Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend tournaments

Had a pretty good weekend.....except in the WPBT PLOmahaaaawwwwwwww. I'm a Donkey at PLO (and probably most games if you ask anybody I've played against) as evidence I submit the following hand. I had Ax-7x-9x-Xx....the flop was Ax-7x-Xx-Xx....then a 7x on the turn. Then I committed the cardinal sin of PLO....I bet the Pot on the non-nut full house. I was called with the full house of course...Aces full of sevens. I was short stacked for the rest of the tourney. My fate was sealed when I pushed with the short stack and my Qx-Qx-Xx-Xx. I was called by Schaubs who had Jx-Jx-Kx-10x. He had all four cards working together and caught a J anyway. I'm such a Donkey! I've been mixing in some Sit'n'go's again with the MTT's. I think its time to start up my STT cycle (build bankroll by using STT's for lack of a better description) again. I'm just a sucker for those 5.00-26.00 dollar MTT's. I've played a few lately and cashed because of the 26.00 tournament tokens that I won by playing those 18 player Sit'n'Go's. I'm probably going to scale back the MTT's to blogger type events. I mean....there is one every night of the week now! There may be a possibility of my going to L.V. for the WPBT summer event. My close friends don't play poker like I do....so I would have to go solo. Still a good possibility though.
A weird thing happened last week. I let my cat 'Bruin' out the front door on Monday the 19Th. It was one of those 30 degree plus nights. It's not unusual for him to disappear for the night and show up the next morning. He showed up on Friday the 23rd! There were some sub-zero nights there. How the F did he survive for 4 nights and 5 days of freezing whether.......That's one tough Pussy!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Party Poker Effect

The full migration of donkeys have finally made it to PokerStars........from PartyPoker. The tournament donkeys....that is...
I'm not going to go into detail about the Donk-itis that is happening at PokerStars but it is in full effect. Calling Station central has now arrived at 'all' of the low buy-in (lets just call them 1.00-20.00) tournaments. I thought it was bad on PartyPoker but I'm astonished at the bad play at PokerStars. Don't get me wrong....I've played here and there for three years at various sites and I've had my donkey moments. Am I the only one that has noticed? I've been playing a lot on Full Tilt and the play seems a little better there. I've suffered bad beats there as well (as we know everybody has) but the level of play is or seems to be so much better in general. FWIW.......
One place the tournament level has actually increased is the 'blogger' tourneys. Much fun to be had at these tournaments and plenty of tough/tricky players. I am looking forward to these almost on a nightly basis now but I can't play every weeknight....it's just not good for your health. I like to drink some beers while playing but too many beers and lack of sleep will quickly catch up with anybody. I'm looking forward to the PLO tourney on Full Tilt this Sunday....should be fun. Is everybody printing out the same articles on PLO strategy or what? Seems to be good restroom material for work.
I feel like I've had a cold for 3 months now. After reading Waffles blog I realize I have the same symptoms that he has for various shit....what' up with that.....pregnant....feels like it....I never felt my whole chest hurt when I coughed...maybe its a Northeast general sickness. Then again, we're all sick for paying this much to live in Massachusetts. Hmmmmmm what else.....I've been stressed out lately trying to re-finance my condo in North Conway (This is not due to Poker or any gambling BTW! So all you skeptics can go obsess over Baldy Spears or Anna Nicole Tits or Barbaro the great). It's like trying to coordinate the special Olympics or something.....not that there's anything wrong with that (for all you politically correct Nazis out there....well...then again fuck off! It's a joke...who the fuck am I kidding nobody reads this anyway...LOL) but it's an exercise in futility. It should be complete this weekend after a month. Party Time! I'm going to foxwoods in a couple of weeks. It will be a Thursday night in March.....I think the 15Th. I will be haunting the 1-2 NL (now 300.00 capped buy-in) and try a few of those ACTI STT's. I'm probably going up to play a couple of tourneys at Rockingham park this weekend also. I have to break through the bubble on that re buy. I'll probably contact one blogger to meet up. Although if there's any problems with the re-finance I won't go. Speaking of Bloggers....what' up with this...one of my favorite reads is in stealth mode......WTFC? Don't forget the WPBT on Sunday the 25Th!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bad Storm=Bad Commute=Road Rage Dave

