Monday, April 14, 2008

Foxwoods Sunday

It would be nice to go to Foxwoods every Sunday....but that will be my last time for while. With the wife being hugely pregnant I don't want to be too far away (2.5 hour drive) just in case. I picked up Biggestron AKA Bdidde on the way to Foxwoods and we were on our way at about 7:30AM.
Getting knocked out of the 80+20 NL tourney 25th or so out of 175 certainly sucked! 20 people get paid. I probably shouldn't have made it that far anyway but at least I can claim the last longer bet...a hefty 25.00 mind you. A couple of the guys have final tabled this push fest and made hefty sums of money. I was in survival mode for the last 2 hours. I had to push under the gun with A-2o to avoid blinding out....I turned trip two's and tripled up. I later pushed with 6's in late position after surviving another rotation. The blinds were 800-1600 and I was called and doubled up again. I finally got a pocket pair better than 9's late in the game and pushed from the button. It looked like a steal and the BB called and doubled me up to about 17.5K. Not much to report after that...the blinds got up to 1500-3000 with 300 ante. I couldn't defend my blinds with two pushes in front of me with a hand like 9-4o. After 2 more orbits I pushed one last time with Q-10o and the old man in the BB called much to my surprise. Usually the old guy just grimaces and reluctantly folds his hand while grumbling about young whippersnappers. He called J-Ko and neither improves but K-high wins.

After the tourney and a cool off session I went to the cafe to get some food. I was getting a headache and usually when I get hungry at the casino I get a headache. I forgot my Sudafed at home...I usually pop it like skittles in the casino. I got a New England Turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes. Headache? Gone. I like the poker room but I kind of miss the old poker room. It was right next to the race book and the huge race book bar. You could actually get a few drinks at the bar and wait to be seated. It was also much brighter upstairs with all the windows...I didn't realize it but it was kind of dark in the WPT room.

CK and F-Train (plays 10-20 limit games....way out of my league) showed up to play some cash games...I guess they stayed there the night before. I met them....again (I met them both at the Winter Classic but I was so sauced I didn't think either remembered....I kind of did). Rumours of Donkette bringing Yankees-RedSox tickets for everybody circulated around the bloggers in the poker room. Bdidde ended up not playing the tourney but was able to play cash all day long. I think Donkette was sick or something so CK and F-Train headed back to NY later on. I got to sit at a 1-2 NL table later on but the table behind me had CK, Rakefeeder, WWonka69, and some others. I didn't want to go sit down with them at first but the table I was at was just...boring. I got a seat change and the table was a lot of fun. Straddle-bets were thrown out and the table stated to loosen up. I got involved in a couple of pots but not too many...mostly folds to be bets from the Asian lady who sat to the right of the dealer (no not CK). I told Bdidde we would leave at 6:00. That's when this crazy hand came up :
I was in the BB with 9d-2d. There were at least 3 calls including the guy to the right of Rake, Rake, and CK. The flop came down with 9x-6x-2x. BB special for me. (I can never remember the details of my big if there are details that are wrong I apologize. I usually remember the big pots I lost and the exact play or lack thereof). I think CK threw out a 20 dollar bet and was called by me, Guy next to Rake, and Rake raised maybe to 40.00. Anyway, CK went all in for the rest of her chips...maybe another 65.00 or so. I didn't want anymore play from the other guys after that...I went all-in over the top with probably 200.00 or so. The guy next to Rake was really struggling (I thought....oh shit...maybe he has 6's? nah...I think he had an over pair...he eventually folded). Rake had 9-Q come to find out...he struggled with it a bit but made the right lay down. CK turns over 9x-Ax (all four 9's were out at this time) and I show the 9-2d. I think a 5x landed on the turn and then another two landed on the river to give my 2's full of 9's. Overall I could have just called the all in and maybe one of the other guys would have gone all in....but I felt I had to protect the two pair. Did I play this wrong? I don't know...I don't play a lot of cash but I've played quite a few sessions of 1-2 NL at Foxwoods. Anyway we left at 6:30 to make the trek home. That was a hell of a way to end the day after the tourney bubbleage. It was good to see a few bloggers mix it up and make an otherwise average day at the card room exciting again.
I don't see me being able to go to the WPBT Summer Classic or the WSOP this summer. I could probably go to the WSOP if won a seat but then again I'd probably have to sell it....dang! Anyway, it was good to see everybody again and I hope to sling the cards again soon.

Edit : (Rakefeeder recall) "It was $10 to me which I bumped to $30 to see where I was at. CK went all in for $36 more or something, but then you flat called and the pot buyer guy flat called. My Q9 surely had to be beat but I thought I might be live and getting 8-1 on my money so I called. I was planning on calling CK's $36 anyway".


Rake Feeder said...

I wish I could forget about that hand... It was $10 to me which I bumped to $30 to see where I was at. CK went all in for $36 more or something, but then you flat called and the pot buyer guy flat called. My Q9 surely had to be beat but I thought I might be live and getting 8-1 on my money so I called. I was planning on calling CK's $36 anyway.

I am glad you pushed on the turn, since it got me away from the hand, but I think if you bet out for like $75 on the turn the guy to my right would have at least called. I was actually surprised it was not a set over set with all the action.

Nice playing with you again, see ya next time at the HPT.

BWoP said...

Oh that's right. I apparently *did* meet you before. But I kinda forgot. Must have been the alcohol.

RF has the action right. You led out for $10, tournament player called $10, RF bumped it to $30, I jammed for $61. Everyone stayed in. I like the jam on the turn. Two pair (top and bottom) is kinda vulnerable, and there was a straight draw on the board, I think. Tournament player was doing all sorts of tricky stuff.

Wwonka said...

Great to see you Again.

I still can't believe you passed up our table and I had to taunt you into moving.

Also refering to you Pregnant wife as HUGE is usually not a good idea.



PokahDave said...

She doesn't read this blog...and she knows how blunt I can be
I had a great time playing everybody. I was trying to get to the table but there was too many in line waiting for a half hour. I'm used to playing down there by the chance to sling the chips around with other bloggers was not to be missed. See you guys on the virtual felt....

F-Train said...

Great to re-meet you. 10/20 LHE isn't as scary as it sounds, trust me.