Friday, April 22, 2011

Reminder of Black Friday on a Good Friday

Dear DDionysus,

We regret to inform you that due to recent actions by the U.S. government, Full Tilt Poker is still unable to facilitate 'real money' play, deposits, or withdrawals by players based in the United States, including the processing of any pending rakeback payments.

Rest assured that our technical and legal teams are working towards a solution that would allow us to return these funds and account balances to you as soon as possible.  As always, your player account remains safe and secure, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by these actions.

We will keep you updated with any information as it becomes available. Thank you for your continued support.


The Full Tilt Poker Affiliate Team

I need a break anyway......I think I have about 550 on Full Tilt and about 150 on Absolute....It would be nice to get it without any problems but I think the break from online poker is needed nonetheless. It could be worse....I could have left the 1,500.00 online before April 15th. I cashed out 950.00 recently though. Glad I at least did that. It is quite funny to reading about the fallout. I don't have ill will against anybody but if you dropped out of college or haven't started a career outside of online poker I feel bad for you. You flat out...should have seen something like this coming eventually.

Last weekend I kinda got antsy at home and made a quick trek to the poker room at Rockingham Park. I got knocked out of the 100.00 NLHE tourney by a card rack....Rigged!! Then I decided to jump into the 80.00 dollar turbo and came in 4th place for a little profit for the night. It was fun...Rockingham Park and Seabrook are going to be the only options for a while I guess. I don't have the links but there are quite a few bloggers on the case and reporting some great stuff when it comes to online poker legislation etc. Read my sidebar for time to link...I have to work. I am also occupied with the Celtics, The Bruins and the RedSox so it isn't a bad time of year for this to happen...

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Weak-End

Well the title is about the weekend. There was a weak end to the weekend ya know? I played VeryJosie HU for 6 NLHE tourneys and 'lo and behold she comes out on top 4-2. Funny thing is I was in a 2-0 lead playing Josie while donkin' around in a 2 dollar rebuy-rush-Omaha 8 tard fest. I was talked into that by Wawfuls...the funny thing is that I was playing better HU while concentrating on the 2$RRO8 and the nightly 6 dollar Turbo KO. I got knocked out of the Turbo KO 20th....and the 2$RR08 tourney was fast furious. I did not make the money in that but my play HU was pretty damn good. It's hard to concentrate on anything while playing a Rush tourney. Moral of the story....when I was knocked out of the other MTT's and was only playing Josie HU I was probably thinking too much. I mean it's HU....Why over think things? I give Josie credit for latching on to my tendencies HU and figuring out my style (which I would classify as 1 third lag, 1 third tight, 1 third Donk). Either that or she disarmed my sorry ass with her trash talk...and my laughing at said trash talk. The easiest way to piss off Josie is a simple reply of "Whatever". She went ballistic! "Don't 'Whatever' me you bastid!"...LOL. I was laughing out loud when my wife told me quiet down....but I couldn't stop laughing. So next time I play a HU tourney I will be multi-tabling.....and not IM'ing or chatting. That will allow my gut instinct to take over which is probably key in the HU Tourneys.

The rest of the weekend actually had some more Poker involved with it! A lot more!  I played a tourney or five on Friday night. I final tabled the Daily Double B....and got knocked out of the Daily Double A in 666th place! Proof I am cursed no? So Lightning36 ( would be a miracle if you BlackHawks defeated the Canucks again this year) ended up railing after taking down the twitter poker tourney...while I made my donktacular way to the final table. Everything was going my way that is until the final table started. Believe me...I'm not playing badly....I'm just playing badly at the final table. I don't have the luck at the final table but I will work with it and make a big score soon! I went out first at the FT with Ad-9d. I pushed under the gun...everybody folded....except the BB who woke up with JJ. Night over.

Saturday I went to Foxwoods on a whim. I met Rakefeeder...AKA Rob....mlotti...AKA Mike (of the famed and now defunct? HPT)....and some of their friends. I got there about an hour and a half early. So I swiped my Dream Card and went to meet Rob. I have detailed my cooler tendencies for Rob in the past. I joined a 1-2 NL table a few tables away from Rob just to avoid my coolery ways.  Every time I walk over to check on his progress he gets unbelievably cooler'd with bad beats. Everything from losing with Aces to doing crazy poker room belly flops!....Seriously. I actually bought into the 6 PM NLHE tourney. It has a buyin of 120.00 and you get 15,000 chips. I was surprised how fast the blinds went up and the antes kicked quickly as well. More on this later. I went downstairs to the poker room (the tourney was upstairs which is great...reminds me of playing in the poker upstairs...that was the best). I get in and go to a different table than Rob (no coolering from across the room). I sit down and fold for a few hands. Then I get 88 in the small blind. The guy under the gun bets 25! everybody folds...but he is betting just to push everybody out with an ace....probably AK. A flop of 8s-9s-Ac falls. I checked (I bought in for 120.00 the exact amount the tourney cost)...he bets 50.00 and I go all in...he calls and I expected As-Ks or something...he watched as the turn and river turned out blanks for him...he never turned over his hand. My guess was at least an ace so.....I doubled up with a 240.00 pot. So that nights tourney ended up being a free roll. The guy sitting to my right tripled up his stack with a set of Kings. The guy who was sitting in the seat that doubled my up also doubled up the set of Kings guy. That was a real bad seat. That all happened in a half hour and I made my way upstairs to the tourney room.

Now listen...if there is still a recession and out of control gas prices going on in New wouldn't know it by walking through the doors at Foxwoods. It was insanely busy. I guess 199 or 200 people ended up registering for the tournament. They were still registering after the first break. There was pretty big overflow to the tourney tables here from Mohegan Sun. The NAPT was going on and there were a couple of people at my table that got knocked out of the main event. This is a 120.00$ buyin and they got knocked out of the NAPT ME for a 5,000.00$ buyin. OK....there were going to be some great players at the table...that was apparent. QQ in early position I raise to 3 BB's. I get re-raised...I call. I basically lost half my deep stack with QQ. Stupid...but the guy betting into me just seemed awkward. I should have known he had Aces. I battle back and recover to 12K in chips. 1st break happens and the antes kicked in soon after that. I'm not sure what level I guess it was at the 50-100 Blind level with 25 ante. I did not bother to check that but I should have....the blinds went up every 30 minutes so that was a nice tourney structure. The second break happened and the blinds were up again. I blinded down a little to 10 BB's. I pushed in late position with Kh-Qh and got called by a guy with pocket 7's. I river'd a stay alive and double through. For a pretty slow structure and an aggressive table I couldn't play many hands. I didn't make to far after the 3rd break. I shoved K-Qo with less than 10 BB's and the same guy that doubled me earlier shoved after me with Ah-Jh. The board ran out and hit nobody so I was out. All in all a good weekend playing poker. I had fun but now I owe my wife big time. I wonder if she'll be OK with me going to Las Vegas for the WSOP and the Winter Classic......hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Saturday, April 02, 2011