Sunday, December 28, 2008

Runnin' Deep in the 100K.......

Cashed in the Guinness book of world records tourney on PStars to start the day........

Ready to cash with In the Bodog 100k (first Sunday major cash ever...bought into it on a whim. I decided long ago if I was ever to buy in directly into a Sunday Major it would be the Bodog 100K.....I just have a better shot at cashing in it than any other Sunday major...and it's only 109.00 which is about half the others. 64 left.. :)

27 left....then me against dipthrong.....

Then I have Ad-Kd against a worse hand and chip up big time......

Then the final table curse......(Patriots win 13-0 and still don't make the playoffs...sigh...that would be an omen for me)

Standard raise with A-A to roughly 3X BB.....

I don't know what's up with the pic above....looks like I was getting ready for doom and the PStars window showed
guy calls with Ks-Jc....and hits a J on the flop....then puts me all in and of course hits a K on the river...then says "I knew what he had but I called anyway...." Typical douche bag comment after the fact......I had 55k and he had 100k+ to start so....good call?....I think not.......

I placed 13th....the Patriots win 13-0 and don't make the playoffs due to the stunningly bad New Jersey Jets....goddamn they fucking suck.....Retire now and preserve the last of your dignity Brett....Jeezuz friggin' Christ......

Oh so anyway....douche bag came in 2nd and dipthrong came in first....of course!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Misc....Tuesday boozeday....pre-holiday post

Well the Bodonkey is over....but I'm looking forward to the next one with anticipation. Kudos (I don't really use that phrase a lot but kudos nonetheless) to Nadia and Smokkee. I played much better this time around than the last series. I had 2nd place finish to MiamiDon in a very nice battle at least between Don, New, and myself...but Don completely dismantled me heads up. So I missed the TOC by another final table or cash. I think I blew my chances in the final 3 qualifier tourney where we were down to 5. I decided to get all my chips in on a flush/inside straight draw against S.T.B. and my decision while having a ton of outs turned sour. Now that I think of was kind of a bad decision because I bet....S.T.B pushed....and I called. So good game me and better game S.T.B. The TOC itself was a great contest....made all the more exciting with bets on different players (I placed an early bet on CBags because I assumed that he would make it into the TOC...but you can't take back your bets after you place them. That my friends is not a good use of money when the player you bet on is not in the TOC. I was also one of those people who was available to bet on but didn't make that situation should be fixed next time. I suppose these things (blogger tourneys/competitions/series) are made to be improved on anyway. Trial and Error and after the Trials and Errors are done we all still to bigger tourneys.....and good 'ol fashioned fun.
Who the hell isn't going to take the odds on Chad with 10-1. I know there are a lot of people upset with missing that bet. With that said...what a long tourney that was! I think the whole tourney took just over 5 hours....and I stayed up for the whole thing....because I was sweating the 25 bet on TonySoprano....and he didn't disappoint (Just ask him!). I completely refurbished my Donkey low buy in bankroll on one bet. Gotta love Bodog for that. The interface really isn't as bad as everybody is saying. It's been improving steadily and no doubt will continue. If you think the play on Bodog is bad you should see a couple of the other new sites.....I mean its stellar compared to some of the newer sites....seriously. Overall the whole series was profitable with the two bounties (one from W.o.W.Donk and one from the ghost of Rizen) I claimed and the second place finish. I used one to buy in to the 100K a few weeks back. I was doing well in the tourney but I missed an opportunity to really cash with a good bluffing hand on a raggy board. I had As-Ks on a board of 2s-3s-5d. So having that board with a flush draw and gut draw (anybody seeing a leak pattern here?) I went all in and was called by K-K....the turn was another 5 and the river....K. All freakin' four kings fell and I was crippled. I went out 103 of 710 or so...I think the cash bubble was 90 or 95. I used the other 109T$ for some other DS tourneys. I haven't had a large cash on Bodog since I came in second in a 10K...for 1550.00 Mostly I've been pretty busy with a 2 kids's hard to even plan for any weekend tourney that starts in the afternoon. I have no idea why I've had all my bigger cashes this year...maybe all the reading and practicing has made a difference....but with my second daughter being born this year....I'm still way ahead of any other year playing tourneys online. Usually people stop or at least slow down their poker playing....I guess mine has increased a good amount. I fall in that category of person that can't really go out on weekend nights anymore (wife goes to bed early....and the kids eventually do to) so I guess that has a lot to do with it. At 9:00PM I am ready to rock.....and now that the results are mostly good...the wife doesn't get upset when she sees me sitting at the dining room table at 4 or 5 AM (and the 10,000Bud Light empties) because she knows that it's probably going to be the biggest poker prize yet. That bodes well for everybody in the house and it has been good this year. Even that 100K that I was playing in was full of distractions with my parents stopping in and causing the kids to get all crazy. It was fun however to see my Father get a kick out of my tourney run.....he was watching me and asking questions for like 2 hours. It actually made me concentrate a little bit more...but alas I did not cash and he saw me get knocked out. I let out a loud yell "SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT" and got yelled at by the wife and Mother. What a surprise....I've been cashing out my winnings lately paying large bills and when I get a chance to make a very large cash I'm getting hassled by both the wife and Mother...LOL. Anyway I see that FTP finally got their shit together and award tourney dollars to people who can't play in certain tourneys. How f'n long did that take? I recently started to donk around on FTP again and the RNG still is totally allergic to me. I can't f'n get any breaks on FTP...none at f'n all. I'm profitable on all other sites (mostly this year of course)...except FTP. Gimme a fuckin' break. That's why I'm just indifferent while suffering bad beats....they are all in low buy-in tourneys but I'm still sick of it. There are only a few people in the blogosphere who are even profitable on FTP...that is no coincidence kids. I would like to know exactly why there are only a small percentage of bloggers that are even profitable on FTP (Speaking about tourneys here)....and why there are 95% that aren't. I'm sure someone will give me a smart ass answer but the overall numbers don't lie anyway. Wow, this has turned into a year retro-review type post........

