Monday, November 26, 2007

I had a dream the other night.....

That my wife booked a flight to Vegas with a hotel room at the Imperial Palace..........................................................................................................

I woke up today and found out that it wasn't a is a reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm coming to Vegas for gamblage, drinkage, and meetage of bloggerage. I haven't been there since my bachelor party in May or '03.....that was just before the Poker World exploded. If anybody reads this and is going to the at the now defunct? WPBT winter classic? I went to the page and it looks to be hacked and hijacked into a mishmash of pornucopia. Please contact me........I went to Falstaff's blog and made a few tries at getting my name in the spreadsheet? Anybody know anything that could help me out would be appreciated. I'll be there myself and have never met anybody I've been playing against for 3 years! I have done some chat box stuff with some good people. Other than that I'm just another fat guy looking for some good drinks, and good people.

I went to the Bruins game on Friday with some old friends.....what a good time. I live in Wakefield, Mass. now and there is a commuter rail that goes right to the Boston Garden. My friend was up from Cape Cod for the Thanksgiving weekend and was staying at his Bros. house in Wakefield. We all met at the train station and 20 minutes later we are drinking beers at the bars surrounding the Garden. The B's won 2-1 and a good time was had by all. I'm really starting to like the town I'm in a lot more....nice suburb-y town with easy access to the city and other things associated with a big town. I got home later on in the night and started up the PC...when will I learn? I fired up a bunch of tourneys and busted out of all of them with more suckouts than anyone should suffer in a night. I'll spare everybody the details....All two of you.

So I decide to 'sweat' the alcohol out the next 32 degree weather. I decided to rake the lawn one last time before the winter. The yard isn't a big yard but enough to collect a shitload of leaves from the trees that are on the median strip of the sidewalk. I mean serious amounts of yellow maple leaves. So I bust my ass and rake these yellow leaves into piles in order to bag and dispose of. After realizing I didn't have enough bags I mosey on down to the local Home Depot.
"No sir...we're all out"
me: "Your kiddin' me right?
"No...we'll have more delivered on Tuesday"
me: "Tuesday? why wouldn't they order the shipment to come on the weekends when everybody is raking their yard?"
"I don't know...that's just poker....err..that's just the way it is"
me: "Did you just say 'that's just poker' or did I just think that?"
" just thought that..."
bad beat indeed....................then I go home to bag up as many of the leaves as I can...........

I'm on my last bag and I have a view of the front of my house from the side. I'm actually sweating in the 35 degree weather when I see a lady walking a yellow lab in appear from the front of the house. Just ahead of her is a big pile of leaves that I can't quite bag up because I might run out of bags. She can't see me bagging the leaves on the sidewalk beside the house...but I can see her and her dog. So I see her stop suddenly and then I see that her yellow lab is peeing on my neatly piled stack of yellow leaves! She lets him finish and then just keeps walking without so much as a thought. I mean...wouldn't you think that MAYBE somebody piled these leaves up to dispose of them....and MAYBE that person is currently in the yard...RIGHT NOW? She let the dog pee in the leave pile as if it was made for her little damn pooch. The pile of leaves was not on a sidewalk in the front as there is no sidewalk in the front of the house. It was also on the lawn beside the walkway to the front door.

me : "Hey.......did you just let your dog pee in the pile of leaves that I just raked? I asked in disbelief
bitch lady : Looks over at me like the cat that ate the canary...then sort of looks away and sticks her nose up in the air matter-of-factly and says "It was only a little pee!"
me "Oh yeah...that makes it OK....You have yourself a nice day" I said extremely sarcastically.
I'm thinking........Who the fuck does that? BITCH!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I say happy Turkey-Day....but the Turkey in this picture asked me to post one more picture for you donkeys............
HA! NEVER! Die Turkey! Get in my Belly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Down for the count but not for long....

