Saturday, March 31, 2007

DailyDouble for DDionysus...AKA DoubleDave

The Daily Double tourneys are a good deal. Although I didn't cash (knocked out by Aces in one and Kings in the other). Even though my name is 'DDionysus' on Full Tilt I had a guy by the name of 'doubledave22' seated to the right of me for a good 2 hours. 'DoubleDave' is my PokerStars name....weird. Didn't do anything this week for blogger tourneys either. The 'WWdN: NLHE weekly' and the 'Mookie'.....the 'Mookie' is a hard one to cash in let alone win. I just might do this in the coming weeks. The 'Battle of the Blogger Tournaments' sound like a lot of fun with some cool potential prizes. I'm looking forward to one of those WSOP qualifiers that seems to come up every year also. I will be trying to qualify for some big Sunday tourney tonight...probably on PokerStars. Until then have a great weekend.....

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

same chipstack...

I don't know why this fascinates me but these two tourneys started a half hour apart.....

Sunday, March 25, 2007


I'm pretty sure this will take place at 8:00PM instead of the advertised 9:00PM.......

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

2nd place in the Wheatie....details tomorrow

Last nights WWdN: weekly NLHE tourney (what happened to the name bounty?) was crazy. I saw the eventual 3rd place finisher get a royal flush...not sure about the specifics because I could only stare in awe of the royal. I've seen two in the last week in different tourneys. BTW I post these second and third place finishes because I haven't won an MTT in a long time. The last time I actually came in first was last year for a satellite tourney on Full Tilt. I doubled up halfway through the tournament with A-Jo....After my steal was called and a flop of Ax-Kx-Jx.....runner runner J's fell and I was on my way. Anyway, there was one key hand that got me a big chip stack. My As-Ac versus Soxlovers Kh-Ks I think. We got it all-in before the flop of course....and a Kx-Qx-9x fell on the flop. I was dead to either an ace of runner-runner straight cards. Ad on the turn and I was good to go. Besides the royal flush...that was the biggest hand in the tournament (Sorry Sox !) as he was in the top five for a good hour and a half. ISS Spock (usually a big stack or out early) stayed in first for most of the tournament. He had my number for the whole of the final table. Every time I tried to steal he paired the board or had a better hand. I stayed away from him until we got down to three. I doubled though him when I flopped top pair...he had second pair and pushed. I thought for a while and called. So I had the chip lead for a short time and of course....Spock with his Vulcan mind tricks took it back. The second to last hand heads up was a glimpse of some bad play by me. I flopped second pair with a 10d-Ad. Spock flopped top two pair Q's and 10's and called my small feeler/blocker bets. He raised on the river and me being stubborn called and lost. I only had about T13,500 at this point. The last hand I had Ac-8h and pushed. He called with pocket 3's and took it down. This tournament is such a mine-field. I just can't stop playing it.....

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Crazy hand at foxwoods

I played for about 4.5 hours on a 1-2 NL (300-max buy-in) table at Foxwoods. That's about half the time I usually play when I go there overnight. I left down about 50 and all things considered...could have been a lot more. I got out of a hand that was the craziest I've ever seen.
There were five people in the hand pre-flop....and four including me at the flop. I had 10x-10x. There were no flush draws or flushes at the end so I won't include suits. I was under the gun with my pocket tens. I raised it to 12 which was standard for the night. There was a guy two seats to my left (later found out to have K's) called. Another guy called with something like Ax-8x late position (Pocket K's were cracked countless times...I was bluffed off of them when a flop of Ax-8x-8x fell. I checked because the guy called my raise of 13....had to have an ace right? He said he had pocket J's so that was one hand I should have bet after the flop. But seriously I saw K's get cracked about 6 times in brutal fashion). Guy in the SB calls....and then the guy in the BB calls as well. The was at 60 and a flop of Ax-Kx-10x falls. I checked my set of tens. Guy to my left bets 15....guy in late position calls 15....guy in SB (pocket J's) thinks for a while and goes all in for about a total of 60. The guy in the BB insta-calls for about his last 45. The pot is now at T195. I fold. Guy to my left with Pocket K's calls for 60. Guy in late position folds. and with both the blinds all in and one other person with chips the pot was at a total of 255. Everybody flips over their cards and the BB flips of Jx-Qx off suite....Big Blind Special! The turn and river were a Jx and and an 8x....I guess the guy that went all-in with Pocket J's was all pissed off. I mean why would you go all-in on a flop of Ax-Kx-10x with pocket J's? The BB was loving it until I later cracked his K's with a full house of 9's full of 5's. Anyway a flopped Broadway straight over a set of K's and a set of J's...and if I didn't fold my hand a set of 10's as well. That was definitely the most crazy non-tournament hand I've ever been involved with.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Reading Tao, Hoyazo (one wordy, and Iggy is enough to kill at least half a day at work. BTW it's great to the Iggy back at GuinnessandPoker. His blog was the first that started me on my way to becoming a very unproductive office worker/IT a good way though. I am going to be haunting the 'Mookie' tonight...and probably the Second Chance as well. See if I can avoid an Hoyazo suck out special...I remember this one from a WPBT event last year (not that it was a suck out per se..but one of the worst beats ever online). I have the next couple of days to Donk it up down at Foxwoods starting tomorrow night.....yeahaahahaaa! Did anybody see this....I know I've posted the link already but DAMN!

