Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bodonkey Chat.....for smart people only

MoFo_69: damm u b
MoFo_69: ring ring
MoFo_69: LOL
MoFo_69: 4rd bullett
MoFo_69: damm
MoFo_69: lol
MoFo_69: gl
MoFo_69: i am calling you
MoFo_69: gg
PokahDave: gg B
pokerpeaker: gg
irongirl01: great call
pokerpeaker: nice call Wonka
[TRexRoar]: nh
[TRexRoar]: a10o utg. nicely played heehaw boy
MoFo_69: ty
[TRexRoar]: gl all
MoFo_69: i guess your all being sarcastic
pokerpeaker: I'm not
pokerpeaker: it was a great call
MoFo_69: i am a calling station
irongirl01: not at all
pokerpeaker: you're a good player
MoFo_69: lol dont pu******
MoFo_69: pu******
pokerpeaker: pu?
MoFo_69: push
MoFo_69: it
pokerpeaker: decent player?
irongirl01: pu SSY trying to say
MoFo_69: cant say push
MoFo_69: it
pokerpeaker: pu******
MoFo_69: pu****
irongirl01: really
pokerpeaker: he's right!
irongirl01: push
pokerpeaker: pu******
PokahDave: pushpush
irongirl01: push
PokahDave: push
pokerpeaker: man that is ****ed
PokahDave: PUSSH
irongirl01: *****
pokerpeaker: man that is ********** e d
pokerpeaker: lol
pokerpeaker: the censor is so strange
irongirl01: P U S SY cant be typed
irongirl01: push
irongirl01: is okay
irongirl01: for me i guess
pokerpeaker: but if you say "p u s h"
pokerpeaker: it
pokerpeaker: pu******
pokerpeaker: see?
PokahDave: pu****
irongirl01: p u s h
PokahDave: its because the ****** part
PokahDave: **********
irongirl01: its fawked
PokahDave: s h i t
PokahDave: that part
pokerpeaker: f a w ked
pokerpeaker: I like that
PokahDave: poo****
pokerpeaker: poop?
pokerpeaker: that works
PokahDave: poo s h i t
pokerpeaker: a s s hold
pokerpeaker: lol
PokahDave: d'oh

F'n bubble-bitch again......damn....I had 7c-8c with 7x-Xc-Kc.....I went all in and Joewhatshisname called with Ah-Kh...and gets his Ax on the turn for better two flush on the river..........Bodonked!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Bodonkey Tuesday

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blogger gathering and Misc. Stuff Pt.2

I wake up with the alarm clock blaring....12:00 noon.....fully clothed....laying on the two feet still on the room floor....(how did I pass out like that?) I'm lucky I didn't get sick and pull a Bon Scott..that would violate one of the rules of blogger gatherings i.e. 'Don't Die'.

I was groggy and needed an hour just to get my wits about I do that and take a shower. I get down to the Venetian at about 1:30PM. I was ravenously hungry and went to the Noodle Asia place. I got Minced beef over rice with a fried egg sunny-side up on top....pure bliss. I also got some dumplings called Sui Mai or something like that. They were shrimp and cabbage and other ingredients that were awesome. I really like that place.

I went to register for the Winter Classic...but I needed a Venetian rewards card. I should have got one on Friday but it was easy enough. I get to the register line and also get in on the 'Horse Race' that On_THG was running. The bet was 5 horses for 10 bucks a pop. I picked Biggestron, Columbo, MiamiDon, Waffles, and TripJax. Instant Tragedy and TheWife were getting everybody to sign an acoustic guitar to ship over to Iraq for DrChako. This adds a nice touch to the gathering.....and makes one feel lucky. Recognizing what American Troops do for us is not done enough.....they do what they we can do stupid things like drink, gamble freely, and go about our lives as normal. Something as simple as signing a guitar and awarding an authentic American Flag to the winner of the tourney REMINDS us all.

