Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The point(s) is to cash.....

Sunday : The Blogger Big Game Results : Me taking a brutal suck out by Julius Goat. Ac-Kc everybody folds....I raise all in with my short stack......he insta-calls with A-9o......Ace on the flop and I am looking good to cash in my first Big Game....9 on the effin turn and I am toast. Damn you Goat.......Damn you. (I checked his blog and he is funny bastard....but he should name himself Julius Donkey instead....HAHA).

Monday : M.A.T.H. : I didn't get many hands....two pocket pair before the final table. I hit two big hands in suck out open ended straight against Garthmeister and a gut-wrenching gut shot straight on the river against IT. I made the final table but an all-in fest with Schaubs Q-Q and Otis A-Ko did me in...I had As-10s and the short stack. There were two aces on the flop but I am toast again. Still haven't recovered from the Suck out by Julius Donkey....err Goat.

Tuesday : WWdN : Made final table though a whopping 20 entries...out 5th when I pushed (A-2o) the small stack into A-Ko....out 5th. 3 paid.

Wednesday : ?????? The Mooooooooooookie!!!!
Get your sorry asses there if you like brutal suck outs and hugely donkish play by idiots like me.

There is also a tourney on the WPBT.....does anybody remember that? It would be nice to get more than 17 or 19 that was in the last tourney. cmon.....lets get this to be a destination you Donkeys!!

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