Sunday, September 30, 2007

Funny Bodog chat.......

This was a ten player Sit'n'go..........

Skappy: dam u aint neva gonna leave
PokahDave: I keep trying....but he keeps hitting
Skappy: ye i tried once too
Skappy: all good
camaroz28adam: what the **** is wrong wit u , u stupid ****er
Skappy: whoaaa whoz that too ?
Skappy: yo u tlakin to me ?
PokahDave: he thinks we're picking on him
Skappy: lol so hes ****in low stack
camaroz28adam: pokah dave
PokahDave: yes
Skappy: hah byeeee *****hh
[camaroz28adam]: hah ur a dumb ****er good call retard
Skappy: u suck at poker nice all dumass
PokahDave: still trying to figure out why he folded when I called the SB
[camaroz28adam]: ok i was committed dumb ass
Skappy: u still ****in suck
[camaroz28adam]: u call wit good cards
[camaroz28adam]: lol
Skappy: i called with a ****in Q 3
PokahDave: I just called so all you had to do was check....
[camaroz28adam]: your good at internet poker real life u suck
Skappy: right im sure uve seen me real life
[camaroz28adam]: no u called cuz u dont know how to play .lol
Skappy: if i dint no how to play why the **** am i chip stack
[camaroz28adam]: no but retards get lucky in internet poker, its all one big lucky game, if you play in real life
PokahDave: you folded instead of checking ....that means you don't know how to play
Skappy: and since u no how to play why the **** r u out ?
[camaroz28adam]: and call wit garbage like that you would get owned
PokahDave: lol
[camaroz28adam]: when did i fold instead of checking.
[camaroz28adam]: lol
[camaroz28adam]: retards
Skappy: lol why u still talkin u mad cuz i took ur money
[camaroz28adam]: bye retards
PokahDave: later ***********
[camaroz28adam]: get a girlfriend or in your case prolly boyfriends
Skappy: bye dumass
PokahDave: douc he ba g
[camaroz28adam]: you can suck each other . lol
Skappy: i got urs
Skappy: *****HHH
[camaroz28adam]: lol
[camaroz28adam]: u guys can be gay together
Skappy: u can lear how to play poker
[camaroz28adam]: right?
[camaroz28adam]: lol
[camaroz28adam]: suck each other off , pull his pants down and ****
Skappy: dude leave u gay as ****
Skappy: u jus mad cuz ur sorry ass lost

Friday, September 28, 2007

The legend grows....

I can't be there to play but you should. The man, The myth, The legend continues to destroy your liver and your bankroll :

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

Lighten up people.....lighten up!!!!!

"Mindful of the Virginia Tech massacre that killed 32 people in April, administrators ordered a swift shutdown of the Delaware State campus. They directed students to stay in their dorms, posted notices on buildings and the school Web site, and lowered gates while police searched for the gunman.

Investigators talked Friday with two people they described as persons of interest. Neither was labeled a suspect and they were later released.

Some students have said the shootings stemmed from a rivalry between students from Washington and New Jersey, although university police have said the investigation has not led them to believe there was a "turf battle." Other students have said a dispute arose following a card game.

Classes resumed Monday without incident".
-Associated Press

Over a card game? Jeezuz Balls...what's up with people lately???????

People need to seriously lighten up.....maybe celebrate Oktoberfest or something...................

My late grandfathers favorite holiday!

Friday, September 21, 2007

End of Summer lament

Why must they do this every fucking year? C'mon just win the division for once.....Damn you Roger Clemens. The only curse this team suffers from is can'tgetridof1978ITIS.

Moving on.......Thank you Patriots.....Thank you.

I actually started to play a little poker Absolute Poker that is. The Sit'n'Go's seem to be pretty soft. I finished 4th out of 472 in a two dollar donkfest. Not too bad for this low limit donkey. I'm not sure how much I can actually play....I have verizon FIOS in my house now and I can't play poker like I WANT to....I have to grind out the low limit stuff. It just seems like such a waste of time to play for 4 hours and get 4th place for 50 bucks. I may just have to jump on in to the FantasySportsLive thing.....I loves me some fantasy sports....why didn't anybody think of this shit last year. Last year I had some cash to blow on gambling......

Monday, September 10, 2007

Almost done with Real Estate

It's the end of the summer. I haven't played more than a couple low buy-in donk-fests lately. This is mostly due to the fact that I moved into a new house...with no Internet connection. I can actually get a connection from some yokels wireless router...the connection seems to be better at night....late at night. I bought a new house and sold my vacation condo./investment property. I still need to sell my old house (grandfather's old house in Lawrence, MA...I bought it in 2002). So I'm 2/3Rd's done with my RE month from hell. I have never known stress like this...or have met so many stupid people (Real Estate Donkeys) in such a short time.


Not only am I buying a new house and selling an old house and a condo in NH.....I am doing this at the worst time of year to sell Real Estate. Not only am I doing all of this at the worst time of the is the worst time of year of THE WORST YEAR IN 20 YEARS to buy and sell all of these properties. I'm not taking a loss in any of the properties yet....but the stress is kind of a drag. I'm also working full time and my wife just started a new teaching job the day after Labor Day. My daughter just started at a new daycare too!! The more I write down here the more crazy I think I must be. I just got caught up in the shit-storm that is RE buying and selling. I'll tell you that I am much more happy to live in a town that reminds my wife and I of towns that we grew up in. I can actually feel safe going to sleep at night for the first time in five years. My priorities have certainly changed since the arrival of my daughter. We had to get out of Lawrence and find a town to live and raise our daughter in. Wakefield seems to be a great fit. I've been packing up all my wife's stuff..and my daughter's stuff. It seems endless....I'm going to have to throw some shit out. I have to let go of my Guitar magazines with probably 20,000 songs transcribed in tablature. That's how I learned how to play guitar...number on lines....endless hours of practice reading numbers on lines.

I'm going to have to face up to the fact that my online poker days are going to be very limited. Small buy-in tourneys is all this kid can afford....small buy-ins. Playing poker online is and has been like learning to play guitar by tablature. Lots of practice...with some satisfactory results once in a while. They mostly consist of making a final table here and there. Or chatting with some fellow online Julius_Goat. He actually go me to fire up the old Yahoo Chat (I haven't used it for like 8 years...I used to get so annoyed with it at work). It's actually a pretty cool thing to rail while somebody is going pretty deep in the 28k. I think Goat witnessed some of my most awful beats. Not only is Goat one hell of a player...he cracks my up with his blog. He also seems to be a genuinely nice person. The guy that handed me a wicked pissa beat in the 28K made me think of a new profile for the Goats list......THE THREE OUT LOUT.....or THREE OUT KRAUT. I don't is food for thought. I will have Verizon Fios installed in my house next week....I just my have to get back to the grind....the low-limit grind that is.........