Thursday, May 31, 2007

Crazy Mookie tourney

I was at one point in last place with 600 in chips. I battled and bluffed. If I accomplish one thing besides covering myself with money finishes in the BBT.....I hope it is a playing style that confuses opponents. I'm sure if anybody has the curiosity to check the hand history they will come to the conclusion that I bluffed my way to the final table. I ended up in 6th place overall after a series of losing battles with Duggles. I think doubled him up twice and then he knocked me out. The kid was on fire at the final way he was losing any coin flips. My last hand was A-3o....I could have folded and moved up a spot but I had the short stack. I jammed...he had A-K! The flop of Ax-Kx-Kx....was an appropriate way for me to go out. I think a 3x fell on the turn. I had a good time at the table just before this. Waffles does not disappoint anybody looking to get a laugh and a lesson in blind stealing. We were trading Blind steals for a while. The table chatter was worth the price of admission. This is something that has been missing from some of the tourneys lately.....a good time....with good competition. Not that there isn't great competition in all the tourneys but lately people have been taking this waaaaaaayyyyyy too seriously. I've never met anybody in person in the BBT or the WPBT but I still have a good time....and occasionally make some cash. Don't get me wrong....everybody wants to get some Internet respect but it is a form of entertainment as well. A well timed hammer-drop is a good part of everybody's poker repertoire. I think people use it just as much as they used to....they just don't show it as much anymore. It's a steal....and it is what it is. I went off tangent here......and I lost my point. I guess the point is to play these tournaments to win.....and have a good time!


DuggleBogey said...

Thanks for the shout.

It was fun. I did win an unusual amount of coin tosses in a row at the FT.

See ya next time.

SirFWALGMan said...

good game man! It was fun! I wish you had gotten mad at me and Jammed one of those hands! I was getting Aces and Kings like crazy on your blind.