Thursday, October 27, 2011

Any deals out there for Vegas WPBT dates?

Anybody know of any deals that could be had for :
A. Somebody who wants to combine a Friday arrival-Early Monday leave travel/stay package....
B. Wants to travel on JetBlue from Logan Airport in Boston....
C. Somebody who hasn't been to Vegas since Dec. of '07???
D. Wants to be relatively close to all the former bloggers of the WPBT??


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The One-Eyed Albino Shark

It's getting ugly up here in Boston. The circus that surrounds the RedSox and their record setting collapse is getting out of control. Let's hope in RedSox nation that this season is the One-Eyed Albino Shark of seasons for the RedSox.....that in a million. It could represent the we here at PokerandMiscStuff Inc. will call it the RedSyclox season from now on.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Early Oct. means it's time to go to the beach....

Yup....I was swimming at the beach yesterday like it was late August. The water was warmer than it was when I went on my annual vacation to Salisbury Beach. I went swimming twice no less!! In poker news.....Full Tilt Poker continues to suck ass. Absolute Poker continues to suck ass and I haven't played in months. I can't go to the Poker Classic at Foxwoods and probably won't be able to go until late Oct. when my birthday rolls around. After the Red Sox set the record for all time futility I am really happy that the Patriots and Bruins have started their seasons and both are doing well. I can't believe that the Sox, Phillies, and Yankees are all out of the fall classic. That is going to make for some interesting baseball series for baseball fans around the country...but I won't be all that interested. I would like the Milwaukee Brewers to win a world series but anything goes this year. Back to Full Tilt poker for a second.....back when the pro reps went to D.C. for hearing on the viability of legalizing online poker...they sure seemed confident that something would happen soon. A certain pro was quoted "I am really confident something will get done in the next 6 looks really good" and it was also reported that he was confident in his mannerisms as well. I wonder if they knew what was going to happen before it happened on Black Friday?? It kind of seems that they must have known. I wonder if any of these Russ Hamilton type players will suffer the same image destruction that the latter suffered. It doesn't seem to have happened doesn't even seem like it is going to happen. My questions are plenty. The Government is in tough enough shape and they are being investigated for all sorts of scandals. The guy in charge of enforcing the ban of online poker is being investigated himself for not only crimes punishable for life but also perjuring himself in front of Congress. That can and will mean that online poker is going to be on the back burner forever. Sometimes I really miss online poker but I can't believe that I was walking through life playing almost every night...I don't know how I functioned. I don't miss it as much as I used to...I think I would play a lot less if it was ever to come back though. What I really do miss is the bloggaments...those were some fun tourneys. I miss the banter on the Instant Messengers etc. during the tourneys. That is probably what I miss the most.