Not to mention the so-so credit of said buyer (pay off your debts is usually rhetorical). Now that is bad enough...but a noob RE agent that works for a law firm in Lawrence is a different animal. This girl decided to become a RE agent at the exact 'worst' time in the last 20 fucking years. Not only that she did exactly 0% of the required things that make a RE transaction work. Did I mention that she neglected to ask her fucking 'mentor' at the law firm she worked at? The guy comes in to negotiations 4 months into a 6 month trial-by-fire. We aren't done folks....their choice of Mortgage broker was poor as well. How fucking many things can go wrong.....EVERYTHING...that's what. Thank god I had a RE lawyer of my own during this shit storm. My RE agent (a pretty good looking blond milf-type lady) was a bulldog. She said "I'm never going over the border again Dave". That had me falling over laughing even during the most turbulent of times last week. Her office is in Andover...the next town over is Lawrence. She also had trouble getting the 'Smoke certificate' in Lawrence. There just so happens to be new laws and it is tougher than ever to get one. The certificates expiration was yesterday...they got the deal done yesterday. I know this is supposed to be a poker blog but this has been an all-encompassing thing...and it's a blog titled 'Poker and Miscellaneous Stuff'. So anyway, it's done. I tie up a few loose ends and it's all but a memory...a bad one at that. I will not post anymore Real Estate horror stories. I mean I hope that I won't have to do anything but Re-finance my current mortgage to cut down 3 percentage points. That is a transaction that is nothing but gravy baby.
I hope that all people out there are as lucky as I have been recently (that's you Lightning36! I feel for you brother!).
I have to add one or tow poker things....some of the posts that Hoy and Chad have done in the past year are appreciated. I'm not kissing anybodies ass here...but between the two of them there is a treasure trove of MTT posts among other things. I have made some complete donkey-ass moves on both and usually things end up bad for me. I actually feel bad when they work out for me. After reading their strategy posts I do realize why the moves were ill-advised at best. I've seen a couple of people ask about Hoy writing a book....he writes a friggin' book everyday! Go through the archives and put together the strategy posts for MTT's and you will have a book! (I was going to an HPT tourney and talking to Byron about Hoy's prolific posts. Me : "those are the only posts that i've had to print out to read when I go to take a dump at work". While admittedly that is somewhat embarrassing it does illustrate the point that he types up some of the most wordy and good strategies in blogger-dome. Usually I will print out a couple of poker related articles and find a satellite bathroom at work to get away from the incessant questions....LOL. So I hope they keep posting about MTT strategy (and other stuff..bankroll building etc). I have tried a few things recently and they have worked out for the better (I'm talking poker here folks...not about taking a dump and reading poker articles on the can at work!). I realize that even a 37 year old guy can learn by taking constructive criticism and practicing some different strategies. Lucko and RecessRampage have some cash game related posts that I plan on practicing also.
I also cancelled my FTP account two months ago. I will probably start a new one up+rake back for the BBT3!!!! Although maybe not in time for the start. Like I said...there are some loose ends I need to tie up and I'm missing the HPT because of it! Not happy about that but I hope they understand...and BTW I will be there soon. Another Shout or two ....
AlCan'tHang...this guy is ridiculously drinking..and Poker! He setup some of the most juicy prizes ever. I will be trying (soon) to win any tourney I enter but I realize that I'm a long-shot to win anything at this point. It's OK...I'm a recreational poker player who like to read some books and other bloggers in order to get better. I have no qualms about admitting that. So If I make a shitty move or get caught doing something stupid..then congrats to you. I'm not a Poker pro...but I have fun playing poker and occasionally coming in 2nd place for a big score. Dr. Pauly has a beautiful PLO tourney of PokerStars on Saturday's for those who like ACTION! I was tossing around the idea recently of creating a tourney...but they're already out there. MiamiDon made a great point about who wins main event packages in the BBT3. Will they keep the money? maybe...will said person get branded because of it? I don't know...but I have my second daughter arriving in Late May (Memorial Day baby maybe). I would not be surprised if I didn't or couldn't go to the WSOP but I would certainly try. I would hope that I wouldn't be ostracized for doing that but by the same token...I would understand. See you around....SOON......

One last point. If I acquire proof of somebody multi-accounting I will use it. I hope nobody tries multi-accounting in the BBT3. I can be contacted at anytime at by anybody who thinks that it is a good idea to multi-account or is thinking-practicing currently......

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Second fiddle ain't so bad......

The mountain is high, the valley is low
And you're confused 'bout which way to go
So I flew here to give you a hand
And lead you into the promised land

So, come on and take a free ride (free ride)
Come on and take it by my side
Come on and take a free ride

-Edgar Winter

I feel like I'm takin' a free ride on Bodog! Thanks to Nadia and Smokkee....

