Friday, October 28, 2005

Empire Poker

I was away on a vacation weekend with my wife and daughter in North Conway, NH not too long ago. I being an online addict, brought my laptop and a dial-up internet service with us. My wife glances a skeptical glance at me.......
Wife : "online poker after we go to sleep?"
Me : "It's for checking and changing the fantasy sports league settings...Of course!"
Wife : "uh-huh...So you're not going to play poker?..I mean I don't care if you do but..."
Me : "You two will be sleeping anyway so....."
Wife : "Make sure you can get up at a semi-normal hour tomorrow...ya know like 10:00AM!"
Me : "OK..OK...I will be playing internet poker but I won't drink too many beers....(blatant lie)"
I proceed to kill a bud-light twelve pack during a marathon session of Empire Poker. I did notice that the player count went from about 18,000 on a busy night to an average of about 9,000 active players...that PartyPoker split has hit them hard. I think a lot of the players left are not necessarily good....'Donkeys' if you will. I was killing the NL-PL sit'n'go's...five straight...5.00+1.00 buy-in tables...5,3,1,1,1,...three straight first place sit'n'go's...I have to go for four right? It was about 2:00AM and I had to keep this going...the sixth had to go about 1.5 hours...3:30AM...drunk...come in 3rd...what a night! These Empire Sit'n'go's are soft!! I of course get up at 11:00AM the next day. It was pouring out all weekend (Veterans Day Weekend).

Last weekend I had to miss the PokerStars Blogger comment...I did however get knocked out at about 645th or something close to that.....the folding phantom...I ended up beating more than half the field?!! It just occured to me that I have a terrible problem with run-on sentences...I've had that problem my whole life!! Fuck it! it's a blog...

Well the Sox did win the world series!...oh sorry wrong sox..but I'm glad for them. 1917 is a lot of years to listen to the 'holier than thou' Cub fans...1908...that just doesn't look right. There was probably a lot of Bi-Sox-sual fans here in Boston this year...the parallels were kind of freaky for both teams. But the Cubs are the only 'Cursed' team left...what's up with the stupid 'Billy-Goat' curse anyway..can't think of anything better? I would however like to get to Wrigley Field sometime in my life...I hear it's like going to Fenway Park but much different...whatever that means.

more blogs that I've added to my daily reads :

Fish Soup : Soxlover...Boston boy? goes through his Poker adventures.
Doubleas : Doubleas....More analytical yet humorous poker stuff.
The Obituarium : Joe Speaker...What more can I say that he hasn't already said!

All good stuff from these guys...


Monday, October 24, 2005

I'm going to make everybody sick!!!

First I am going to bring home a contagious cold from Daycare! Then I'm going to give it to both mommy and daddy!! Then a week later I am going to get Conjunctivitis.....and also give that to mommy and daddy!! HEEHEEHEEEEE!! My plan has worked so far...oh yeah and I'm also starting the teething process...therefore I will start screaming for no apparent reason. But look how cute I am!! No one will suspect me and even if they did what can they do about it...HEHEHEEEE!! It's the perfect plan...I am going to have to thank my baby buddy Stewie from "the Family Guy" He has coached me to be the cutest little villain-girl yet! Supposedly daddy is going to play poker at Foxwoods on his birthday this Sunday....hmmmm...maybe I'll let him go without a guilty conscience this time...but only this time! I hope he wins a lot so he can buy me that new hat that covers up my little bald head.

I got this idea from Chilly at IDSN..I give him credit because I don't want him to sit on me!Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What makes a good poker blog?

Things that make a good poker blog ( this has already been done before but hey..nobody said I was the most creative dude in the world) :
1. Total recall...or a good memory so you can document your Poker experiences good or bad. If you can't memorize it write it down! ((People who read blogs will probably be interested in the details).
2. Be honest with your opinions and stories (anybody could lie about something but it doesn't do you any good to lie to yourself).
3. Have an opinion! After all it is your blog!
4. Have a sense of Humor! (This may well be the most important thing about a poker blog or blog in general).
5. Always give credit for your references to people or other blogs (my whole blog is basically due to other blogs I read often).
7. Open yourself to criticism and be open to suggestion whether it be a strategy or opinion. This goes for Poker and life in general...if you don't know what's wrong you can't fix it!

ahhhhh...fuck it...I can't pretend to do this...I guess I'm not going to win a fleece from PokerStars because my list of things that make a great poker blog are like stating the obvious...go read this by Joe Speaker. I cannot and will not even try to top this one! While you're at it...check out the rest of the blogs under my "The Daily Reads" list and you will come to your own conclusion as to what makes a great poker blog!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Heading to Foxwoods....

