Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Hope this year will be better than last for Poker profits. I can't really start a bankroll of any notable size. I want play more cash games but MTT's are a passion for me. Small cashes here and there in tournies but no final tables lately. The last final table I was about to get on in a PStars MTT was foiled by a bad laptop PC power connection. The damn thing died with 14 left and I was 5th in chips. I bought a new laptop with a wide-screen...good stuff. That is the first step for my goals in 2007.

1. Cash in a Sunday Major....came close but no cigar in '05.
2. Win a blogger tourney....came close but no cigar in '06.
3. Win another live tournament in a charity or bar setting for 1,000.00 plus. (This goal has been attained in years past but not for more than 550.00).
4. Play in the Foxwoods Poker Finals during the Spring....probably a 600.00 NL tourney.
5. Start and maintain a bankroll for Poker only!
6. Go to Vegas and try a WSOP qualifier.
7. Meet other bloggers at WPBT summer classic.

Other than that I hope everybody has an awesome 2007!!!!!!

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