Wow...I was sick this week. I came into work on Tuesday sneezing uncontrollably and decided to call it quits halfway through the day. I ended up on my back for the better part of 3 days. I sauced myself with a few over the counter meds. There was a warning on the news channels about a super bug or super cold that is actually killing people...yikes! I feel good today does my daughter. She brought the super cold home from daycare. As long as she doesn't get any ear infections I'm all set. There has been some scary nights where she had an ear infection and we had to spend the night in the emergency room....don't miss that! Last year I felt like I was sick for months at a time. It takes a toll on the family when two or more are sick...there is not much you can do. I dubbed last years bout with the cold 'Northeast disease' and it seems like an apt description. I only got out of bed for the 'Mookie', the 'Bodog Blogger Tourney'-took 5th for 109.00 in tournament cash, and the 'Riverchasers' on Thursday. I haven't done anything in the BBToo to write about yet...but it could be worse. I have to say it was a little weird playing those tourneys with no beer at all....maybe my body is trying to tell me something! I just might enter the writing contest for FullTilt. I certainly haven't been able to play my way in let alone a good score at a final table. I did make some progress in the last couple of night though. I won tier II token in the 14+1 NL turbo token race on the first try for 'The Big Game' on Sunday and another 26$ Token for 'M.A.T.H.' on watch out biotches!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

0 for 2 in Sunday Big Buy-ins

I took second in the Bodog Blogger Tourney. Good for 60.00 plus 109.00 in Bodog tourney credits...basically 169.00 bucks. So I used the 109.00 in tourney credits for the 100K guar. on Bodog. I really didn't have anything great in this tournament. I think I ended up in 230th or something...
David Williams was at my table and had a big stack ..there was some funny commentary about him being who he is. I guess some kid was starstruck. I saw MiamiDon and J.D. Schellnut playing as well.

I won a seat into the 50.00 satellite for FTOPS #7 last week as well...and I ended winning my way in.......warning bad beat story coming up.....don't read any further if you don't want to hear it.......... its always interesting to see some pros at the pros that is......I finally got a hand worth playing after a while...I doubled on this one......Goofy avatar dude at the table.....I was mostly testing out this new screen shot application...its a free download called Gadwin PrintScreen 4.3...and it's goot! Gettin' some with the Aces...........I doubled up again with the K's. Some guy had Kc-Qc and put me all in.......This situation seems to come up fairly often...I tried to steal the pot with a gut shot but the guy wasn't buying it and he raised it up...I folded.....J's....I ended up pushing into a couple of fairly bit stacks...they folded....Here is my worst nightmare.....somebody goes all in early position..but I've seen him push with 9-3o and win....I've seen him push with 3 junk hands and win....
There are no more pictures....because he had A-Jo and I knew I had him dominated.....of course the J fell on the river....this fucking sucked ass. There was about 1800 left and this was the perfect situation to double up...I had him covered by 300. After my latest bad beat in a major (I only get to play in these a couple of time a year) I just sat there dejected. It's a good thing that my daughter was watching TV next to me on the couch. I just had to remain calm and accept the fact that this happens. A couple of years ago I would have lost my mind and would talk about it for weeks. Can't do that wife has no patience for bad beat stories and neither does anybody else. I'm posting it anyway.....I'm blowing off the steam. Well tomorrow is another day and my daughter has a calming effect on me. That is two things I do know.....
I won't be playing M.A.T.H. tomorrow but I will be reloading some cake into the bad beat machine and banging my head against the wall on Wednesday for the Mookie. See you then.....or at the Bodog Blogger tourney on Tuesday.....

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I got the chips in with A-6o against A-2o.....and lost. An ace on the flop and a 2 on the river of course. I can't believe that more people aren't in this tourney. There are a ton of great payouts and they get even better with more people. Details on Smokkee's blog and the Bodog banner on the right......

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mookie, Dookie, and Spookie

The axis of evil! The Triumvirate of Terror! 3 Strikes yeeeeeer out! Out of exactly $19.50 that is...

Mauled in the 'Mookie'
Disembowled in the 'Dookie'
Splattered in the 'Spookie'

Ahh....another terrifying Halloween in the books!