Thursday, May 31, 2007

Crazy Mookie tourney

I was at one point in last place with 600 in chips. I battled and bluffed. If I accomplish one thing besides covering myself with money finishes in the BBT.....I hope it is a playing style that confuses opponents. I'm sure if anybody has the curiosity to check the hand history they will come to the conclusion that I bluffed my way to the final table. I ended up in 6th place overall after a series of losing battles with Duggles. I think doubled him up twice and then he knocked me out. The kid was on fire at the final way he was losing any coin flips. My last hand was A-3o....I could have folded and moved up a spot but I had the short stack. I jammed...he had A-K! The flop of Ax-Kx-Kx....was an appropriate way for me to go out. I think a 3x fell on the turn. I had a good time at the table just before this. Waffles does not disappoint anybody looking to get a laugh and a lesson in blind stealing. We were trading Blind steals for a while. The table chatter was worth the price of admission. This is something that has been missing from some of the tourneys lately.....a good time....with good competition. Not that there isn't great competition in all the tourneys but lately people have been taking this waaaaaaayyyyyy too seriously. I've never met anybody in person in the BBT or the WPBT but I still have a good time....and occasionally make some cash. Don't get me wrong....everybody wants to get some Internet respect but it is a form of entertainment as well. A well timed hammer-drop is a good part of everybody's poker repertoire. I think people use it just as much as they used to....they just don't show it as much anymore. It's a steal....and it is what it is. I went off tangent here......and I lost my point. I guess the point is to play these tournaments to win.....and have a good time!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I played the WPBT Stud 7 event on Sunday. I was at my condo in the white mountains of N.H. (one which will be on the R.E. market soon....I have owned it since 2004....or should I say it has owned me since has prevented me from building a real poker bankroll....that much is sure). Much to my chagrin there were only 13 players....I saw 14 but somebody pussied out and un-registered. Better chance to what the hell. I was at a cookout with the family and other condo owners from 5:00 to 8:30...many beers and grilled foods consumed....I was buzzed and ready at 9:00PM. I ended up in second place for a nice little 96.00 or so cash. A long seesaw heads-up battle with StatikKling sobered me up pretty fast. I had (haven't looked at the hand history (9's and 8's I think...also an ace in the hole....I paired that on 6th street I believe) 3 pair when all streets were dealt...but I was pot-committed. I though Statik had 10's and K's but I think he filled his boat on 6th or 7th street. Oh well, my first WPBT cash this year....and maybe my last if this thing doesn't start getting more entries. I also had another deep cashless run in the BBT tourneys...more specifically last nights M.A.T.H. I went out 11th.....I had 10x-Jx on a flop of 6x-9d-Qd....and I pushed with the short stack. I was called by somebody with a flush draw.....Numbono maybe? He had 7d-8d...I can't remember. My straight filled...but it was the Kd and I was toast. Had to take the chance on that....but my 8th out killed me. I think I've been playing pretty well lately but no cash to show for it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The point(s) is to cash.....

Sunday : The Blogger Big Game Results : Me taking a brutal suck out by Julius Goat. Ac-Kc everybody folds....I raise all in with my short stack......he insta-calls with A-9o......Ace on the flop and I am looking good to cash in my first Big Game....9 on the effin turn and I am toast. Damn you Goat.......Damn you. (I checked his blog and he is funny bastard....but he should name himself Julius Donkey instead....HAHA).

Monday : M.A.T.H. : I didn't get many hands....two pocket pair before the final table. I hit two big hands in suck out open ended straight against Garthmeister and a gut-wrenching gut shot straight on the river against IT. I made the final table but an all-in fest with Schaubs Q-Q and Otis A-Ko did me in...I had As-10s and the short stack. There were two aces on the flop but I am toast again. Still haven't recovered from the Suck out by Julius Donkey....err Goat.

Tuesday : WWdN : Made final table though a whopping 20 entries...out 5th when I pushed (A-2o) the small stack into A-Ko....out 5th. 3 paid.

Wednesday : ?????? The Mooooooooooookie!!!!
Get your sorry asses there if you like brutal suck outs and hugely donkish play by idiots like me.

