Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Music to commute to work to in the morning-Part 10

I was an hour late for the WCBOOP PLO last night. I may have done a lot better if I had just not played at all. This guy was on the table..looks like he was well on his way to making the money. The other guy that knocked me out hit his 6 so I guess putting me all in was a given. RIGHT? I mean even though I raised 3XBB with AA97 double suited he had to call and raise me all in right? You know pairing one of your cards out or 4 is definitely worth defending...right? Can't you just smell the sarcasm???? Of course it's a monkey I guess I'll see you there tonight. This guy actually made the final table and came in fourth overall. Give a hand to

So...on to my Music to commute to work to 'the series' and the final part of Volume 1....Part 10.

After commuting to work to various heavy songs I had the pleasure of listening to 'All Nightmare Long' before I got to my office. The office which is located in the main building of the main complex of the main campus of the island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle in my mind. Side note : I love run-on sentences...are there writers (not that I'm a writer or anything) that have run-on sentences. If so what do they do with there writings when said sentences are to be edited. What if there is no editor...who publishes run-on sentences. These are things that legitimately keep me from composing stories and such. Where was I? Oh yes...the final submission of my series...Vol. 1 of 'Music to commute to work to in the morning'...Part 10. My beloved 20K plus employees of P&MS LOL Inc. on my island and main complex etc. are eagerly awaiting my latest unveiling. Little do they know that this soundtrack is listened to constantly by there CEO, CIO, CII, COO, CAA, CAB, CAC (all other C-titles as well) Ombudsman, Chairman of the Board and benevolent course. I chose not to embed the video for the following song because it may take away from the sheer brilliance of the song. Another thing to be happy about is Rick Rubin..he of the Slayer albums. I'm not a rap music/techno. metal guy but Rick is the guy who helps a band like Slayer put out edgy stuff 25 years after they started. That's right...Rick Rubin who brought the Metallica Mojo of the late 80's back to this album is signed up for the next one as well. That my friends and fans of Metallica is the best news you have heard in a long time. The video for 'All nightmare long' is pretty cool though. I think that Michael Bay should have used this song for his latest 'Transformers' movie...maybe for a huge battle scene of something...can't you see it. Maybe not....most of you probably aren't as twisted a visionary as myself. I do have an eye for this sort of thing though...believe it! Instead he went with that techno-metal garbage spewed by Linkin Park (yes I know I just lauded Rick Rubin for his work with Slayer...but not with bands like LP). Hear one song you have heard them all is what I go forth my employee of P&MS LOL Inc. and fuel up for the day...or the ride home in order to play the WBCOOP tonight :

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Music to commute to work to in the morning-Part 9

Well my fine 15,000 plus employees we have come to a crossroads with P&MS LOL. We are apparently moving to a new location. The current Building complex, Office complex, and campus complex is not enough to fit all of the employees and manufacturing space for our new product. The vaunted P&MSLOLHeavyFlowWWings product that I've demonstrated for you has made us all rich. With the current IP and seed money acquired through advanced future marketing is so large that a small country's GDP is not quite as large. We are moving to an island off of the East between Bermuda and the Gulf....somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. 15,000 plus employees *GASP*
Fear not as long as we can listen to old school and nu metal we have fear of losing anything...and remember that being employees of P&MS LOL you have access to the P&MSLOLHeavyFlowWWings and your commute to our work in the Bermuda Triangle will be easy peasy! With that said (run-on sentence and all...we are absolved of all liability with our LOL you will remember) I have to bring our latest power source for your commuting and listening pleasure. Just remember not to punch anybody in the face during the commute or after getting to our Main office, on our main complex, on our main campus, on our newly acquired island in the Bermuda Triangle....OK? So we are going old school today....and like one of my favorite CD's of all time is titled : So far...So Good...So What!!

Other than that is anybody playing the WBCOOP tonight and the rest of the week?
I am....see you there and hopefully at the final table or something....

Edit : Happy Birthday EVH!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Music to commute to work to-Part 8

I'm here at the main office in the main building in the main complex on the main campus of Poker and Miscellaneous Stuff LOL. It is a rainy Monday...if being Monday wasn't bad enough...a deluge of rain is the icing on a crap cake. As I was commuting to work today I popped on another gem from my past. It's another Nu metal type song...probably the last in this series. It's not a well known song but has captured the perfect commute to work angst that fills my rainy Monday with joy. At least we have a great Championship/Bowl to look forward to in the N.F.L. (No Fun League especially due to all the Soupbowl restrictions and legalize.....remember P&MS LOL has no Liability especially to the ruptured eardrum set and folks with aversions to run-on sentences for you crazy law types and legal geeks). But I digress.....Number 8 on my series of music to commute to work to!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Music to commute to work to-Part 7, Descent into madness

It is Friday.
My recent descent into madness is close to being over.