The tournament was run very well. 6000 chips to start with extra levels added in....similar to the Venetians usual tourneys but modified slightly for us. I'm surprised that they would actually do this after reading about the past Winter Classic issues. My starting table was as follows. Me....SuprStoner (I was unable to steal his blinds and didn't realize who it was until I thought about it), Grubby (very impressed his ability to zigzag his way to the final table....very impressive...he also had a penchant for finding food somehow....maybe that's the essence of Grubby), Girlfriend of SuprStoner maybe? not sure, VinNay, April somebody I think, Another dude I don't know, StakKling, Drizztdj (the PaiGow Prince), and Grace (She wants that Heisman trophy winner Tebow....really bad...) to my right. Some early pots were taken with the Hammer. Every time somebody got the Hammer...they took the pot from me...I'm not kidding three times! Welcome to the WPBT Winter Classic Dave! Later on I took a couple of pots. There were two huge pots I took with an all-in vs. Grubby and another with VinNay and Grubby involved in the pot. The first was my all in with A-K (I think I had a club) after a flop of Ax-5c-3c....Grubby called with 10c-8c....I avoided the flush somehow with my TPTK.....whew. The second pot I had Kd-Qd and raised out the blinds...but Grubby called ugh..and VinNay called double ugh. There was a raggy flop and I bet out 2K....Grubby called again ugh...and VinNay called...(damn). A Qx fell on the turn and I fired another 2K.......Grubby called again (he stole every pot before this and was bullying the table except for my double through). We checked on the end and my Q's took the pot. Later a few of the guys got knocked out....Grace (she grew up in New England so we talked for a while) went all in...very confidently I might add (I instantly put her on K's or A's)...I had Q's. I folded....duh. I later found out she had 8's...or that's at least what she told me. I felt kind of stupid but I swore she had K's or A's. A few more people get knocked out and the table gets broken up....damn......

My next table had Me, Blinders with a huge stack to my left (I got talking with him about FantasySportsLive and congratulated him for having such a brilliant idea...I wish I thought of it), I forget who the lady next to him was, Otis (This guy can play...he has an intimidating presence on the table) , Biggestron (I would later double him up with a huge gaffe on my part), I forget who, LJ (Look out...she's good and pretty easy on the eyes making for a deadly combo at the table), GeekandProud (The Rooster was making life hard for him even though he was to his left), the Rooster (the eventual winner), and Joe Speaker (wearing a scarf and playing an Iron Maiden drum solo....really) to my right. OK, this table is a fucking nightmare. I had a decent stack of about 13K. I go card dead. My blinds are being stolen between giant pots. My next half hour was a disaster. I had pocket J's and the Rooster pushed me off with a huge pre-flop bet....I think he showed pocket 8's (My nemesis hand on this day). I pussed out just like I did earlier when Grace went all in. If I ever want to get to the final table again.....I need to correct this....I also have to pay fucking attention. I went card dead again and was thinking what a puss I was...that's when Biggestron went all in. I being a preoccupied moron and not hearing it....called with A-10o.....I tried to get out of it but was obligated when the poker room manager came over. I double up Biggestron. Which in hindsight wasn't the worst mistake as the non-call of the Rooster in my opinion was....I double up Biggestron anyway. He also happened to be one of my horses for the least I didn't lose my whole stack. After another nightmarish couple of orbits I get K's. I go all in early position and got one call...I double up but my M is at about 5. A few hands later I get knocked out somewhere around 35th. Otis goes all in as he is picking the right spots. I called with A-Qo...but not feeling confident. He had K's and knocked me out. So altogether I vault everyone on this table to the paid spots.....I mean this crap happens all the time now.....NO MORE. I am not going to play this way anymore....3 mistakes and you basically can kiss any hope goodbye. Usually someone makes 1 mistake and get knocked out...I got three chances to change the outcome. I fucked them all up. I'm preoccupied lately with the Real estate thing and a new baby on the way. I need to focus on each hand as I'm playing them without anything clouding my judgement. That starts now....anyway off that tangent.

