Saturday, July 09, 2005


This is an interesting one.....So I was playing the NL Hold'em Tourney at a castle (to raise money for the Castle foundation) in Haverhill,'s rainy and ominous outside on a summer Friday night. The tourney was setup for about 100 players...prizes are buy-ins to various tourneys at Foxwoods for the World Poker Finals. I'm playing pretty tight for most of the tourney and soon the action is down to 30.....then down to 20 and I have a short-stack. Sitting at my table is none other than Sully Erna (lead singer of the band Godsmack)...he still lives in this area and he grew up in Lawrence/Haverhill, MA area....I don't really know if anybody else noticed to tell the truth..he was there with a couple of friends...they could have been in his band but I wouldn't recognize anybody else but the guitarist Tony Rombola. I figured I needed some chips so I took a chance on an all-in with 9-5d and because the table is generally tight nobody calls. Anyway he is soon all-in with an ace against some other player with a short-stack..he rivers an ace to stay alive. His stack is probably about 9,000 chips.... a couple of hands later I limp in in middle position with 9's. I know somebody is going all-in so I was planning on going all-in anyway...this would put me in good position to go to the final table with possibly 14,000 chips if I could go heads up with somebody. The top 5 places pay buy-ins to tourneys so it's time to get some chips and this was the right hand. Everybody else folds and Sully Erna goes all-in...I call with what I have left (limped in with 2,000 and called all-in with the rest of my 5,500 chips. He shows Ah-10s. Race time! the flop shows 8s-Qc-7d all different far so good....the turn is 9 and I get my far so very good...The River a goddamn 6c...Sully says "hey...a 6...I got a straight!! Yeeahhhhhhhh!!!....So What!! I couldn't believe it...I'm thinking that the lead singer of Godsmack is the king of the suckout....anyway I was stunned and he was happy...I collected myself and shook his hand and said I was a big fan of his band Godsmack. He is a really down to earth cool dude but that was a real bad beat......I left in disgust and don't know who won...but if his luck is any indicator it was probably him.

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