Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend tournaments

Had a pretty good weekend.....except in the WPBT PLOmahaaaawwwwwwww. I'm a Donkey at PLO (and probably most games if you ask anybody I've played against) as evidence I submit the following hand. I had Ax-7x-9x-Xx....the flop was Ax-7x-Xx-Xx....then a 7x on the turn. Then I committed the cardinal sin of PLO....I bet the Pot on the non-nut full house. I was called with the full house of course...Aces full of sevens. I was short stacked for the rest of the tourney. My fate was sealed when I pushed with the short stack and my Qx-Qx-Xx-Xx. I was called by Schaubs who had Jx-Jx-Kx-10x. He had all four cards working together and caught a J anyway. I'm such a Donkey! I've been mixing in some Sit'n'go's again with the MTT's. I think its time to start up my STT cycle (build bankroll by using STT's for lack of a better description) again. I'm just a sucker for those 5.00-26.00 dollar MTT's. I've played a few lately and cashed because of the 26.00 tournament tokens that I won by playing those 18 player Sit'n'Go's. I'm probably going to scale back the MTT's to blogger type events. I mean....there is one every night of the week now! There may be a possibility of my going to L.V. for the WPBT summer event. My close friends don't play poker like I I would have to go solo. Still a good possibility though.
A weird thing happened last week. I let my cat 'Bruin' out the front door on Monday the 19Th. It was one of those 30 degree plus nights. It's not unusual for him to disappear for the night and show up the next morning. He showed up on Friday the 23rd! There were some sub-zero nights there. How the F did he survive for 4 nights and 5 days of freezing whether.......That's one tough Pussy!!

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