There is also a tourney on the WPBT.....does anybody remember that? It would be nice to get more than 17 or 19 that was in the last tourney. cmon.....lets get this to be a destination you Donkeys!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Concert Picture dump and my first Royal Flush

Some pics of the MegaDeth/Heaven and Hell show.....they aren't that good but my buddy took them on his Palm phone....
There is a picture here of some of the fans before the show started......they are from the back woods of New Hampshire.....and they all came out that night....

The following pic is Ronnie James Dio at the age of 5.....He has grown up but not much......

I played at Rockingham Park today at the 150.00 buy-in WSOP qualifier. I believe there was over 400 entries on this rainy day. It is an old Horse racing track so there was all sorts of gambling going on with the simulcast of the Preakness. The structure of the tourney is about as good as it gets anywhere around here. Except for the bar 'Slickeys' that I go to occasionally. I did not win a seat or even cash for that matter. I did however hit the first Royal flush of my poker career. Sadly, there was only one short stack that fell victim. I had Kh-Jh and called pre-flop. The unfortunate victim was drawing to a straight and made his straight after I got my K-high flush on the turn. Ah-Qh-9s was the flop.....8h on the turn and the guy goes all in with his last 2000. He did have a straight but was already dead to my K-high flush. I called..... and the Th falls on the river.....Crazy. A bunch of people I usually play against at the bar were there. We had a 'Last longer' pot of about 60 bucks. 10 bucks apiece. I lost the opportunity for that when I decided to go all-in with my pocket 8's under the gun. There were about 90-100 left and I had a short stack of 6000. The Blinds were at 700-1400 so I had to make a move. I got called by a guy with A-K of course. He spiked his K on the turn. The last of the last-longer players from the bar doubled up twice before I left. If he made the money then I will win the last longer bet. I'll find out some Thursday night soon.

Friday, May 18, 2007

"The earth Starts to Rumble"!

It's been a while since I last posted. It's probably had something to do with me being on tilt for 3 weeks or so. I haven't got any points or made any cash in the BBT for a long time it seems.
It's not that I'm doing any thing different or wrong...but I've basically been card dead when my monster hands run into bigger monster hands. The Full Tilt 'doom switch' has been flipped on The hand that has me in the most trouble has been pocket Q's. I swear I can't win with them and I can't beat them when I have a better hand. I made up that quote while getting my Q's out-flopped by pocket J's in the Wheatie. I won a token for the Blogger Big Game a week ago so I will be out for blood on Sunday night. I need POINTS...and more importantly some of that Big Game CASH!!! I am going to Rockingham Park on Saturday to try the 150.00 buy-in satellite for the WSOP main event. I guess they will give out as many seats as they can. From what I hear by people who have played and won a ton of money....the structure is great. Being an affordable buy-in and a very rainy forecast this weekend may bring out the masses. 150.00 for the slight possibility of a WSOP ME seat is a risk I will least once in a while.....

I went to the Heaven&Hell show last night in Lowell. It was at the Tsongas arena in Lowell. I've never seen MegaDeth or Ronnie Dio so when an old college friend called out of the blue (actually sent an email) and asked if I wanted to go.........I made my decision in 2 seconds. I've always liked MegaDeth but seeing them live is incredible. I forgot how political Mustaine is.......but unlike most other holier-than-thou recording artists...he leaves his political statements in his songs. I swear some bands or front men don't know when to shut the fuck up (CS&N comes to mind....their live shows are basically liberal diarrhea of the mouth rants....I'm waiting to see Rosie O'Donnell come out as a guest star. In this nightmare/premonition she will come out and give mindless ramblings about conspiracies and left-wing rants that make no sense......instead of a guitar solo). Mustaine lets his music do the talking and his guitar do the talking and I respect that. Their finale was simply fantastic. They morphed 'Holy Wars' with a couple of other tunes and just blew the whole crowd away. Amazing. Ronnie Dio has always been a favorite of mine. The heavy metal elf is truly a voice to be heard and he still delivers and incredible performance. I've always been blown away by Black Sabbath. I caught them in '99 on the Ozzfest tour with Ozzy and that was the culmination of a dream for me. So given the opportunity to see them with Dio.....I had no choice. They basically played the whole Black Sabbath-The Dio Years CD as a set list + a couple of other tunes. Tony Iommi is the man.
Here are some Dave Mustaine quotes
I've always liked to hear what Dave has to say.......when he isn't on stage that is......and these are classic.