I didn't get to go to the Winter blogger gathering...I probably shouldn't have been there last year either but we all need a break from everyday stress. This year was not even an option unless I won a 10K first prize or something. Thank god those R.E. issues are a thing of the past for me...I beat the deadlines this past year for everything by like a week each time. Sell condo. in North Conway, NH.....Sell former house (crappy town...nice little house)...Buy nice old house in a great town (one that doesn't have drug dealers and sex offenders within a rocks throw).....refinance out of an interest only loan for said nice old house in nice town. That doesn't include the new daycare and school for daughters as well as new job for wife in new school system X2 (laid off from teacher job that she had after first year we moved into house....then got new teacher job in town High School this year). That all is why when I do occasionally get out I may get a little out of my skull. If any of that stuff happened by a week later....any of it....I would have been financially ruined and would have probably required a bail out from my parents (we don't want that kind of stuff on our conscience...believe me). So I beat the odds this past year in life...and poker. Let me tell you people that are about to have a baby....It's the best thing to happen to you but the worst thing to ever happen to your wallet. You think you have it all figured out with one and then the second comes along and doubles everything in bills etc. I am not trying to talk anybody out of having children...believe me I couldn't see life without both of them...but you are going to have to do a little planning before the whole decision.

Is there another BBT in out future....maybe during the spring leading up to the W.S.O.P???? Al???? I'll tell you what...I think a few people left with some health issues after the last maybe the next one should be only 2 months instead of 3. Maybe even 1 month....maybe In May?

Man I'm just dying to get to either Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun....I need a overnight mini-vegas like binge at either one. I am currently owed such so I will be cashing in hopefully during the late winter. I hate being controlled by bills but then again since I am currently living in my nice old house and nice town it's not so bad.....just fire up the 'ol laptop PC baby!!!!!

One last thing about's all in who you know...especially in Massachusetts. The latest headlines in Mass. and other states are just the lowest rung of the barrel. There fuggin' people are worse than anybody they represent...wasting tax payer money for their own gain. Most of them seem to be Democrats....probably like 95% of's like the few percentage of bloggers that are profitable on FTP....LOL. The Republican party is done for the next 8 years that much is sure. Fine....lets get some serious political types for a 3rd party....please.

I should add like a thousand links to all the people mentioned in this post..but you know what....I'm feeling a little lazy....after all I'm not exactly feeling stressed about much anymore and I'm certainly not going to stress out about that. So Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it...and happy holidays to the rest!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008


I hired Tony Soprano to take out da gahbidge.....

And dats what he did...paying me homage in the range of 250 clams baby.......If he didn't pay..........he would pay!!! you know what I mean....BITCHES!!!! You stoopid was supposed to win with da flush.....not da Full gonna have ta pay some more....I'll have ta make ya an offah you can't refussse.....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ghey blog thing....

I blame the W.o.W. donkey......