I had about 75.00 left over in my account and I was pissed off after getting knocked out of the Bodonkey. I had Ad-Kd and a raggy flop with an ace fell. Shady Jellnuts raised pre-flop....I called of course. J.D. Schellnut flopped a set and I was done!
Needless to say I was miserable with my crappy play and luck lately. I decided to jump in the 10K...with a 22.00 entry it wasn't exactly a good way to use what I had left. After 4 hours or so I suddenly have a bankroll. Long live Bodog!

Top that you Bodonkey Bitches!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Please let it be true...

My old house is in line to be sold on the 27th..please for the love of god let nothing go wrong....

That is all......

Edit...on the way home Friday night I bought 2 5 dollah scratch tickets...first one=no prize...second=500.00 dollahs!!!! :-)
I am a button-mashing-lottery-clown!

Friday, February 08, 2008

I couldn't have said it better...........

This looks like fun on a cloudy Saturday! I'm in.......

Monday, February 04, 2008


.....and for the Patriots haters. Now you can be happy about listening to the 72'-73' Dolphins forever.....

Friday, February 01, 2008

Poker at Mohegan Sun?

I guess this would have to be considered poker at Mohegan Sun.....oh yeah...I forgot....GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Edit : Smokkee wasn't kidding when he said there was a Giant(hehheh...get it?) announcement!

Bodog Introduces Poker Blogger Tournament Series

Bodog is proud to host the Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament Series opened to any Online Poker Blogger. Join up and challenge other Poker Bloggers each week in our Bodog Poker Room and live to tell about it. Earn points and work your way up the Tournament Leader Board for a spot in the final tournament for your chance to win a $12,000 World Series of Poker* prize package and be a part of Team Bodog 2008.

How it Works
The Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament Series is composed of a series of 18 qualifying tournaments that run weekly beginning Tuesday, February 5th, 2008 to Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008. The top 30% of finishers in each qualifying tournament will earn points based on their finish. These points will be used to rank players over 4 months of qualifying. At the end of the qualifying series, the top 18 players on the Tournament Leader Board will play in the Final Tournament on Tuesday, June 10th, 2008 with the first place finisher winning a $12,000 WSOP* prize package!

Weekly Tournaments
Buy-in: $10 + $1
Prize Pool will be distributed as per Bodog's standard multi-table payout table. In addition, the top 5 players each week will also win T$109 to be used to buy-in to the $100,000 Guaranteed Tournament held every Sunday at 4:00 PM ET. The top 5 bubble players each week will win a free buy-in to next week's Weekly Tournament. (T$11 will be credited to these players' Bodog account within 24 hours after the completion of the tournament)

Final Tournament
Buy-in: $0 + $0 (must finish in the Top 18 on the TLB to be invited)
Grand Prize: $12,000 WSOP* Prize Package with Team Bodog
2nd place: T$540 to be used to buy-in to (2) World Series or Players Choice Semifinal
3rd place: T$379 to be used to buy-in to (1) World Series or Players Choice Semifinal and (1) $100,000 Guaranteed Tournament
4th: T$270 to be used to buy-in to (1) World Series or Players Choice Semifinal
5th: T$109 to be used to buy-in to (1) $100,000 Guaranteed Tournament

Bodog Blogger Tournament Leader Board
The Tournament Leader Board will be available at throughout the course of the Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament Series. It will provide the point totals for every player that has played in the qualifying tournaments. The top 30% of players in each tournament will receive points according to finish which at the end of the qualifying tournaments will ultimately determine who will move on to the Final Event. The top 18 players on the TLB at the end of the qualifiers will earn their way to the Final Event.

How To Register
To register for the Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament Series, poker bloggers must first go to and sign in with their Bodog account information in the upper right hand corner. Once this is completed, they then must click on "REGISTER NOW" to register themselves into the tournament series. Bloggers will each have to do this once in order to play in the series. Once this is done, they then need to find the "Online Poker Blogger Tournament" in the software and register as they normally would each and every week.

Bodog Blogger Tournament Host Site will host this tournament series and will provide poker bloggers with weekly updates on:

* tournament results for winners and losers
* announcements for special promotions or guest players
* the latest in Bodog Poker Room news and gossip
* tips on how to succeed at Bodog Poker

Bodog Blogger Tournament Series Promotional Banners
As part of our ongoing efforts to provide poker bloggers with the best promotional materials available, we are pleased to present the following selection of banners for use anywhere on your web site. Getting the Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament Series banners for your website is easy. Here is the code that allows you to place these banners directly on your blog.

Small banner:"> src="" width="468" height="60" border="0" alt="Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament">

Large banner:"> src="" width="688" height="958" border="0" alt="Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament">

You can also simply browse to the small banner or the large banner, and save the images for use on your blog.

What are you waiting for?
Sign up today and may the best poker blogger win!

Nadia Alterio
"Poker Enthusiast" Media

"* World Series of Poker and WSOP are trademarks of Harrah's License Company, LLC ("Harrah's"). Harrah's does not sponsor or endorse, and is not associated or affiliated with Bodog or its products, services, promotions or tournaments."