Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My list of the biggest Assholes of the last 6 months

This post doesn't have much to do with poker.....But I was thinking of doing a list of the biggest Assholes of 2005. I think that the last 6 months as a time period will do. Why am I doing this? I watch the news....I read the news....I search the internet...I listen to talk radio all day and all night long. I do have a job but the internet and radio are always on. I fall to sleep at night with CNN on in the bedroom. I listen to talk radio on my long commute to and from work. I need to get this off my chest before I beat the shit out of some smarmy-holier-than-thou prick that cuts me off in traffic with his freshly polished BMW. Wait a minute...I'm veering off on a tangent...Back to the topic at hand.

The List :

1. Ray Nagin
The Mayor of Nawlins
1a. Kathleen Blanco
The Governor of Louisiana
2. Mike Brown
The Head of FEMA at the time of hurricane Katrina
3. Ted Kennedy
Senator of Massachusetts
4. Neil Entwistle
The alleged killer of wife and baby
5. Al Gore
Total Dumbass...And I am ashamed to admit I actually voted for him in 2000....There it's off my chest...
6. Hollywood Scientologists
7. Religious Radicals
OK...Terrorists...Domestic and international
8. Bleeding-heart liberals
I live in the cradle of the Bleeding-heart liberal..AKA Massachusetts...Lucky me...

That's my list...I feel much better now... If I missed any other Big, Brown, Festering Assholes on my list then feel free to add-on.

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