American Cities That Best Fit You:

65% Denver

65% Portland

60% Honolulu

55% Austin

55% Las Vegas

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Royal Spoil

Check out this hand....I flopped the nut straight on the flop, behind to the full house on the turn, and river the heart Royal Flush....It was pretty early in the 90-man STT.....

Table info:

Seat 1: DDionysus ($2,895)
Posts small blind $25
Seat 3: Hard Earned ($3,235)
Posts big blind $50
Seat 4: jtrain76 ($1,805)
Seat 5: EZYMONEY4ME ($3,010)
Seat 6: CS224 ($2,660)
Seat 7: steeplejack2 ($6,230)
Seat 8: Haklay ($6,105)
Seat 9: good_ish ($6,105)
Dealt to DDionysus

Preflop: (Pot: $75)

FOLD steeplejack2
FOLD Haklay
RAISE good_ish, to $175
CALL DDionysus, $175
FOLD Hard Earned
FOLD jtrain76

Flop: (Pot: $425)

BET good_ish, $425
CALL DDionysus, $425

Turn: (Pot: $1,275)

BET good_ish, $1,275
RAISE DDionysus, to $2,295 and is ALL-IN
CALL good_ish, $1,020

River: (Pot: $5,865)


SHOWS DDionysus

SHOWS good_ish

DDionysus wins the pot of $5,865 with a Royal Flush

Friday, December 12, 2008

Have a good time in Vegas.......


Here is some Vegas memories from last year. I was in the most stressful period of my life and had not really been away from home for about 2.5 years so here you have it :

Poker and Miscellaneous Stuff: The Blogger gathering and misc. stuff Pt.1

Poker and Miscellaneous Stuff: Blogger gathering and Misc. Stuff Pt.2

I tried to get my last minute horses in via Biggestron for Sat. Venetian/WPBT/bloggergathering...............we'll see if I can at least get in on the action from afar....

Sunday, December 07, 2008


The Blogfather of Poker and Smokkee Battle Bodog Bloggers!

Do you have what it takes to knock out a poker blogger legacy?

On Tuesday December 9th, there will be a T$109 bounty on the head of Iggy, The Blogfather of Poker, and on Thursday December 11th, there will also be a T$109 bounty on the head of Smokkee, the Bodog blogger tournament series host and the ONLY poker blogger to successfully seize his own bounty!

Both T$109 bounties are to play in Bodog's $100,000 Guaranteed Poker Tournament that occurs each Sunday at 4pm. With one of the biggest overlays in the industry, the value of this tournament is literally unbeatable. Whatever your skill set as a poker player, it's a perfect chance to win a fat cash payout.

Tournament news, recaps and details are available at the official tournament series site at

You don't want to miss these tournaments! Download Bodog poker and register for this series today!

May the luckiest poker bloggers take the T$109 bounties!

The Bodog Poker Blogger
Yahoo ID: bodogdirectory

Tune into Buddy Dank Radio for live tournament recaps and updates while you play at

Thursday, December 04, 2008

IITWI......In It To Win It

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

All bloggers can play in this exclusive online poker tournament.

Registration code: 026745

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

2000 years later history repeats

Gnome-o-gram: Mortgage Bailout, Roman Style

There is but scant innovation in human folly. Every generation convinces itself that it's living in a “new era”, where “all the rules have changed”, and consequently stumbles into the same potholes which swallowed countless ancestors. Knowing some history (rare today) and paying serious attention to its lessons (rare in any age) is an excellent way to avoid all-too-predictable calamities. Take the current woes in the credit markets, triggered in part by government meddling in the mortgage market. Certainly, this must be an unforeseen consequence of our twenty-first century fibre-optic globally connected financial system, with computer-modeled financial derivatives, risk management strategies, and all the rest of the hooey cooked up by all those bright fellows on Wall Street—how could they have possibly anticipated the mess they were getting us into?

Well, by reading Tacitus, for one thing. In Book VI of The Annals, Tacitus describes how runaway mortgage lending, combined with government meddling with interest rates and loan terms resulted in a credit crunch and an eventual collapse in real estate prices. All of this happened in A.D. 32 during the reign of the Roman Emperor Tiberius.

Note that even “evasions” and “strange artifices” (credit default swaps, anybody?) played their part when this whole sordid mess blew up more than twenty centuries ago, and also that the form of the “bailout”—injecting liquidity into the banking system—employed by Emperor Tiberius was precisely the same as that cobbled together by the geniuses in charge of things today.

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