Monday, August 30, 2010

I took out one of the best players on the internet!!!!

Read it and reminded me of the time I eliminated Rizen from the Bodog tourney. Oh yeah....he wasn't there! I sucked out on Amir though....thanks to BamBam and Amir for the opp.

 I suck.....I do know this....

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's the end of summer...but I still have Monday off!!

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Brats 'n Magic Hat #9....

Summer part Bud Light...2 parts Miller Genuine draft 64 (for light beach consumption) 1 part Mike's hard lemonade, 1 part Coors light, 1 part Sam Adams Summer Ale, another part Bud light, sprinkle liberally with ice....@ viola! Later...adding liquor for extra spice!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A pot full o' Lobby's!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Turbo Bink....

I'm likin' these super turbo's.........

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Turbo DDonk!!!

I'm such a Turbo Donk....can't stop DDonkin around!!!

I also got pwned in the Very Josie and bubbled the Mookie....4th place phucknuts.....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dusk Dawg says....

Dusk Dawg says....
"life is Ruff...and tuesday is Spewday"!!!!

Dusk Dawg also says......we have decided to rename it the TuesDDay SpewDDay! 

Friday, August 06, 2010

Deep PokahDave

Ummmmm....FriedDay night...

Thursday, August 05, 2010

I.......Wookie *

I won a Mookie=I Wookie=the end of civilization as we know it.

Usually when I win a tournament in a series like the Mookie it ends because that is what I do. I killed off the 'Wheatie' back in the day on PokerStars. I won and a month later it basically ended. I won the M.A.T.H. a couple of years back and it abruptly ended a month later. Will this be the end of our beloved 'Mookie'? I guess we'll find out in a month. It is the first time I won a Mookie...after coming 2nd ten million times. What did it take 4 years and a crazy situation on top of that....AAAARRRGH!!!! This "win" is not without an asterisk though. Julius_Goat....who was owning me heads up suddenly got disconnected. We traded leads for what seems like forever.  It was past 1:00 AM and being on the East coast...I needed to get to sleep.  I'll asterisk this inherited Mookie win.............but I'll take it! Jeezuz...there wasn't even 20 players...I can't believe that someone could win one of those 80+ Player Mookie's. Maybe I should call it the 'Mistookie'.  I sucked out a bunch of times at the final table. I had pocket 3's and flopped a I figure I am good. Not so...other dude flops a set of 8's and I was dead.....that is until the turn bring another 3...D.Q.B! The heads up battle with Julius_Goat was excruciatingly long....maybe even 40 minutes. I found out today his router needed to be rebooted. I being the nice guy I am....and feeling guilty transferred his Mookie buy-in. It's the least I could do. Lightning36 also Roach'd his way to another money finish in 3rd. That in itself was an accomplishment. I equate playing the Mookie with taking a cheese grater to your junk. Then pouring alcohol over your grated junk and screaming in pain for weeks...AM I WRONG?

Gratuitous screen shot for the 'Mistookie'

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tuesday is Spewday...and solar tsunami day as well.....

As the sun spews on the earth too should spew chips on Spewday Tuesday...

From LJ's blog :

"play two tourneys tonight for fun and glory! tuesday spewday is on full tilt poker, password = spewday

Tourney ID 174878610: 9pm $11 double stack, early antes
Tourney ID 174876304: 9:15pm $6 super turbo KO

all times ET

i'm gonna try to do screen shots, but it's so hard. seriously, no idea how mookie did this for so long. may implement a weekly winner profile a la mookie. see you tonight!"

....and tomorrow night is the one...the only :

Of course hosted by Josie.......
And....after that if you want to play in a cheesegrater-on-balls-then-alcoholpouredonyouropenwounds-tournament play the Mookie.....

Last and certainly not least : if you like Dr. Pauly and the Tao of Poker..... you must get and read this book now. Details on purchasing are here . I just finished the book and it is a great read. My take is that the book has elements of all things that poker bloggers love and crave. One of course being the best poker blog ever...throw in a dash of Hunter S. Thompson, a dash of Anthony Bourdain, a dash of Jack Kerouac and you have a rich stew of poker, gambling, degeneracy and travel experiences. Very. Interesting. Indeed.

That is all.....