Friday, June 27, 2008

BubbleBoy squared

Bubble the Mookie
Bubble Riverchasers.....
Bubble Kat's Donkament Rebuy tonight? (see tourney pic on right side of blog...too lazy to link right now.......

Monday, June 23, 2008

R.I.P George Carlin

Monday sucks. I'm glad I was able to see the man himself on stage at the M.G.M. Grand in 2000 in Vegas. I never laughed so hard in my life. He is the best comedian my opinion. I'm going to miss the over-the-top sarcasm...

Friday, June 20, 2008


I came in 3rd in RiverChasers last night. Fun times. The baby woke up and wanted to be fed pronto! I was juggling the baby and playing the last hour of the tournament...and drinking a few beers to boot. I'm ridiculous. I'm tired. I'm still playing poker. I have switched from playing a bunch of donkaments to playing some cash (note: the fast NLHE tables on Stars are like Poker careful...but I turned 15.00 in 50.00 in 20 minutes on micro-NL). The bloggerments are still fair game though. I just can't take the chance of a 5-8 hour type of run for a long time though. I would obv. switch that if I satellite into a Sunday major or something along those lines. I remember when my first daughter was born in '05....and what a shock it was for my poker playing degeneracy. I know what to expect now though so I'm using my stellar multi-tasking skills. Don't forget the Friday night re buy Donkament hosted by Katitude or as I call her Catchitude...She's been kicking my ass lately in blonkaments. Don't forget the 'Saturdays with Dr. Pauly' on PokerTards for some PLO madness (I won't be there this week). Read Dr Pauly for everything WSOP. Stellar coverage and stuff you won't find anywhere else.

This weekend is going to be a nice sports weekend (They are doing a Celtics tribute tonight complete with the Celts throwing out the first ball and the Green uniforms etc.). I have a ticket to go see the Red Sox for the Fox national game against the Cardinals on Saturday. Dice-K is pitching so it should be a great game....nice weather too. Here are some websites to amuse and educate all of you...mostly sports related and mostly relevant for recent events :

38pitches (Schilling is shutting down for the season and going for surgery tomorrow)
KissingSuzyKolber (you have to be a self-deprecating Boston sports fan to like this)
and my new favorite........because I'm a typical spoiled Boston sports fan and want another champ in Hockey no less!
PleaseSellTheBruins(wish I thought of right on the money if you think that the Jacobs family sucks ass).

Speaking of ass...I love this picture!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

TitleTown Rejuvenation

The Celtics show the L.A. Lakers how to bend over.............

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This will be forever known as the craziest hand ever......

Thanks for the comments for the birth of my daughter last week everybody. I flamed out of the TOC to none other than cmitch. I got a huge amount of flack for chopping at the end of M.A.T.H. back in late April. I won a couple of weeks before that and I was having some trouble at home when we were heads up. I took the quick chop and much to my knocked out by the guy I chopped with. Nothing crazy....I had pocket 10's and he had pocket Q's and he read me right. I was trying to chip up there for a run a the final table. Much respect to cmitch...he is a formidable player whether it is cash or tournament. I'm sure that this made some people happy about their prediction/warning coming to fruition. I guess I'll never live the 'chop' down. If the same situation comes again....then guess what...I'll chop again because family>poker.

This hand was in the blogger 'Big Game' and ended the BBT3. After I river'd the win here I was shocked. I thought I was against another set and a small flush draw. As you can see I was crushed at the flop and was against a high percentage (nut flush) draw! Not to worry aces got cracked later to the eventual winner of tournaments Kings......

I hope nobody takes issue with the publishing of online offense intended.....

Full Tilt Poker Game #6657405425: Blogger Big Game (41741046) Table 1 - 15/30 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:37:31 ET - 2008/06/01
Seat 1: DDionysus (2 700)
Seat 2: pvanharibo (2 880)
Seat 3: tasit (3 165)
Seat 4: PirateLawyer (2 850)
Seat 5: MiamiDon (3 030)
Seat 6: hellory (3 090)
Seat 7: twoblackaces (2 955) is sitting out
Seat 8: lucko21 (3 330)
DDionysus posts the small blind of 15
pvanharibo posts the big blind of 30
The button is in seat #8

Dealt to DDionysus [ ]
tasit raises to 90
PirateLawyer folds
MiamiDon folds
hellory folds
twoblackaces folds
lucko21 folds
DDionysus calls 75
pvanharibo calls 60