Monday, March 12, 2007


Rest in Peace Brad Delp. You will be missed as one of the creators of some of the most incredible music in Rock and Roll history. If anybody graduated high school from '76-on they surely have had 'Boston' playing in the background as a soundtrack to life. Simply put...if you didn't own an 8-track, record, tape, or CD of the seminal 'Boston' probably didn't like Rock and Roll. Here is a local newspaper article on the 'local' himself....

Friday, March 09, 2007

If you think you've seen it all....

You haven't seen bad play until you've been to a charity poker tourney. It's basically impossible to pull off a bluff...let alone make a steal. You better be prepared to go all in if you raise or bluff. I have done quite well at these in the past but this is the first one I've played in a while. I didn't get a pocket pair the whole time. I'm actually amazed I lasted until 30Th!
Anyway....I made the final table and cashed in the Riverchasers NL tournament last night. I was double-tabling CC's Thursday bash and the Riverchasers tournament. I hit trip 2's and quad 2's to triple up with about 20 left. I turned a straight while heads up with some dude. He goes all-in with 3-10 of hearts...because there were two hearts on the board..and he rivers the flush. 10-high.....pretty pathetic...but I still made the final table you fucker!!! Here is an odd picture of both my PStars and FT avatars...with the same exact chip counts. Even thought the tourneys started a half hour apart...I thought i could final table both!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Schedule only a Donkey could love

My Poker Schedule the next two weeks.

Sporadic Full Tilt blogger tourneys and STT's or MTT's for tourney tokens.
Sporadic PokerStars blogger tourneys and STT's.....maybe an MTT or two...I can't resist.
Charity/Benefit tourney at Kitty's (It's a restaurant in my old hometown ya dirty-minded bastards!)
Foxwoods on Thursday the 15th overnight to the 16th....woohoo....(wife's request for birthday!)
How am I going to say 'no' to that?

I played the WWdN : invitational last night and got knocked out 12th. I had Aces dealt to me 4 times in the tournament and I just couldn't amass any good sized pots with them. I tried mixing it up with slow play and big bets and big raises but.....the caliber of player was tougher than usual last night. Some of the invitational tourneys have great play like last night...some don't. I'll have to try the Mookie again tonight!

This is also something worth posting.....enjoy.....huh-huh...I said posting....

Friday, March 02, 2007

CC's Thursday Bash

As you can see I didn't win...but 2nd place ain't bad.
CC played like a monster and just for good measure got hit in the face with monster hand after monster hand. This is the first CC Bash that I've played and probably not the last. The play is very different than for instance...the WWdN. It is similar to the Mookie....which I played for the first time this week also. I think Hoy talked about the difference in play between the blogger tourneys.....and he's right. Not that I won't play the WWdN anymore...but....these other tourneys have better play overall. I'm not at the point where I could play MATH every Monday but I may get there soon. There are just too many options now....every night during the week. I hope it all doesn't come to a crashing halt this summer....

Anyway, I raked some great pots with my K's this time. CC
was absolutely crushing it......the only time I made a dent was with my Quad Kings....on the river. I had Kx-Kx heads up and decided to do a little slow play. A King on the flop had me excited but I decided to check. CC bet and I decided to go all-in on the turn.....then a K falls on the river and I doubled to T9,000 or so. CC was still stacked at T21,000. The next hand was a disaster for me and my K-Jo. I don't know what he had but the board was too much and I couldn't force him out with a bet on the turn. I was doomed as my stack was down to T4500. to his T29,000. I don't even recall the last hand and obviously he had a slightly better hand. So I say...NH CC. I'll be sure to check you blog more often. PokerPeaker was tough with the short stack and almost made a ridiculous comeback at the end. I had some fun with both in the chat box. GG's and see you at the Bash again soon.