Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Spewday

That's right folks....a couple of new tourneys to pimp. Tonight is 'tuesday spewday' and was setup but none other than LJ  here are the details :

"here's the info, it's two tournaments, one regular MTT at 9pm EST and a super turbo KO at 9:15pm ET. password for both is spewday. (no period)"

Tournament #174055893 07.27.10 21:00 ET - 3000 chips
Tournament #174065188 07.27.10 21:15 ET - Super Turbo KO

Did I mention that this was on Full Tilt Poker?
Anyway....I came...I spewed.....on Tuesday Spewday......OK that didn't sound right but it was fun anyway.....

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tonight....Blues Cruise!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Yes...the man can play guitar...

Stevie W. Front row!
Front row Stevie Winwood...

Stupid people are everywhere

These two idiots go to the stupid hall of fame. I mean....it's not like the guy was standing at an outdoor concert of something. He smokes a blunt right inside Foxwoods.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

They there would be russian Donkeys invading poker sites....


Parachuting donkey shocks Russian beachgoers

MOSCOW (AFP) - – Russian beachgoers got a shock when they saw a donkey soaring in the blue skies over the balmy beaches on the Sea of Azov in southern Russia last week, police said on Tuesday.
Attached to a parachute, the animal screamed in fear as it circled over heads of holidaymakers sunbathing on a beach in the Cossack village of Golubitskaya in the Krasnodar region.
A regional police spokeswoman said the donkey ended up in the skies as a result of an impromptu advertising campaign by several Russian entrepreneurs to attract beachgoers to their private beach.
Instead, they attracted the attention of regional police who learned of the flying donkey earlier this week and launched a probe.
"The donkey screamed and children cried," regional police spokeswoman Larisa Tuchkova told AFP. "No-one had the brains to call police."
Instead, she said, people reached for their cameras and bombarded a local newspaper with phone calls.
"It was put up so high into the sky that the children on the beach cried and asked their parents: "Why did they tie a doggy to a parachute?" the newspaper, Taman, said late last week.
"The donkey landed in an atrocious manner: it was dragged several metres along the water, after which the animal was pulled out half-alive onto the shore."
The incident is stunning even for a country where animal cruelty is widespread and came as a shock to the locals, said Taman newspaper's editor, Elena Iovleva.
"This has never happened before," she told AFP.
The footage of the parachuting donkey was aired on national television Tuesday.

I write like
David Foster Wallace
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A little live poker for me??

Two relatively quick STT's anyway. I went here on Sunday (after my once in 3 years clothes shopping spree) and played a couple of sit'n'go's. I won the first one (I sucked out with 8's against my opponent who had Q's....8 on the flop!) and busted out 5th in the next one...still had a nice profit when I left. Although the 5.75 Bud Lights are a bit of a drag (16 oz.). I used to play at Rockingham Park when I lived in Lawrence about 3 years ago. It's the next town on the MA. side of the border. Many moons ago my Grandpa (who taught me all the card games when I was a mere 5 years old) showed me the adrenaline rush of horse racing. He loved to bet on the horses. After he passed away in '98 I figured some day I would buy his old house and make weekly treks to Rockingham Park. I didn't quite turn out that way as horse racing was outlawed some time in the early 00's. They still have simulcast racing and every time I step in that place I get a wave of nostalgia that just gets my adrenaline going. Back in '02 I stepped into the place and placed a few bets on the simulcast horse races....although exciting it just wasn't the same.

I took a look around the old Race Track and thought about how big the place is. They have computer and merchandise shows there on a regular basis because they need to make money on the amount of unused space. "God forbid this place goes out of business" I said. Salem, NH would turn into the largest liquor/merchandise outlet destination in the northeast. Not that it isn't already....you see the Communists here in MA have made it all but impossible to drop your cash on any electronic devices or liquor, or food..or well...you get the picture. The sales tax on everything is killing towns like Lawrence and other border towns. When I escaped the formerly great town of Lawrence in '07 I had one last conversation with my neighbor. She is an older lady maybe 75 or so and her husband passed away a couple years earlier. She asked me "Why isn't our property tax going down....that's why I voted for Deval Patrick?". I explained "You got suckered like everybody else who voted for him....he blatantly lied and you bought it. I'm sorry but you have to predict this kind of thing by doing research". "I don't know how I'm going to keep this house" she said  nervously. "I wish you luck.....you guys have been great neighbors to me and my grandparents for 50 years. I'm sorry but raising a daughter around here isn't like it was even as little as 25 years ago. We are getting out of here....I suggest you look into selling your property and setting yourself up for the rest of you life" She had scared look on her face and rightly so. I felt bad about being blunt but they are used to that because they lived next to my Grandfather for 40 years.  That conversation is a little hint at the desparity that is the northern border of MA. Did I mention that I was in the area of Rockingham Park because I was doing my once every 3 year clothes shopping run to Salem, NH??

So I am at Rockingham Park in '03 looking around and I declared that it would be a crazy-good place for a casino or at least a card room. I mean the wasted space would be filled to capacity.....even for Charity Card tournaments. I had been playing in a couple of charity tourneys around the area after the Moneymaker effect took hold. Fast forward 3 years. A local MA Charity org. that ran NLHE tournaments for charity moved from MA to Salem, NH and started a card room in Rockingham Park. It was even run by two guys I graduated High School with! That was quite a surprise when I started to frequent the card room and seeing them act as tournament director and Chip runner/Dealer/Pit Boss types. I didn't see them when I was there last Sunday but they are probably still associated with the room I would imagine. I mean the money that runs through there must be quite large and it really is a good place in tax-free Salem, NH. I even saw that they expanded into BlackJack and other small table games (which I will stay away from...unless of course I ever get back to Vegas). The biggest bet that you can make in the cash games tables is 4 dollars I believe....that is basically why they can do this legally. I could be wrong about that but that's what I heard when I was there for 3 hours last Sunday. The only other things that keep it from being an incredible card destination? The lowest buy-in for the 10-man STT's is 40.00....and when you win or chop the top two prizes...you are expected to toss the dealer 10 bucks as a tip. I was made aware of this after I gave the guy a five and the guy that was watching the action when it got to 3-handed let me know. The other semi-complaint is that you may experience a weird sensation while sitting on the downside of the table while playing cards. Yeah...you know how the racetrack has large areas that slope downward toward the racetrack and the huge ramps that also have tables and also slope downward. It really is weird but just a slight annoyance. I joked that it makes the nits get their cards faster in the limit Omaha and Hold'em tables....well half of them do anyway.

So I had a great time being there all by myself. I did however have the ghost of my Grandfather looking over my shoulder. Drinking his drink, laughing his laugh, soaking up all the surrounding atmosphere in preparation for more great stories to be told......and enjoying all the former and current gambling going on back at the ol' racetrack....

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Updates from relaxedland...

so.....I never won one of these before....tonight....I also took 2nd in the 'VeryJosie'.....having sex in the middle of a tourney is always good for the soul...and the game.

I also came in second in a 4 dollar Rush tourney...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 97.00 bucks for nada

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!
Happy 4th of July!!!!!