Wednesday, September 20, 2006

In the Heart of the Evil Empire!

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This was my view at the RedSox-Yankees game on Saturday the 16th. It was supposed to be an important game with playoff implications but.... They won anyway and Ching-Ming Wang is their bitch. I had a great time and it was a great gift from my wife for a future birthday present. I am much more thankful for the Patriots this year than any other. More on NYC later when other photos are developed...

The NL bar league finally ended and although I didn't reach the top ten I did finish +195.00 after the 15 tourneys at 40.00 per. I cashed in 5 of 15 and went to the final table in 6 of not too bad overall. The top ten get some big prizes in a final STT. I'll have to try it again sometime but not on Thursday wife is going back to school for the fall. I could however do the Monday night league at the same bar...something for me to think about. I actually have a choice of card rooms to go to now in my area. Before this year there was Online poker and Foxwoods. Now I have the choice of joining a private club (there are so many that I never new about) or I can go to a Dog track or Horse Track in New Hampshire. There is also the local bar that I go to that I cannot name. So many little bankroll!!
I already have a 100.00 buy-in to the Sons of Italy NL tournament on Friday night...if I win that one I will take 535.00 and enter the Foxwoods World Poker Finals for at least one event. Top prize could be 4K.

I played in the WPBT NL tourney on Sunday after a long weekend in NYC. there were only 21 entries. I was short stacked at the final table and had K's but got knocked out by Someone who thought I was stealing the blinds...he had A-K and caught the A. I think I went out a couple of points for the WPBT race. I'm looking forward to the other upcoming tourneys like Omaha and Razz.

I have been playing and winning a lot of cash on those 4.40 180-player Sit'n'gos on PokerStars in the past month. The problem is that I can't play them on a weeknight because the running time goes 3+ hours when you get deep. In the six that I entered in Mid-Aug. to Mid-Sept. I spent 26.40 (4.40X6) and cashed a whopping +477.60. One first place and two second place finishes.

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