Saturday, August 25, 2007

Donkin' around with the Pro

Played a few Full Tilt MTT's....Lee Watkinson appeared on the table in the 28K. He was knocked out by somebody who re-raised in position. Lee had pocket 7's and raised all-in. He was insta-called by the late position re-raiser. The Re-raiser had 10K to his 7K chip stack. All-in while being re-raised by somebody in position right near the money bubble? I realize the guy has over a million in tourney winnings...but is this a standard play for somebody trying to blast though the money bubble? Does this happen only in low buy-in online tourneys? I've played plenty in the last three years but this takes the isolation type play to the extreme.

I've finally sold my ski condo in NH......hate to do it but had to. I am going to move into my new house in Wakefield next week....the 30th and 31st. I am still trying to sell my house in Lawrence. Plenty of people have seen the house and liked/loved it but most can't get a home loan. It's really bad out there for first time buyers out there. The Fed. reserve needs to drop the percentage rate a bit for me to get any serious buyers. I may have to rent and in Lawrence, MA that is a dicey propostion. Some people are looking at the house and they are just stupid or something. We cleaned up and went out while the RE agent was showing my house the other day. We got back and called the agent. The agent says "Well....they said they liked it but they need more bedrooms". Fuckin' duh! It's listed as a 2-bedroom house for a reason!!!
I've never seen so many stupid people in my life...not the RE agents...the potential buyers. Real Estate Donkeys!!!

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