See you at the Blogger Big Game on Sunday!

I've also added a few blogs to 'The Daily Reads'. They are all truly great reads. Good people with something to say....unlike me. Check 'em might just learn something.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cat Puke Tilt

Last night I sit down and I'm ready to get some points (and possibly cash) in M.A.T.H. but my cat 'Bruin' had other plans. He comes in the room 5 minutes after the tourney started and promptly yaks all over the rug. If this was on the linoleum or wood floor then I'd ignore it until the break. This is right in friggin' front of me in the living the middle of the floor....and it stinks! I have to hit the 'sit out next hand' button and clean this puke up. It gets on my hand and I'm ready to get sick. So I'm cleaning this from the rug and the table that I'm at is going fast and furious. It was one hell of a starting table with Iggy (can't fool anybody with that Summer Babe crap), Lucko, JJok among some got knocked out they were replaced with more tough opponents. I'm on cat-puke tilt all while cleaning up and getting my blinds stolen every orbit. I couldn't help but be on tilt and the cards weren't coming. On the two or three hands I had that were good I had no action. I even slow played my Aces and everybody folded to my min-raise. I think it's time to retire the min-raise. None of my bluffs worked...they were all called or raised with abandon. None of my hands got any substantial pots. So I flamed out in 40th place which is appropriate given my cat-puke tilt. I got bumped down the leader board to 17th place! I need points...I will be at the Mookie on Wednesday with a purpose! I wonder what that bounty banner will look like. I've needed a banner for this blog since it started. Mookie is the man.

Last weekend was great. I went to a wedding in Jackson, NH...right up the road from my condo in North Conway. No need to rent a room. Jackson is like a Norman Rockwell painting that came to life. A perfect little NH township that turned out to be a great place for the nuptials. The place was something like 200 years old....and full o' character if you're into that sort of stuff. The open bar for the whole ceremony and reception suited me just fine. I think I had a thousand Crown Royal 'n Cokes. I golfed with the groom on the morning before the wedding. I had my best game EVER!! I'm pretty bad at golf but getting much better as I figure out some things in the past two years. The golf course was right in the heart of North Conway behind the center of town where all the shops and bars are. I mean it sprawls out...surrounded by mountain peaks and granite faced mountainsides. There is also the Saco river that surrounds it.....very relaxing and one hell of a course. We had a 12-pack of Heineken and it disappeared before the 10Th hole. Good thing we didn't get a case...the groom would have been shit-faced and I would have took the blame. Even though I didn't buy the beer....or set up the tee-time....I would have taken the blame. My wife's friends would have killed me. So everything worked out with that and it was a weekend to remember for many reasons.

I have to say that I haven't bought many CD's in the past few years....not like I used to. I've always been a huge Black Sabbath fan. I've been in a huge metal mood lately. There isn't much that has come on to the scene in the past decade that has done much for me though. Once in a while there will be a band that has a song or dare I say an albums worth of material that is worth buying. Somebody made a copy of 'Black Sabbath-the Dio years' and it's just awesome. The CD is constantly on in my car back and forth from work. I mean I haven't heard 'The Mob Rules' for years but it kicks my ass every time I crank it out. The main riff for the song is classic Geezer-Iommi. The riff has this heavy elasticity that just kills. I've been a huge fan of both versions. The other singers I could leave or take......Glenn Hughes....the Great David Donato (1983...short stint singer...who?...what kind of stupid name is that? hehheh!) among others. The all time riff-meister doesn't matter who is singing as long as he and Geezer are making the riffs. Dio has always had a classic heavy metal voice. Black Sabbath has had two of the greatest. No other band could survive and still rock that hard (some would say Van Halen but I beg to differ.....although I like both Sammy and Dave...the Dave version of VH is only version of VH that I want to hear). I'll go so far as to say that Black Sabbath is the only band that never sold out!! Ever!! maybe Slayer....maybe some other unknown Black Metal band that sucks anyway but Sabbath will be Sabbath. I could never play Randy Rhoads guitar solos (well at half speed...which hurt...he was unreal) but I could always get some buddies together and play some Sabbath...and it sounds good whether it's played by a bunch of idiots in a garage or by the band itself. I even bought a lefty white Gibson SG (because I'm a lefty anyway and I like the way it looks) in '85 with my savings. I still have that guitar today and I can still bang out 'N.I.B.', or 'Iron Man', or 'The Mob Rules' or 'Paranoid'.
Neon Knightssssssssss

