Monday, September 19, 2005

Baby Sitting...

Not too sure if this going to work but we’ll see………..

Using ‘Blogger for Word’…seems like a pretty cool plug-in for Microsoft Word. Anyway, lately I’ve been building my bankroll back up to semi-respectable level through PokerStars…mostly on the low-limit NL tables. I think I’ll just have to accept my low-limit level for a while. I used to make my money on the low limit tables and then blow it on the MTT’s. Sit’N’Go’s are usually profitable but those damned MTT’s are so tempting. I do like the low buy-in MTT’s for HE, OHi/Lo8, and the other games. I placed 27th out of 2,450 last week. It took 3 hours and monetarily was not worth it but the experience at a newer game is invaluable. I’m starting to really like the Hi/Lo games now…it’s good to round out your Poker skills anyway.

On a different note the wives wanted a night out from the kids. Even though ours is 4.5 months old she does deserve her nights out with the girls. We went to my buddies house and me and two of my best high-school buddies were there baby-sitting the kids while the wives went to get a good buzz. There were four kids there and the house was complete chaos!! My hopes of getting a quick card game were dashed after the first 3 hours of kids running around in a circle ‘Hepped up on Goofballs’. We were just happy when the wives came home so we could go to my buddy’s basement and start drinking beers heavily. Not that we weren’t before they came home but…..this all has premeditated motives involved here…

My buddy was asking why I was so quick to baby-sit….I simply stated…Foxwoods…Mohegan Sun!

We’re going to get a trip together really soon and ah…ya know my birthday is coming up at the end of October so I’m going to Foxwoods to try a few limit poker tables and a satellite or two for the World Poker Finals.  Smart huh? Not that I don’t love to hang with my daughter but when the wife is happy….EVERYBODY IS HAPPY!!!

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