Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Good to go-GiftToGo

or.....is it GiftToGo? Yeah, thats it.....I caved and got a GiftToGo Visa card and deposited....50 to Stars and 50 to FTP. I won my 26.00 token on the first 6.60/18 two table Tourney. I think that I should play more of these for other tourneys such as the 35K nightly. I just realized that this blog is more than two years old! More than two years of meaningless drivel about Poker and Miscellaneous Stuff......but I'm not tired of it. If anything it lets me get stuff off my mind. Like Barbaro for instance....WTF is it with this story that captivates the press? It's a fucking race-horse....it happens all the time...it's not a famous person. For the love of all that is good and holy.....the fucking horse is dead OK! Speaking of H.O.R.S.E.s.....I played a 1.00 buy-in on PStars last night and came in 17th for a whopping $2.69....woohoo!....It was fun but what a waste of 4 hours....4 fucking hours! It was good practice so not a 100% waste.

WPBT First Event....I had a good run toward the final table but I pushed 7,500 from the SB with As-5s into jhazen. He had me covered in the BB and held A-Ko. He of course made the right call and sent me to the rail in 11th. I figured I had the best hand but then again pushing from the SB seems to be an automatic call for anybody in the BB as it looks like a blatant steal. I remember reading a poker book that goes into the probability of good hands in the blinds when everybody else folds. I forget which book it was....hmmmmmmmmmm....maybe it was an article I don't know. Whatever the theory is it came true....but I needed chips. I do believe that I sucked out with pocket J's to an over pair before that. I rivered a straight to the J's and doubled-up right after the second break. I also lost half my stack when the same player sucked out on me. In my mind the push with As-5s was the right move at the right time but it turned out to be the wrong time. Reminds me of a line from a song. "Must've been the right place....but the wrong time"! I forget the name of that song to......man I'm on a roll.

I'm starting to like Full Tilt a lot more now. I've been on PStars for a couple of years and have taken some horrid beats lately....but so has anybody and everybody. I will however be haunting the WWdN tonight....if I can successfully get my angelic daughter to go to bed on time.

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