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Poker and Misc. Stuff (with some bad grammer mixed in)

Unless your hiding under a rock you must know about the if you want to test your MTT mettle then get involved in the following....bitches!!!

This week so far:
Strike one on M.A.T.H
Strike two at the WWdN : Weekly NLHE
???? Tonight at the 'Mookie'?????

Tournament: The Mookie

When: Wednesday. 10pm ET
Buyin: $10+1
Password: vegas1

Tournament: Riverchasers Tour Event #9

When: Thursday, May 3rd, 9:00pm ET
Buyin: $10 1
Password: riverchasers9

How 'bout them RedSox.........and how 'bout them Patriots. Both teams have brought so much excitement in the past few years. The BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!! The look on Tom Brady and Bill Belichick's faces at the end of the playoffs last year means one thing for this year. Superbowl!! You know it....I know after the draft and free agent pickups....everybody knows it!
As for the Sox....if anybody had any doubts or have wond
ered what a pro thinks...then read 38pitches
Read Curt S. verbally bitch-slap that IDIOT Gary Thorne (stick to hockey you least you do something right). Even though Mr. Thorne decided to recant his statement....he still made one of the all time gaffs in broadcast history.
Another entertaining link for you politicos out there.....It's an interesting read on the politics of politics (huh?).

I'm going up to North Conway, NH this weekend for a wedding. Should be a great time with some golf and partying mixed in. I'm thinking about selling my will be tough to give up. It's a 2 bedroom flat on a 9-hole golf course. If
I sell it then I'm going to WSOP with 20K in my pocket.....just kidding. I'm going to invest much of it into my small house. I'll fix it up and put a porch on. It's not in bad shape but it needs a new roof and vinyl siding etc. The porch is needed because I'm a (sit-on-the-porch-with-a-brew-and-a-grill-kind-of-guy) porch lover. In a couple of years I'll probably sell that house too....then buy my parents house. Can't wait for that (has an awesome roofed porch that I grew up on). So anyway, I'll end up bringing my new laptop PC so I can dial-in and play a couple of late-night tourneys. It killed me when I went of vacation last year.....because I couldn't play online poker for a week! (actually I snuck out on the fam. to play at my weekly bar league NLHE tourney....and cashed). Now at least I don't have to worry about my laptop PC dying mid-tourney or right before the final table.

I can't believe my daughter is two years old now (actually on Cinco de Mayo).
It makes me think of how much my priorities have changed. I used to be sooooooooo mad if my A's got cracked by 8' in last nights Daily Double B tourney on Full Tilt. Now it's funny.My parents have graciously offered to babysit for the weekend while we go to a wedding.....PARTY TIME!!!! There just isn't anything more important than family (and babysitters who happen to be your parents). I'm rambling here....but it's true. So this weekend I'll be watching a new family formed before my eyes. They will however be blurry with booze........
I'll be going to another bachelor party in June. The last of my high school friends is finally going to get married on June 30th. We are all 35-36 and I'm still going to bachelor parties. Here is the email of the June 2nd's not Vegas but it worthy of a........weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Ok all I have booked the limo, the golf times, and I will get all food and booze.
Here are the details:
Saturday June 2, 2007
9:00-10am meet at Rick's
I have two Foursomes booked at 10:32am 18holes,Falmouth Country Club(resident rate), with cart
I will get all food and booze
I booked a party Van from 8-2am
In short all expenses outside of lap dances will be included the amount per person is roughly $100-120 a person. If you are not playing golf it will be around $50-70. Please let me know if you are not playing. Remember Golf really is just a bunch of fat white guys drinking beers and hitting a ball. No one is a serious handicapper. Any questions let me know.

Hopefully lot of these will be doing this :