[ ]
DDionysus has 15 seconds left to act
DDionysus bets 270
pvanharibo has 15 seconds left to act
pvanharibo raises to 900
tasit raises to 3 075 and is all in
DDionysus has 15 seconds left to act
DDionysus calls 2 340 and is all in
pvanharibo calls 1 890 and is all in
tasit shows [ ]
DDionysus shows [ ]
pvanharibo shows [ ]
Uncalled bet of 285 returned to tasit

Turn :
[ ] [ ]

[ ] [ ]
tasit shows a pair of Eights
pvanharibo shows a straight Eight high
pvanharibo wins the side pot (360) with a straight Eight high
DDionysus shows a full house Sixes full of Eights
DDionysus wins the main pot (8 100) with a full house Sixes full of Eights

Total pot 8 460 Main pot 8 100 . Side pot 360. | Rake 0
[ ]
Seat 1: DDionysus (small blind) showed [ ] and won (8 100) with a full house Sixes full of Eights
Seat 2: pvanharibo (big blind) showed [ ] and won (360) with a straight Eight high
Seat 3: tasit showed [ ] and lost with a pair of Eights
Seat 4: PirateLawyer didn't bet (folded)
Seat 5: MiamiDon didn't bet (folded)
Seat 6: hellory didn't bet (folded)
Seat 7: twoblackaces didn't bet (folded)
Seat 8: lucko21 (button) didn't bet (folded)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

She's GOOT!

Born 2:08 PM today! Welcome to the world little girl.......

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Live Bloggage....Edit on Monday...BBT3 final thoughts...Bodonkey

Check the Tao of Poker for real live bloggage of the WSOP and everything else you really want to know.........

9:00.....Fired up a Stars 5 dollar donkfest.....the 'Big Game' starts at 9:30 on FTP (59 registered and counting).....

9:05.....not much happening....Red Sox won again today....back on track! How much did they get Bartolo Colon for 1.3 mil. or something....classic! The Celtics vs. Lakers is just what the Doctor ordered to get interest in the NBA again. Don't count your chickens 'til they hatch Lakers fans!

9:10.....62 players and counting for the 'Big game'....look at that juicy prize pool!

9:15.....64 players signed up for 'Big Game'.....not much of anything on Stars 5 dollah tourney....wife is still hugely pregnant....doesn't look like this baby wants to come out! We'll have to have her induced later this week...I played a huge amount of tourneys this weekend....some big ones.....

9:20.....daughter is still up for some reason....brushing teeth now....what a little cutey...

9:25.....Still no big pots in Stars 5 dollar tourney.....68 players registered for 'Big Game'!

9:30.....5's are gold? Yes they are in the Stars 5 dollar tourney.....70 players registered in the 'Big Game'.....weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

9:35....Oh great...I have to Online Poker power couple on either side of me.....this sucks.....along with MiamiDon and TwoBlackAces and PirateLawyer....crazy stuff...
I get Two Black Aces and win a pot.....

9:40....crazy hand of night....I had 6's on the button....LJ had 7-8o..not sure what tasit had....flop was 5d-6x-7d.....everybody went all-in....I was crushed with a flopped straight but the river paired the 8 on the board for the huge boat.

9:45....nothing much....I'm the chipleader in the 'Big Game' for a short time. I say I have arguably the toughest table here....Loretta8 just moved in....along with hellory as well....

9:50....just took a pot of Lucko with pocket 10' sucks with him having position...I hope he gets moved soon....he took a pot off me earlier with position...not sure....

9:55....not much happening since the clusterfuck....

10:00....just caught a set pf fours against a raise by hellory.....still chip leader....for now.....

10:05....This table just gets tougher....I was lucky to triple up....

10:10....not much happenin'....although I just realized what my online 'tell' is.....

10:15....QQ in BB.....everybody folded to me....good!...I lose big pots with the Q's

10:20....A-Ko on a small raise....King on call....

10:25....I'm second in the chip lead....pretty tense table here....Loretta 8 just moved from my right...that's a good thing....who the fuck is requesting Culture Club on Buddy Dank Radio? Stop it!! Hellory just got knocked out....

10:30...Break time....4th in chips....not too bad....

10:35...Surflexus just got moved to my right........Maneki_neko....also moved to table.....shuffle up and deal!

10:40...Lucko just got knocked out with a flush on the river...he flopped a set and got it all in...Maneki_neko had a diamond and hit...crazy! I'm in 5th place now.....who the fuck is requesting George Michael on Buddy Dank Radio...stop it!!!

10:45...Maneki_neko has completely changed this table....I must've got at least 100 Cialis and Viagra spam emails this weekend alone...WTF.....

10:50....6d-Qd on button.....fold it to a raise....what the hell was I thinking....Fuel just got moved to the table...are you kidding me?