I went out to the bar to get some drinks and I met a bunch of other people that I wanted to meet. I met F-Train (yet another cool person to talk to)and his girl the B.W.o.P.-Asian Jew (at least I heard her for the whole afternoon...LOL...and that's what her T-Shirt said), SmokKee (SmokKee is another funny guy...we talked for a while about the Bodonkey tourney and his beloved '73 fully modified Ford Explorer) , BuddyDank (I was talking to him for hours...and grabbed another meal at the Noodle Asia bar later), Cactus Jack (an interesting guy who has a radio show about Hold'em with Tommy Angelo...I of course forget the name of it. The funny thing is that BuddyDank was sitting there in the conversation and I was like "Have you heard of BuddyDank Radio? I mean he had like 50 listeners...." ....Cactus Jack just looked at us kind of weird and started talking about his radio show). AlCan'tHang, Iggy, S.t.B, Waffles, and shitload other people were doing shots. By the time I went up to Waffles a little while later he was visibly shattered and I tried to talk to him for a couple of minutes but he pretty much passed out right after...on the bar....LOL. I have to say the AlCan'tHang saved Waffles owe him Waffles...big time. I overheard some bad things that were going to be done to you....LOL. So after that I was hungry....I wanted more NoodlesAsia. BuddyDank and I went over to eat and talked about a whole slew of stuff. I don't think I'll ever be moving to Iowa after talking to him. He's a cool dude and he looks like Phil Hellmuth. I think he should exploit that at the poker tables somehow. I also found out he's a damn Steelers fan (D'oh). I don't think that my hating the Steelers was going to stop him from betting on them....oh the poor Steelers...they got swamped by the Pats. (I was able to watch Brady throw two touchdowns over that douche bag DB that was yapping about a guaranteed victory on Sunday at the airport). One thing I'll say about everybody who brought their girlfriends or their wife's......Everybody without question 'Married-up' or 'Girlfriended-up'.....that goes for wife wasn't there but I'm lucky to have such a cool and beautiful wife!

The final table was in progress after we ate and there was this guy wearing all 'Miami' stuff that wasn't....(this is where I realize that I am a complete retard). I'll tell you when I get a chance to get out and drink with no responsibilities....I tend to go overboard. As Schaubs knows.....I can look coherent but not actually be coherent....he corrected me the night before...and introduced himself. I totally forgot. This is what happens when the father of a young child who doesn't get out much goes to Vegas and drinks his face off and his memory goes down the drain....anyway I even had to reintroduce myself to a stunned Schaubs later in the night! I had to make sure I didn't get it wrong again. Sorry about that! It's fucking hilarious and it's true......
The Rooster was all over the place at the final table. Somehow I thought that he and Otis were going head up at the end. Columbo had to get out of there and catch his plane....MiamiDon had Queens and was against Queens.....Drizz, Grubby, put up a good fight....but Otis and the Rooster were going to battle for the trophy. It's kind of funny how it worked out.....Q-9o vs. 8 on the river makes the full house for the Rooster (very impressive just don't know how to play the guy...he's that good) . Wow....what a dramatic ending. Garthmeister is another character......he makes me laugh...a lot. He won the Horse Pool.

I headed back to the I.P. around midnight.....I couldn't believe it was midnight already....I had to go home the next day! I started drinking Greyhounds to get some thirst quenched. I was going to go into the 'massive' poker room in the I.P. but I just didn't feel like playing anymore after 8 hours in the tournament. Besides that TripJax was killing the table on 1-2 NL and was tilting everybody there. Before he got to his seat he sees me from across the casino...and yells "PokahDave....HEY...POKAHDAAAAAAAAAAVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE"....he was feeling NO PAIN at this I went to witness some of the NL play. I see Trip has pocket 4's....he raises to 15.....four callers.....flop was Ad-5x-3d....He bets 15 and everybody folds. PokerPeaker was sitting right next to him. Every time I passed by the table TripJax he was stacking chips. I needs to play like fear....he's very Goot. I decided that I wanted to play Blackjack again.....I went to the single deck Queens Blackjack or whatever game it is. I likes me some sucker bets at the Blackjack table. Nobody was there at the table and I just put my card counting skills to the test. The dealers dealt one single deck the whole way through....and the 1 dollar sucker bets were actually worth it. I turned my 250 into 475 over the next couple of hours. Afterwards I gabbed with GCox for a while and turned in at a reasonable 4:00AM. I'm not going to get Blotto two nights in a row...although I was feeling like I could have drank the whole night into morning.

