Friday, October 19, 2007

Are you ready?

I'm not...well at least not fully ready bankroll-wise. I forgot that there is a 7-day turnaround on epassporte deposits! 7 days! I have exactly two tokens and a very small amount on FullTilt. I have enough on Stars after my 2nd place finish in one of those 360 max tourneys last week. There is only one semi-blogger tourney on Stars though. That would be the Monkey tourney on Tuesday nights....I play while I'm playing the Bodog Blogger extravaganza. The Monkey tourney needs your help! I just may not be able to join the 'Big Game' on Sunday. I am in for all the others though. One point about the BBtwo and blogger tourneys in general...........I love how every double-up is scrutinized as a 'bad' play by the 'bad' players....but a 'good' play by the 'good' players. I fully admit that I have made some of the worst plays in online poker tournament history....lately and last year. Ahhh, the dichotomy of it all..........
Two things :
Go RedSox
Go Patriots

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mookie99 said...

I can do a PayPal/Full Tilt swap if you need some money on FT.

Lemme know.