Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seabrook Poker Room

Although I like the Seabrook poker room and the atmosphere I have had no success there. I've only been there twice....but I'm on a dry spell there anyway. I played the nightly 60.00 no re buy last Tuesday night and then when I got bounced from that I played the 40.00 turbo. In 3 hours of tournament poker the best hand I had dealt to me was pocket 8's. I shit you NOT....this was the worst continuous series of holdings I can remember. I have fallen far from my multi-MTT nights back in the days of online poker....far out of practice that is. I do remember being UBER aggressive at these low buyin tourneys at the tracks in the past and that is usually the recipe for success...I just couldn't pull the trigger in certain situations like I have in the past. Maybe it was the tired recuperating from online poker depression look or the fact that I was buying beers. Who knows. It seems like I've become more of a cash game player since April 15th. I had some real success at Rockingham just after the online ban...but since that just a general malaise about poker. I really do think I'm still recuperating  from playing so many online tourneys. That last sentence is confirmation of a slight addiction to online MTT's by the way.
In the 60 NLHE there were 70 or 71 runners. I got knocked out in 40th place with Q-8 suited under the gun....the blinds were getting huge.....I did get one...count it....one good hand in 2+ hours. That was the pocket 8's...I still didn't win that hand but what are you going to do? The second tourney was pathetic...both my own poker play and the structure of the tourney. Sometimes I look around and just marvel at the degenerates that show up every day. There was one guy in the turbo (I am not saying that this guy was a degenerate as I don't make fun of people with a disease or condition very often...only when they piss me off...I'm still not really making fun of this guy but it is kinda funny regardless) who couldn't speak..he could only....gurglerasp. I'm not sure if that's a word but I made it up to explain the noise that he made when he 'talked'. Again I'm not making fun of this guy because he sounded like a balloon deflating that had liquid inside of it...I'm just saying it was a little disturbing. Thank god you can't smoke in a poker room anymore...he must have had his share in he past...I'm sure he would have been smoking if he could have...but Jesus H. Christmas. He questioned a hand I was in and I couldn't understand what he was saying. He raised under the gun and I pushed all in over his raise and another call. That's all I did....he said something. It sounded like "Rasssssspppgurrrrgle...ssphhhtt....hhhhaarrr UUUUuu...raasssppding". I said "Ummmm...what the fuck did you say?!" (I really didn't know..I just found out he spoke that way right before that) The 400 pound dealer with an oxygen tube coming out of his nose said "He said 'What are you doing' ya know?" I said "I pushed all in...wasn't that obvious?!". Just after that RaspGurgle folded after hemming and hawing and rasping and gurgling..then the other guy folded. After that I was trying to understand what he was saying and amazingly people knew exactly what he was saying because he is there every day. Little to no avail for me as I didn't even make the cash in the 10 person turbo. While this whole thing was going on in Seabrook my wife, daughters, nieces, sister, and sister-in-law were having their picture taken by THE Terry O'Reilly...at Salisbury Beach. I should have been there instead. I guess he was riding his bike past them as they were getting ready to take a picture. He offered to take the picture so my wife could get into the picture. Was he hitting on my wife or not? Sly bastard...she had no idea who he was of course. I do miss poker and I will get to the poker rooms soon...but I hate missing out on life these days.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pretty sure I'm going to

Pretty sure I'm going to Seabrook poker room around 6PM tonight!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Two nights...two awesome dive bars...Uncle Eddie's....

The Dolphin....A great dive bar for the first night.....

Friday, August 19, 2011

Going to the beach for a week....

I'm outta here!!!! I will probably post some crappy pictures as usual but I'm going to be a son of the Beach for at least a week....I may even stop in at Seabrook and get my poker on!!! I'll be right down the road....

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Just can't wait....
Well the camera on my phone obviously sucks but J. Giels never gets old. They played for 2 hours....and everybody knows every song. My right contact lens fell out with about 4 songs left to go...I had to stick around the beer stand as I was immediately disoriented. I need eye surgery really bad....I want 20-20 vision without contact lenses. So being next to the beer stand I pretty much started drinking more and more. They were selling 24 oz. beers. We had monster beers and were partying all day on the waterfront. I didn't have to drive home because my friends wife got us a room right near the concert. The pavilion is such a great place to hang out all day and see a concert. If you are in Boston and have a chance to see a show there I highly recommend it.

Aces High!
I always get a kick out of this boat....

On the Boston waterfront...drinking and getting ready for J. GIELS band

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Poker and Baseball collide!

.......and this is the result.....some interesting things are happening out there. Most of them after 'Black Friday' and they are all bad. Jeez....I wonder where The U.S. Government could raise tons of revenue by regulating a burgeoning cash cow??