Monday, March 13, 2006

Omahcidal Maniacs and the WPBT!!!

That was good time last night….I finished 9th with a bang. Technically I didn’t see the final table but ‘voodoopoker’ and I got knocked out at the same time so I must’ve had more chips. The chip leader ‘lucko21’ sat to my right and I had him beat after he called my all-in….(I had K-K-x-x)…that was until the river. I think he may have rivered me with an Omahammer. I forgot to get a screen shot of the carnage but it was late on the East Coast and I needed to get some sleep. Congrats to the final table folks…and kudos to ‘Biggestron’ or ‘Byron’ for setting up the whole thing. I was getting crushed by ‘Chops’ so I decided to stay away…he picked up on my bluffs and put me all-in. I made a couple of good laydowns that probably got me to the 9th place but I wasn’t exactly being timid. I went all-in with the best hand and the best draw as far as I could tell….twice near the bubble. I drew out a couple of big pots. I didn’t commit “Omahcide” even though I did put my chips at risk. It would have been cool to get onto the final table for more than a millisecond but I’ll take it. I’ve been reading lately for some of their strategy articles and this one came in handy recently when I wanted to check into Pot-limit Omaha. I think I got the idea to check from reading DoubleAs blog. Anyway I had a ton o fun and I am looking forward to the WPBT POY race.

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