Saturday, March 31, 2007

DailyDouble for DDionysus...AKA DoubleDave

The Daily Double tourneys are a good deal. Although I didn't cash (knocked out by Aces in one and Kings in the other). Even though my name is 'DDionysus' on Full Tilt I had a guy by the name of 'doubledave22' seated to the right of me for a good 2 hours. 'DoubleDave' is my PokerStars name....weird. Didn't do anything this week for blogger tourneys either. The 'WWdN: NLHE weekly' and the 'Mookie'.....the 'Mookie' is a hard one to cash in let alone win. I just might do this in the coming weeks. The 'Battle of the Blogger Tournaments' sound like a lot of fun with some cool potential prizes. I'm looking forward to one of those WSOP qualifiers that seems to come up every year also. I will be trying to qualify for some big Sunday tourney tonight...probably on PokerStars. Until then have a great weekend.....

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