I'm here at the main office in the main building in the main complex on the main campus of Poker and Miscellaneous Stuff LOL (I was asked about getting an LLC but an LOL is actually better....Limited amount Of Liability...which means no liability for ruptured eardrums and aversions to run-on sentences) I'll just call it P&MS LOL from now on. I am here as CEO and Chairman of the Board of P&MS LOL to tell my 10,000 plus employees that I have created a new product in our quest to take over the world. It is a flying car technology that you may have noticed on futuristic shows such as the Jetsons or the movie Blade Runner etc. There is one thing that fuels this car and it is green as green can be for all of you tree huggers and Gore-bots. I will demonstrate the technology for all employees RIGHT NOW! It runs on Heavy Metal...NO...not heavy metals like mercury and other toxic metals...Heavy Metal as in music. We will submit this technological wonder to the world soon after the 2010 mid-term elections. However, there are some people that can use the technology to retro-fit their current gas guzzling cars. ONLY employees of P&MS LOL will be able to use said technology to commute to work. The best thing about this technology is that it fits on any make, model, year, car you can find. From a 1920 Ford Model T to a 2010 GvtChevy Corvette. That's right! It attaches to the gas tank and/or the radio/8-track tape player/cassette/CD/MP3/MP4 player and anything else that plays music. There is one side effect of said retro-fit technology. It causes Road Rage in some employees....namely myself...this morning. Some moron almost hit me head-on this morning...then after I started to freak out I pressed the 'HEAVY FLOW' button and BEHOLD....I was flying. I forgot about my own technology! It may cause Road Rage because you have to listen to Heavy Metal at a very loud volume level. Who cares about road rage when you are flying though....GET IT! Let me demonstrate...I'll get me a nice heavy Nu METAL song and apply it to my custom retrofit heavy loader...which is attached to my 6 CD changer on my truck and Viola!

The 10,000 plus employees at P&MS *GASP*

Amplified Microphone attached to my truck (now flying and powered by the Metal):
"You see...I am reporting to you over the 20,000 acre campus right now....oh shit! I am running out of fuel...I forgot to load Part 7 of my Music-series....hold it folks"

"Ah....that is latest submission to Music to commute to work to...Part 7 that is"
"I will call this new technology......P&MSLOLHeavyFlowwithWings"

10,000 plus P&MS LOL employees *GASP*

Amplified Microphone attached to my truck (now flying and powered by the Metal): "Have a nice weekend people....and don't forget to keep it a secret until next year....."

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Music to commute to work to in the morning-Part 6, Haitian relief links

The following song just has that magic heaviness to it that will get you going in the morning. The latest entry of music to commute to work to-The Series

The devastation to your eardrums will be bad after listening to the music in my series. There is real devastation going on in Haiti...if you want to donate money. Go here and maybe your karma will at least be healed instead of your eardrums. We are lucky to live in a place where we are able to even think about donating money. Watching the devastation from afar is is a simple donation to the Red Cross.

Edit : Rush Poker could change the way people play online poker altogether. Try it on the following icon and deposit now if you like fishing.....

Play Online Poker
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Massachusetts Miracle, Music to commute to work to in the morning-Part 5

The article that I linked to in the Washington Times is the perfect description of what happened last night. As far as Massachusetts voters go it is unprecedented. It's been oh....40 years or so since the last Republican Senator representing the people of Massachusetts. Last night was the Scott/shot heard 'round the world. Talk Radio and TV pundits are about to be more entertaining than ever before. It's just priceless to see an UBER loony like Keith Olbermann lose his mind on live TV. If nothing else last nights election adds a little balance to the mix. The Democrats will be forced to scrap their plans to force anything without a bipartisan vote. Now that is change.

As C.E.O. of PokerandMiscellaneousStuff Inc. (P&MS Inc. LOL) and as representative of the 1,000 plus empoloyees I ask you to listen LOUD...and enjoy. I was commuting to the main office of the main building in the main complex of the main campus of PokerandMiscellaneousStuff Inc. today I listened to this (a fitting tribute to the Democrat party in MA) :

Cemetery Gates (embedding was disabled but this is the link goes to YouTube)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Music to commute to work to in the morning-Part 4, Massachusetts US Senate election

I know this may come as a shock to my fine readers but I would like them to 'Rage against the Democrat machine' and vote for Scott Brown for U.S. Senate. Please Massachusetts the right thing for once. It's been far too long since the Democratic party represented anything but corruption in Massachusetts. DO THE RIGHT THING!
Thank You!

Now it has been 4 days into my series and I have now presented 4 ways to kick your enjoy! For you old metal heads like myself...SO FAR...SO GOOD....SO WHAT!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Music to commute to work to in the morning-Part 3, Haitian relief links

Google put together a nice page for the Haitian relief effort. If you want to donate or get info. of any other sort go here :

I've just realized this is the 5Th anniversary of this here Poker(ahem!) and Miscellaneous Stuff blog. The people here at Poker and Miscellaneous Stuff are working hard to bring your eyes and ears plenty of entertainment and information about Poker (AHEM!) and Miscellaneous Stuff.

If you want an aural ass kicking while commuting to work for a 3rd business day in a row watch this :

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Music to commute to work to in the morning-Part 1

I've been having a bad run in poker lately...don't I always on FTP? Anyway since I'm not writing anything inspiring I'll just post some of my latest tunes that I'm listening to on my commute to work. Aggressive music has been my muse lately so I will post a series of songs that just plain kick ass. I am not one for religious symbolism in music......I just like the music. I guess the heavy stuff reflects my mindset. This song just absolutely kicks ass so enjoy....Oh and one more thing...I don't road rage while listening to this believe it or not!

Friday, January 08, 2010


Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! The WBCOOP is a free online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers, so register on WBCOOP to play.

Registration code: 814766

Thursday, January 07, 2010

DDonkeynysus strikes!!!

Well I'm back to normal in my Mookie blowups...but I decided to reclaim my buyin with a Button mashing Lottery clown 3.30$ buyin no less. I am DDonkeynysus....therefore I am!