Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bad Storm=Bad Commute=Road Rage Dave

It wasn't the 8-10 inches of wasn't the inch of solid ice on top of said wasn't my daughter being sick with a was my damn commute to work. You would think that this

would be enough to take a day-off from work. But no, I live far away from work unlike most of the the office grinders here. I left yesterday from work at 4:30....early for took a good two hours to get home (thank god for my 4-wheel drive XTerra....if it burns a few gallons of gas then so be's been the best purchase EVER!). I get up this morning and luckily my wife's work cancelled (public school) so she stayed home with my daughter....who is sick with a cold. That gives me at least some comfort...but I didn't realize what I was in for this morning on my way to work. A new low for me....a 2.5 hour commute to work. Then I get to within a few miles from work and every snow plow and geriatricdriverwhowheresahatanddoesn'tusesoundjudgementanymorebuthastobeouttogotothelocalDunkinDonutstomeetwiththereothergeriatricfriendssotheycanbitchabouthelatestbodypartthataches........ decides to get in front of me. At this point it's unhealthy to be in front of Dave after a 2.5 hour hell ride. If it wasn't for the 6 CD changer that I have in my XTerra and the soothing sounds of TheWho, TheDoors, The Allman Brothers, and various Classic Rock I just may have done something stupid....well I guess I have....I kept my commute to a job I don't like anymore....or haven't liked since 2004. That my friends is a recipe for a disaster of mythic proportions. They say that an adult changes his career/occupation many times during their life. I wonder if a day like today is the catalyst that makes me finally change mine....

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