30th of October for my 35th wife and cute little 5.25 month old daughter are great enough to "OK" my quest for Poker greatness and bonding with my high-school buddies (whoever shows up) Happy friggin' birthday to me!!!!! I will probably have a trip report if I can remember details......

Friday, October 07, 2005

Great Reads and Musical Tells!

If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man,You win some, lose some, all the same to me,The pleasure is to play, makes no difference what you say,I don't share your greed, the only card I need isThe Ace Of Spades
-Lemmy Kilminster…Motorhead

This Blog and other miscellany:

I read a few Blogs everyday. they are posted as “The Best Poker Blogs” I’m positive that I will add more in the future but the current Blogs have something extra…I can relate to them in a big way. I have no idea why I do this (Blog) and I have no idea why anybody else would want to read it but therein lies the beauty of the internet. Post it and they will come! Well..Uh…maybe not but who gives a flying fuck. (BTW I don’t personally know any of the following people..but they impress me in different ways).

GuinnessandPoker – Iggy and his Uber-Posts are a must read…a propensity for Internet Poker and all things weird and humorous.
Tao Of Poker - The prolific writer that is Dr. Pauly…..Carving out a new profession and having fun doing it! (Hunter S. Thompson would be proud).
Lasvegasvegas – The Poker Prof …If there was ever a blog that makes you feel as if you were actually in Vegas. This is it!
ISDN – Chilly…I can relate to his a new parent kind of way. He is one funny bastard too.
Bill’s Poker Blog - Bill Rini…His analytical yet humorous way of looking at Poker is better than most.
DeadMoney=SirAlCantHang – wrapped up in one fucked up package…Hilarious!

Well that about covers the blogs that I read I said before I’m sure there are a thousand others that I will eventually get to but I can’t read ‘em all…after all I am writing this at work and I am severely unproductive on this Friday afternoon.

On another subject…I was rifling through my old CD’s and decided to pack up the CD carrier for my Hellish commute to work. It’s actually hellish to and from work so I need some music (although lately I’ve been addicted to Sports-talk/political-talk radio lately). I have been know to like all forms of music although my favorite “type” of music is guitar-based. The only phase of music I didn’t go through is the whole pop/dance/trance crap that just turns me off. So before I go on a tangent I can’t get off of I found “Live at Leeds”-Remastered by ‘The Who’. I played it in the car and had my latest musical religious experience….I challenge anybody to come up with a better "Live" recording that captures a band in its prime. I’m not kidding…especially when tracks 10 and 11 are played at a loud volume. “Amazing Journey/Sparks” is a musical journey that only Keith Moon (the best natural drummer ever), Pete Townsend (one of the greatest rhythm-guitarist and lyric writers in rock history), John Entwistle (the best rock bassist ever), and Roger Daltrey (One of Rocks greatest singers) could take you on. I “Can’t explain” (haha)…how good it actually is but it has got to be the perfect arena rock recording. They also breathe life into their poppy-er recordings like “Happy Jack” and “Substitute”.

I also have to mention Randy Rhoads on “Blizzard of Ozz” and “Diary Of a Madman”..Two of the greatest guitar solos of all time were recorded by him in my opinion. “Over the Mountain” sounds like an electric orgasm if there ever was one. It’s so manic yet controlled I can’t believe it whenever I hear it. The other solo is on “Revelation Mother Earth”…this solo is so dramatic and tells a story within the least that’s what I hear when I listen to it. They both should have been extremely high on this list of the 100 greatest guitar solos…

I just realized that I’ve been reading/posting poker blogs for a couple of hours..WTF….see you on EmpirePoker !