Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bodonked again.....Vegas in two days!!!!

I haven't been playing well lately. I was distracted Monday night while playing M.A.T.H. and watching MNF and I called all in with a really bad hand. I did this once before and said never again in a tournament situation...I called anyway. I actually won the hand but it was more than improbable. I shouldn't watch the Patriots or the Red Sox while playing against good players.....I was embarrassed by the play. I'm going to have to learn from my mistakes the first time around and never make that mistake again...that's what makes a good player. Learn from your mistakes....once is enough let alone twice.

Moving on.....The best call I ever made was going to Las Vegas on Friday! My itinerary is as follows :

Southwest Airlines : Manchester, NH
Departs Dec 7, 6:45 AM
Arrive Dec 7, 9:50 AM

Departs Dec 9, 4:45 PM
Arrive Dec 10 12:35 AM (that sucks...good thing I took Monday off)
Staying at the Imperial Palace

I got Bodonked out of the Bodonkey! I was chipping up nicely when my Kings were raised....I re-raised...was re-raised...and went all in. I was called by J's.....and a J on the turn knocked me out...that sucks. I hope my Aces and Kings hold up when I play some live poker again. I haven't played in a live setting for a while. Looking forward to the WPBT Winter Classic! Looks like there are already over 120 players. This should be memorable. I have never met anybody in the WPBT....but I will call on Friday and meet some people anyway....I don't care. I'll be in Vegas with cash and a place to stay so.....I'm ready to rip it up. I still can't believe how cool of a wife I have...I am a lucky man. Not only did she agree I should go...she made the travel plans for me! That my friends is fantastic. There are quite a few people who still can't believe that I'm going to Vegas by myself to meet people that I've never met before. They look at me with this (head-tilted-to side-I'm-so-confused-look) look and say something like "what are you crazy or something"! I mean I'm not expecting anything...I'm just gonna go with it. Whenever I go to Foxwoods with friends I usually disappear to the Poker Room anyway. I'm used to seeking out a poker game by myself whether it was the charity tourneys that I frequented, the Foxwoods Poker room, or the awesome bar league in Haverhill, MA. I'm gonna miss that place now that I moved from Lawrence to Wakefield. No more Thursday night NL tournament! None of my friends know about my blog...I mean....none of my good friends play poker! It's really hard to get a game going unless we play the mindless home games. Don't get me wrong...a good game of 'Screw your neighbor' is fun....but to play a tourney and maybe some mixed games against good players is not a common thing. Even some of the charity poker rooms are a complete crap shoot. I will be playing the 'Mookie' on Wednesday night...but not RiverChasers on Thursday..I need to get up around 4:00AM on Friday!

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