The next day I just took it easy and said goodbye to a couple of people....I hope to be back sometime in the future.............
I headed back to the airport on the shuttle and realized that I probably spent a total of about 30 minutes outside the whole 50 hours that I was in Las Vegas. I got to the airport and had some time before catching the plane. I sat down at the airport bar and got a few beers and watched the Patriots destroy the Steelers! Some dude named Valdez was gabbing my ear off....when he realized I was from Boston he says "Hey man..Boston sucks dude!"....I thought Yankees fan immediately...but no...he was from L.A. He was a huge Lakers fan....and was all over me about the Celtics. I mean...I'm not really a BBall fan but the Celtics look pretty good these days. He starts arguing with anybody who will listen at the bar. Some guy from Texas sat down and was a Steelers fan. He and Valdez almost got into a fight. I left and the guy from Texas looks him in the eye and says "Don't even talk to me....Don't talk to me or I'll beat you senseless"! I got up and left....I can you be pissed off if you are leaving or arriving to Las Vegas. Especially after meeting some of the coolest people ever and having one of the best times ever. Really.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Blogger gathering and misc. stuff Pt.1

I'm going to have to reconstruct Friday.....from 1 beer to 30 (beers, drinks, and shots).

I haven't met this many cool people in such a short time period....ever......Friday was an epic bender that lasted probably 27 hours (I got up at 3:30AM to get to Manchester, NH and landed in Vegas at about 11:00AM. The drinking part of the bender lasted from 1:00PM to maybe 5 or 6:00AM on Saturday).

You have to keep in mind that I've never met anybody involved with the WPBT. I've only read blogs and played in a lot of the tourneys for the last couple of years. I started to talk to a few people recently on Yahoo! IM and it got me motivated to get my ass out to Vegas. If I didn't have such a cool wife I may not have made it (she is also almost 5 months preggers so there was no way she was joining least this year) So I get there at 12:00 after milling around the airport and waiting for my shuttle. As soon as I walked into the Imperial Palace Biggestron called me on my cell. I was standing there and we were talking on the cells and he walks right by me.....I have to say that Biggestron sort of took me under his wing and introduced me to everybody and that was very cool in my opinion. It's a bit awkward meeting people you've never met before and B made that a whole lot easier. Thank you Biggestron! I needed to take a shower and get ready to hit the Venetian Poker room. I got my room and I thought the place was kind of a dump. Actually the room was OK but the hotel-casino was kind of dirty compared to the rest of the strip hotels. Biggestron told me that the I.P. was much cleaner this year than last year! I guess that would happen when Harrahs buys a hotel.

