Friday, September 30, 2005

Blogger Championship

Poker Championship

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

This is a hilarious picture on PokerStars...a Cat with a Lime Helmet!!!  Posted by Picasa

Poker Bonus/Bonus Whoring

Online Poker Bonus!

I have to admit that the bonuses on EmpirePoker and PartyPoker are much easier to obtain then say..PokerStars. Getting the PokerStars bonus was like pulling teeth..I got the last bonus during the WCOOP. I must’ve played 500 damn hands! I didn’t really count but it took a about 4 hours of constant play. The bonus was ridiculous…20%...crap. The new EmpirePoker bonus was 50%!!! It took 250 hands to get and at least half were folded hands. I have been killing the 25NL tables on Empire lately though…I got tired of the big tourneys so I figure I’ll build my bankroll again by sticking to the ring games. It’s still so tempting to go to those big tourneys where the buy-in is 6-11 bucks…

The way I figure this whole tourney to ring game/site comparison is that the ring games are much easier on Party/Empire and the tourneys are better on Stars/UB/Paradise ….just my take after playing online for a year and a half.

Friday, September 23, 2005

The RedSox are getting to me again....

I know this gets to me every year...even last year!! If they had Pedro the PUNK then they may have put away the Yanks a long time ago..Oh well. I know the RedSox piss me off almost as much as bloggers from St. Louis! I was at a game recently and my buddy and I had some great seats..then a guy from St. Louis came to sit next to us with his girlfriend. He was obnoxious but hilarious at the same time. We had some fun ribbing each other but soon the whole section we were sitting in started to get pissed off. I wasn't at all...I actually was entertained by the guy (his girlfriend was covering her face in embarrassment)..the Sox won and we all had a good time. I guess I should be happy that there are no more "1918!" chants from the Yankme fans. Thank god the Patriots started up again..and the Bruins for that matter. The St. Louis native was also an avid Pats hater like most from that area. The Sox however need to get their shit in gear and win the division because they won't get the wild card either. LETS GO REDSOX..LETS GO REDSOX!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Baby Sitting...

Not too sure if this going to work but we’ll see………..

Using ‘Blogger for Word’…seems like a pretty cool plug-in for Microsoft Word. Anyway, lately I’ve been building my bankroll back up to semi-respectable level through PokerStars…mostly on the low-limit NL tables. I think I’ll just have to accept my low-limit level for a while. I used to make my money on the low limit tables and then blow it on the MTT’s. Sit’N’Go’s are usually profitable but those damned MTT’s are so tempting. I do like the low buy-in MTT’s for HE, OHi/Lo8, and the other games. I placed 27th out of 2,450 last week. It took 3 hours and monetarily was not worth it but the experience at a newer game is invaluable. I’m starting to really like the Hi/Lo games now…it’s good to round out your Poker skills anyway.

On a different note the wives wanted a night out from the kids. Even though ours is 4.5 months old she does deserve her nights out with the girls. We went to my buddies house and me and two of my best high-school buddies were there baby-sitting the kids while the wives went to get a good buzz. There were four kids there and the house was complete chaos!! My hopes of getting a quick card game were dashed after the first 3 hours of kids running around in a circle ‘Hepped up on Goofballs’. We were just happy when the wives came home so we could go to my buddy’s basement and start drinking beers heavily. Not that we weren’t before they came home but…..this all has premeditated motives involved here…

My buddy was asking why I was so quick to baby-sit….I simply stated…Foxwoods…Mohegan Sun!

We’re going to get a trip together really soon and ah…ya know my birthday is coming up at the end of October so I’m going to Foxwoods to try a few limit poker tables and a satellite or two for the World Poker Finals.  Smart huh? Not that I don’t love to hang with my daughter but when the wife is happy….EVERYBODY IS HAPPY!!!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Need some comic relief here....

Here are a few poker names from various sites that really crack me up...I've taken money and lost money to them just the same :

badrealtor...(I don't know why but still funny)

and my latest favorite..........stu pidazo

Monday, September 05, 2005

I haven't felt like this since 9-11....

Here I am bitchin' about Pocket Aces getting cracked.....Hurricane Katrina certainly is the worst natural disaster in the U.S. in my lifetime. The thing that really hits home is when you hear about babies dying of dehydration...I can't imagine the grief. I made a donation to the Red Cross Hurricane disaster relief fund...I will also play some of the charity tourneys on PokerStars (DoubleDave) is my PokerStars name..come play won't you! I am also going to give blood this week at my place of work. If everybody did all these things or even some of them it would certainly help in the very least. I think that a lot of the blame may lie in the Governors lap for each of these states that were affected. There SHOULD have been an emergency response from the state governments and governor that was faster than the federal governments response. The president and the federal government are responsible for the overall effort not the immediate response...just my two cents on the subject. Lets hope that when they rebuild New Orleans and the other affected areas that they do it right. This is after all not the first time this kind of devastation has happened in these areas...especially New Orleans where a devastating flood has happened an average of 35-40 years.