Monday, March 11, 2013

'The Two'

It's actually The 'Who'....but who cares. I call them 'The Two' for obvious reasons. Me and a buddy of mine went to the Providence Civic Center AKA the 'Dunkin Donuts' center a couple of weeks ago. These guys still put on one hell of a show. Besides the fact that they can project the old footage of 'Quadrophenia' they can also project the Keith Moon and John Entwistle footage and jam along with them post mortem. I've seen them 5 times now....once for the 'Tommy' tour in the early 90's and twice for the 'Quadrophenia' tour. They are so great and the band they have filling in is incredible as well. Zach Starki (Ringo Starr's son) is an incredible drummer...and Simon Townsend is a great guitarist in his own right. They have to be to fill out the sound of the Who. Pino Palladino does his best John Entwistle impression....those are big shoes he's filling. I haven't been to the downtown area in Providence R.I. since the late 80's. I think I saw a hair band or two the last time I was there. 'Quadrophenia' is an underrated album of course. That's why Pete Townsend wants some recognition for it. It deserves recognition of course...but sadly it will never equal the success of 'Tommy'. With Pete and Roger Daltrey approaching 70...this will likely be the last time we see the Who. Pics because it happened...yes the pics are not exactly good. They are from an Apple iPhone 3GS which puts me in ancient apple time and camera pixelation. By the way...people who had tickets 35 years ago were welcome for free since that concert was cancelled due to the riot/trampling tragedy in Philadelphia I believe.