I head down to the Venetian. I get to the poker room and get seated at a 1-2 NL table...the play was exactly like foxwoods. I was up and down a bit...I think I played for a couple of hours and ended up down about 35.00 bucks. Usually have to put in more than a couple of hours at Foxwoods to turn a substantial profit. There were a couple of massive pots on my table involving set over set over open ended straight etc. By this time I already have had a few beers. Biggestron came over and pointed out least when he pointed over to where MiamiDon and Schaubs were sitting.....I thought I heard him say 'Don' when he pointed at 'Schaubs'. So for the rest of the day I thought Schaubs was Don (More on this later as 30 or so drinks will tend to cloud or erase memory). I met a few more people over there like Falstaff (great job putting the tourney and weekend together by the way!), and ScottyMc. We headed back to the I.P. around 6 or so and started hanging out with some of the people who's blogs I've been reading for years now. More drinks and meetings take place. The 'massive' I.P. poker room was completely full when we got back. I meet a bunch of people right away that were hanging around and playing poker at the enormous I.P. poker I think I met GCox (awesome dude) , Bayne_S (I said to Bayne..."anybody ever tell you that you have the name of a super hero"?....he replied with a smile...."No"!...."uh...OK" I said, Instant Tragedy (guy is like the emcee of the party), Geek and Proud (Great limit poker player and Bowler apparently...also he of the electric Menorah!) , Tripjax (guy is like a long lost friend....nicest person ever) and wife, Dr. Pauly(What do you say.....I've been reading his blog for years...he still has time for idle conversation), AlCan'tHang (the guy is always at the center of the party....surrounded by SoCo shots), Joe Speaker (guy is up on his fashion...he can wear a scarf and get away with except for some good natured ribbing from his buddies..AND listen to Iron Maiden and Ratt), Derek (I don't think this kid sleeps...really he was there when I crashed and then he was there in the casino when I got back from my room) , PokerPeaker (Seemed a little nervous but is extremely nice), and I'm sure a few others. I have to say that everybody was easy to talk to and as nice as you could expect.....really....

We decided to go to the 'Hofbrau house' to get a meal before going to the limit mix games at the MGM Grand. Biggestron and GeekandProud introduced me Columbo and wife on the way over as we shared a cab. The 'Hofbrau House' is quite a place. They make Saurbraten and Dumplings as good as my grandmothers! I had that plate plus two massive liters of the Hofbrau Hefeweizen. My grandfather always wanted to get me to a German Beer Hall for an Oktoberfest but sadly he passed away before we could make plans. I grew up eating German food so this was actually a treat for me. The polka band and the rowdy beer hall atmosphere was also a good time. Afterwards we headed over to the MGM Grand poker room. There were too many bloggers at the tables so we just sat down at an empty one. Columbo said something to the poker room manager and soon enough we had a table going. I think the rotation of games was H.O.R.S.E plus Crazy Pineapple. I was doing pretty well for a while. The beers just kept coming and I started to loosen-up. That wasn't good since Geek and Proud and some guy from Bell Biv Devoe was card racking. I think Biggestron introduced me to S.t.B. and BadBlood as well. I was impressed by Maigrey's play on the mixed games. 'Dutch' Boyd put a bunch of chips down next to me and....then he left. He came back and got moved immediately to the other blogger table. So that was uneventful.

We decided to cash out and head over to the bar. I finally met all his 4 foot plus glory. He was buying drinks and handing out 'Hammers' (Iggy kept the party in overdrive he is as cool as I thought he would be).....Drizztdj (what can you say...another one of the nicest people I've met and one hell of a player), Kat (I think I said something that pissed her off...if so...I was drunk and I'm sorry), Bobby Bracelet aka Uncle Bracelet now??, April, and a bunch of others I can't remember at the moment...I mean after the Hofbrau House and a bunch of drinks at the MGM I was getting pretty loaded. Biggestron and Geek were going to another casino...but I was having a great time and decided to stick around. I was pretty sure that Iggy was buying drinks for 'Stiffler'. The dude from 'American Pie' was sitting at the bar. Of course Iggy had more people talking to him...I mean he's the Blogfather. There was also a billion Brits that took over the town for the weekend for the Brit (don't remember his name) vs. Mayweather on Saturday. That and the fact that the American dollar is in the garbage at the moment...makes for the whole town of Manchester, England transplant itself to Vegas.