It wasn't the 8-10 inches of snow....it wasn't the inch of solid ice on top of said snow....it wasn't my daughter being sick with a cold....it was my damn commute to work. You would think that this

would be enough to take a day-off from work. But no, I live far away from work unlike most of the the office grinders here. I left yesterday from work at 4:30....early for me....it took a good two hours to get home (thank god for my 4-wheel drive XTerra....if it burns a few gallons of gas then so be it...it's been the best purchase EVER!). I get up this morning and luckily my wife's work cancelled (public school) so she stayed home with my daughter....who is sick with a cold. That gives me at least some comfort...but I didn't realize what I was in for this morning on my way to work. A new low for me....a 2.5 hour commute to work. Then I get to within a few miles from work and every snow plow and geriatricdriverwhowheresahatanddoesn'tusesoundjudgementanymorebuthastobeouttogotothelocalDunkinDonutstomeetwiththereothergeriatricfriendssotheycanbitchabouthelatestbodypartthataches........ decides to get in front of me. At this point it's unhealthy to be in front of Dave after a 2.5 hour hell ride. If it wasn't for the 6 CD changer that I have in my XTerra and the soothing sounds of TheWho, TheDoors, The Allman Brothers, and various Classic Rock I just may have done something stupid....well I guess I have....I kept my commute to a job I don't like anymore....or haven't liked since 2004. That my friends is a recipe for a disaster of mythic proportions. They say that an adult changes his career/occupation many times during their life. I wonder if a day like today is the catalyst that makes me finally change mine....

Monday, February 12, 2007

Saturday, February 10, 2007


is dead.....Anna Nicole is dead.....who's next? Phyllis Diller? They say that death comes in threes. I'm not in any dead pool but Paula Abdul might be a good bet in the future. Just kiddin'....don't want to sound morbid or anything. I made a final table on a non-satellite or 180 player Multi! It was only a $2 rebuy on Full Tilt....but hey....I'll take what I can get. I went out 4th for $114.00 or something like that. After the beatings I've been taking at PokerStars it's actually a good payday for me. I tried a last minute 26 token entry STT for last nights FTOPS but that didn't go so well. I'm liking those $6.60 18 player tournaments for the 24+2 tokens. I got my entry to the last WPBT tourney through that as well. I will get a few more chances with last nights tourney cash. One thing I have noticed is the tournaments on PokerStars have been getting tougher. The number are down for players as well....down to about 90,000 instead of 100,000 plus. I'm starting to take more notes on players....I never really did that before. I think it does help quite a bit if you play the same tourneys often. I would really like to place in an FTOPS tourney.....I think that will be my goal this week.....well....I do have to qualify for an entry first! One tournament I do play often is the WWdN: Invitational...last Tuesday I placed 3rd for the second time in a month or so. Not too bad. I'm looking forward to the PLO tourney for the WPBT but I was hoping for PLO Hi/Lo. Those $5.00-$5.50 MTT's on PokerStars and Full Tilt are great. Good practice for some of the bigger buy-in tourneys. I'm not satisfied with NL Hold'em tourneys only.....ya have to mix it up. I didn't 'do so well on the 'Hammer-Day' tourney. I think Lucko slapped me out with his pocket J's....I had A-Qo. I figured he had either 10's or J's so I took a chance on the two overs to no avail.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This looks like a bit of fun.....
I'll be haunting the WWdN tonight also....

Mr. non-Clutch

A.V. you are dead to me. That's right Adam Vinatieri fans....Mr. Automatic misses an easy field goal in the SuperBowl and I lose a lock on a $50.00 square in a SuperBowl pool. That would have netted me a cool 1250.00. You fucking suck A.V. You are dead to me now....3 seconds left in the quarter and you pull a Scott Norwood. A.V. = Automatic Villian.....A.V. = Asshole Vile.....A.V. =Missing the only field goal that would personally benefit Dave.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Thin skin

This is hilarious......I remember this lady being very annoying during one of those "ladies only" WPT tourneys. Looks like somebody that has a blog thought her to be extremely annoying as well....