Thursday, September 29, 2005

Poker Bonus/Bonus Whoring

Online Poker Bonus!

I have to admit that the bonuses on EmpirePoker and PartyPoker are much easier to obtain then say..PokerStars. Getting the PokerStars bonus was like pulling teeth..I got the last bonus during the WCOOP. I must’ve played 500 damn hands! I didn’t really count but it took a about 4 hours of constant play. The bonus was ridiculous…20%...crap. The new EmpirePoker bonus was 50%!!! It took 250 hands to get and at least half were folded hands. I have been killing the 25NL tables on Empire lately though…I got tired of the big tourneys so I figure I’ll build my bankroll again by sticking to the ring games. It’s still so tempting to go to those big tourneys where the buy-in is 6-11 bucks…

The way I figure this whole tourney to ring game/site comparison is that the ring games are much easier on Party/Empire and the tourneys are better on Stars/UB/Paradise ….just my take after playing online for a year and a half.

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