Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday....Monday...da da dadah dah dahhhhh

I love checking out the country stats for statcounter......what can I say...I'm huge in Peru! I haven't been blogging lately due to my ongoing R.E. fiasco. It's been gettin' me down as they say.
The latest on that is a possible closing date on Feb. 22nd....if it doesn't close I just may go to jail the rest of my life (actually I signed off power of attorney to my lawyer so I don't have to be in the same room with these idiots). I also cancelled various Poker accounts due to lack of fundage and Rakeback lackage.....say that sentence too fast and you're liable to get a tongue injury! I had to miss the inaugural HPT Foxwoods fieldtrip.....I reeaaallly wanted to go too. I wanted to play the inaugural HPT online tour on FTP but I cancelled that account (I will be back soon). I wanted to test my chops against all the Foxwoods donkeys instead of the regular online tards and charity poker no foldemites. ahhh well, I'll get there soon enough..... I've been playing at PokerStars a lot and I'm actually enjoying the change of pace. I think that the nightly 15+1.50 NL Hold'em tourney is my favorite tourney. even though the starting chips are only T1500 it's still a good tourney. That nightly 10.00+1.00 NL hold'em (10 minute level) tourney is like PokerCrack. I hate it!! It still gets me coming back for more though....the fast format is good for us peeps that have to get to bed at a relatively early hour. I needed a break from the BBT tourneys....they've been lasting way to late. Don't get me wrong...I love 'em but I needed a break. So I am looking forward to getting my mojo back in Feb. I'll probably be heading to foxwoods and terrorizing the local tourneys later on after my damn house is sold in Lawrence. In the meantime I will be present at the Bodonkey! and various PokerTards well as a few live tourneys when I can (HPT I mean u!).

By the way, I saw the movie 'The Transformers' this past! That was some special effects action packed entertainment. Good job Michael Bay..........

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