I decided to head back to the I.P. so I went to the cab stand at the front. I jumped in with Bobby Bracelet, Drizz, and Speaker maybe? Anyway we get to the I.P. and there is a huge crowd of bloggers gambling it up. This is where I start buying two beers at a time and I'm just trashed. I went to the Pai Gow table. I never played before but Bobby Bracelet was nice enough to help me out. He has more patience than ANYBODY ...apparently came over. I am a Pai Gow retard!...he was nice enough to at least make sure I wasn't just throwing my chips away without a chance. I also wasted some cash on the Texas Hold'em special or whatever it's called. That table game should be set on fire...and so should Pai Gow. Drizz and Bobby notch in my book. So after the dealer makes me look like a fool in those games I go to the Blackjack tables. I stayed there and was joined by Bobby and Derek. I made most all of my money back at Blackjack.....even loaded to the gills with no sleep for almost 24 hours I can still always go to the Blackjack tables and kick some ass. After a shite load more beers at the table I basically have tunnel vision. The last thing I really remember is talking to Derek and ordering beers. This is when MiamiSchaubs...LOL...probably saw me and came over. I probably sounded like this "Huh!....oh fuck...SCHAAAAUUUUBBSSSS...hey man nice to meet ya...blah...blah...blah....." I really don't remember. (more on this Saturday as I didn't remember that actually took place) I must have got up from the Blackjack table with 30 drinks in me and no sleep for 27 hours and staggered back to room. I mean that is quite an impressive feat for somebody who has a 2.5 year old at home. I mean I don't stay up all night like I used to. The next morning (afternoon around 1:00) I woke up fully clothed in my bed...with a bunch of chips.....and with my feet still on the ground! I must have sat down on my bed and just fell backwards.................

Thursday, December 06, 2007

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bodonked again.....Vegas in two days!!!!

I haven't been playing well lately. I was distracted Monday night while playing M.A.T.H. and watching MNF and I called all in with a really bad hand. I did this once before and said never again in a tournament situation...I called anyway. I actually won the hand but it was more than improbable. I shouldn't watch the Patriots or the Red Sox while playing against good players.....I was embarrassed by the play. I'm going to have to learn from my mistakes the first time around and never make that mistake again...that's what makes a good player. Learn from your mistakes....once is enough let alone twice.

Moving on.....The best call I ever made was going to Las Vegas on Friday! My itinerary is as follows :

Southwest Airlines : Manchester, NH
Departs Dec 7, 6:45 AM
Arrive Dec 7, 9:50 AM

Departs Dec 9, 4:45 PM
Arrive Dec 10 12:35 AM (that sucks...good thing I took Monday off)
Staying at the Imperial Palace

I got Bodonked out of the Bodonkey! I was chipping up nicely when my Kings were raised....I re-raised...was re-raised...and went all in. I was called by J's.....and a J on the turn knocked me out...that sucks. I hope my Aces and Kings hold up when I play some live poker again. I haven't played in a live setting for a while. Looking forward to the WPBT Winter Classic! Looks like there are already over 120 players. This should be memorable. I have never met anybody in the WPBT....but I will call on Friday and meet some people anyway....I don't care. I'll be in Vegas with cash and a place to stay so.....I'm ready to rip it up. I still can't believe how cool of a wife I have...I am a lucky man. Not only did she agree I should go...she made the travel plans for me! That my friends is fantastic. There are quite a few people who still can't believe that I'm going to Vegas by myself to meet people that I've never met before. They look at me with this (head-tilted-to side-I'm-so-confused-look) look and say something like "what are you crazy or something"! I mean I'm not expecting anything...I'm just gonna go with it. Whenever I go to Foxwoods with friends I usually disappear to the Poker Room anyway. I'm used to seeking out a poker game by myself whether it was the charity tourneys that I frequented, the Foxwoods Poker room, or the awesome bar league in Haverhill, MA. I'm gonna miss that place now that I moved from Lawrence to Wakefield. No more Thursday night NL tournament! None of my friends know about my blog...I mean....none of my good friends play poker! It's really hard to get a game going unless we play the mindless home games. Don't get me wrong...a good game of 'Screw your neighbor' is fun....but to play a tourney and maybe some mixed games against good players is not a common thing. Even some of the charity poker rooms are a complete crap shoot. I will be playing the 'Mookie' on Wednesday night...but not RiverChasers on Thursday..I need to get up around 4:00AM on Friday!


Chip Reese.....