10:55....Pirate Lawyer just got crippled by dueyv9's open ended straight and flush draw when a king completes the straight on the river...I don't know who he is or maneki but they must've heard about the prize pool somehow.....

11:00....just lost a small pot to dueyv9....his straight filled up in the BB...A-Ko...MiamiDon all in...I raise...PLawyer calls all in....Don wins with pocket 9's

11:05....taking my hits here...I'm 12th in to stop bleeding....

11:10...card dead for a while....looking at Maneki make some crazy ass moves

11:15....lost a small pot to surf I had 6-9o he had 6-Jo...Julius_Goat just got moved to the table...he's a bit of a 'Big Game' killer......

11:20....card dead.......craptastic.......

11:25....all dead cards make Dave a dull boy.....all dead cards make Dave a dull boy....all dead cards...Julius_Goat just got moved off of teh table.... pot...nobody called...phew!

11:35....people getting knocked like crazy....not much in the way of cards still.....K-Jo in early pos. raised no callers thank you....Jc-10c in BB.....Fuel all in...I had to fold...

11:40....2nd Break.....all bad cards makes Dave a dull boy....

11:45....I just called in early position with Kh-Jh....had to fold to a raise.....
I get JJ in me.....all in after there are 4 limpers.....yeah...back in calls....

11:50....17th out of 26th....not much going on except the occasional push and fold....antes just kicked's going to get tense real soon....
11:52...I just got Aces in the i get into a raising war with that fucking cock maneki_neko and he hit his two outer for a set of Kings...cocksucker...fuck everybody.............

11:55....Laptop is about to go through the dining room window.........

EDIT : Monday

Wow...was I pissed-off last night. Little did I realize at the time my aces went down in flames to a K on the turn.....I was lucky to be there anyway. You see in the first 15 minutes or so I sucked out and filled a boat to LJ's flopped straight (you must've been shocked with two all-ins on either side of you with a flopped nut straight...sorry about that). I tripled up in minutes....should have propelled me to the final table but.....

I'm not surprised that Maneki went on to win....he/she sucked out on Lucko, myself and whoever else after I threw my laptop through the dining room window (not really of course but that was the end of a long day of bad beats for me). Sorry about the cock/cocksucker comment there Maneki.....I'm sure you are a great poker player. Julius_Goat must be pissed but I'm sure all that money that he won throughout the BBT3 will soothe the nerves. He is just an absolute 'Big Game' killer! Sort of like I am in M.A.T.H. :)

I'm glad the BBT3 is finally done though. I wanted to crack the top 20 in the BBT3 but I couldn't play enough tournaments. I missed the first 3 weeks due to my real estate woes (that are now done thank god). I also missed another full week because of problems with my rake back account. That's a full month of blonkaments missed....surely I would have at least made the top 15 if I was to play 50+ blonkaments. Back to the 'PokahDave' see....I knew I had to sort of get it ironed out before the BBT3 freeroll and the TOC. If I was to win (which is very unlikely....I'm sure someone will put odds on me that are accurate....something along the lines of 20-1) FTP would not pay me/award me due to my rake back account. The same exact thing happened to $mokkee. After 20 emails and a week I finally have it straightened out...I'm back to being 'DDionysus'....except the BBT3 free roll entry. Al was kind enough to forward an email account for the BBT3 free roll....which I sent an email to. I still have not heard from them but a 5-day waiting period is standard now for those who don't know. I want to thank all of the following Hoyazo (especially for changing M.A.T.H to short-handed NLHE....just kidding), Riggs, MiamiDon, Mookie, Chad (creating the frustrating skills series which I haven't cashed in yet) and especially AlCantHang for the sick prize pools and WSOP poker seats etc. I am glad the BBT3 is over but I'll be looking forward to the next one...whenever that is. This has been the mother of all prize pools. As far as my own results I think I've come out way ahead this time around. In the BBT1 I came out slightly ahead. The BBT2 I came out slightly a few bucks. This time....I think I came out 300 or so ahead. Tuscaloosa Johnny made quite the name for himself in this one. I think Iggy told him about it...Thanks a lot Iggy! OK kidding aside....some of the newcomers to the BBT3 have really made an impression....mostly for the better. Good luck to all in the BBT3 free roll and the TOC (unless I am making a run at it in the TOC...then bad luck to anybody playing me!) Not only did this finish at the right time but I need a wife is past due to give birth to out second child! I'll surely be a father again this week.

I also want to send out a hearty thanks to $mokkee for the Bodonkey series. Even though I haven't done anything of note in that's a great prize pool for all. Tomorrow will be my last chance to win. It's all or nothing for me tomorrow in the Bodonkey!