Saturday, February 10, 2007


is dead.....Anna Nicole is dead.....who's next? Phyllis Diller? They say that death comes in threes. I'm not in any dead pool but Paula Abdul might be a good bet in the future. Just kiddin'....don't want to sound morbid or anything. I made a final table on a non-satellite or 180 player Multi! It was only a $2 rebuy on Full Tilt....but hey....I'll take what I can get. I went out 4th for $114.00 or something like that. After the beatings I've been taking at PokerStars it's actually a good payday for me. I tried a last minute 26 token entry STT for last nights FTOPS but that didn't go so well. I'm liking those $6.60 18 player tournaments for the 24+2 tokens. I got my entry to the last WPBT tourney through that as well. I will get a few more chances with last nights tourney cash. One thing I have noticed is the tournaments on PokerStars have been getting tougher. The number are down for players as well....down to about 90,000 instead of 100,000 plus. I'm starting to take more notes on players....I never really did that before. I think it does help quite a bit if you play the same tourneys often. I would really like to place in an FTOPS tourney.....I think that will be my goal this week.....well....I do have to qualify for an entry first! One tournament I do play often is the WWdN: Invitational...last Tuesday I placed 3rd for the second time in a month or so. Not too bad. I'm looking forward to the PLO tourney for the WPBT but I was hoping for PLO Hi/Lo. Those $5.00-$5.50 MTT's on PokerStars and Full Tilt are great. Good practice for some of the bigger buy-in tourneys. I'm not satisfied with NL Hold'em tourneys only.....ya have to mix it up. I didn't 'do so well on the 'Hammer-Day' tourney. I think Lucko slapped me out with his pocket J's....I had A-Qo. I figured he had either 10's or J's so I took a chance on the two overs to no avail.

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