Sunday, September 30, 2007

Funny Bodog chat.......

This was a ten player Sit'n'go..........

Skappy: dam u aint neva gonna leave
PokahDave: I keep trying....but he keeps hitting
Skappy: ye i tried once too
Skappy: all good
camaroz28adam: what the **** is wrong wit u , u stupid ****er
Skappy: whoaaa whoz that too ?
Skappy: yo u tlakin to me ?
PokahDave: he thinks we're picking on him
Skappy: lol so hes ****in low stack
camaroz28adam: pokah dave
PokahDave: yes
Skappy: hah byeeee *****hh
[camaroz28adam]: hah ur a dumb ****er good call retard
Skappy: u suck at poker nice all dumass
PokahDave: still trying to figure out why he folded when I called the SB
[camaroz28adam]: ok i was committed dumb ass
Skappy: u still ****in suck
[camaroz28adam]: u call wit good cards
[camaroz28adam]: lol
Skappy: i called with a ****in Q 3
PokahDave: I just called so all you had to do was check....
[camaroz28adam]: your good at internet poker real life u suck
Skappy: right im sure uve seen me real life
[camaroz28adam]: no u called cuz u dont know how to play .lol
Skappy: if i dint no how to play why the **** am i chip stack
[camaroz28adam]: no but retards get lucky in internet poker, its all one big lucky game, if you play in real life
PokahDave: you folded instead of checking ....that means you don't know how to play
Skappy: and since u no how to play why the **** r u out ?
[camaroz28adam]: and call wit garbage like that you would get owned
PokahDave: lol
[camaroz28adam]: when did i fold instead of checking.
[camaroz28adam]: lol
[camaroz28adam]: retards
Skappy: lol why u still talkin u mad cuz i took ur money
[camaroz28adam]: bye retards
PokahDave: later ***********
[camaroz28adam]: get a girlfriend or in your case prolly boyfriends
Skappy: bye dumass
PokahDave: douc he ba g
[camaroz28adam]: you can suck each other . lol
Skappy: i got urs
Skappy: *****HHH
[camaroz28adam]: lol
[camaroz28adam]: u guys can be gay together
Skappy: u can lear how to play poker
[camaroz28adam]: right?
[camaroz28adam]: lol
[camaroz28adam]: suck each other off , pull his pants down and ****
Skappy: dude leave u gay as ****
Skappy: u jus mad cuz ur sorry ass lost

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