Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekend stuff

Although I bubbled in the BFFB
I still see a great potential for earning some cash.....for Playing Fantasy Sports!!!!!!! For those of you who have participated in fantasy sports for years.....Now participate while earning a real shot at the cash! Not those unrealistic prizes that you have no shot at on ESPN.......

I also bubbled numerous tourneys on PokerStars, UB, and Bodog. Ahh, it's been a while since my Kings got sucked out by sixes. I was in the 100K guarantee on PokerStars yesterday just outside the money bubble and whammo! K's....perfect for a double-up. Pocket 4's also destroyed me twice whilst I held A-Ko and A-Ksooooted. Both hitting sets while an ace was on the board. I have to remember....I Want This-I Do.......I really that 100K guar. on Stars though. Yesterday brought out over 17,500 donkeys including yours truly. That would be the biggest tourney on the planet and plenty of donkeys will call your obvious A's or K's with pocket 6''s good to be back.

What a great weekend to be a New England Sports fan. The Sox with Mr. clutch pitcher (C.S.) shutting down the miserable Angels. Tom Brady and crew destroying the Browns. The Bruins.........ah nothing to see there.......(it hurts me as a life long fan of the B's to watch this team after it was unceremoniously dismantled by that douche bag Harry Sinden). I just may have to watch N.B.A. basketball again with the Celtics making those big acquisitions over the past summer. I haven't watched NBA since the late 80's on purpose.

Well this week I may jump back into the blonkaments that I've missed so badly. I just added some bankroll recently....probably won't last long at the rate I play tournament but....what the hell.

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