Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Thoughts on Chat...or Chat on Chat....or....

Last weeks chat thing had me thinking. I can understand why some people would take time off from the BBT3 or why people are totally put off by abusive chat. I can understand why people get pissed and spew venom after losing a hand that they should have won. We've all done it. I stopped the chat war thing in the BBT after the BBT1 and realized that people misunderstand a lot of what is said in the chat. For instance : 'Nice hand'....can be a sarcastic comment about the way a player hit his gutshot straight on the river....or it can mean 'Nice hand'. I understand both sides of the story and have been on both sides. I usually don't get into chat wars anymore...but after a few beers and a bad mood...I can be goaded into anything. Lately I type in chat and it's usually complementary....but people still misunderstand it. If I was totally put off by the chat and banter in the BBT3 I would just shut the chat box off and play on. I actually shut the chat box completely after making the final table of the MATH. In past final tables I would be so distracted by the volume of chat....not what was being said...but the constant dings and comments.....good or bad. It really distracted me to the point of not knowing what to do next. I shut it down on Monday night and I could just concentrate on playing the hand and the player. It worked. So for's not abusive chat that puts me on's trying to play while reading the chat. I hope that my chat doesn't get misunderstood by's just idle chat. I came home after the Sox home opener and was properly shattered. I played the Bodonkey (I'm never going to play Q's again in the Bodonk) and lost a decent stack against pocket 5's. I played the skills H.O.R.S.E game and made a nice little run but my nines were no good against Kuro's A-J or A-Q.

....also from yesterday....Sox fans finally get over it (about friggin time.....thank god people finally let it go...should have been after the '04 series win but that's the way it is here)....22 years and 2 World Championships later!!!!!!!!

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