Friday, June 20, 2008


I came in 3rd in RiverChasers last night. Fun times. The baby woke up and wanted to be fed pronto! I was juggling the baby and playing the last hour of the tournament...and drinking a few beers to boot. I'm ridiculous. I'm tired. I'm still playing poker. I have switched from playing a bunch of donkaments to playing some cash (note: the fast NLHE tables on Stars are like Poker careful...but I turned 15.00 in 50.00 in 20 minutes on micro-NL). The bloggerments are still fair game though. I just can't take the chance of a 5-8 hour type of run for a long time though. I would obv. switch that if I satellite into a Sunday major or something along those lines. I remember when my first daughter was born in '05....and what a shock it was for my poker playing degeneracy. I know what to expect now though so I'm using my stellar multi-tasking skills. Don't forget the Friday night re buy Donkament hosted by Katitude or as I call her Catchitude...She's been kicking my ass lately in blonkaments. Don't forget the 'Saturdays with Dr. Pauly' on PokerTards for some PLO madness (I won't be there this week). Read Dr Pauly for everything WSOP. Stellar coverage and stuff you won't find anywhere else.

This weekend is going to be a nice sports weekend (They are doing a Celtics tribute tonight complete with the Celts throwing out the first ball and the Green uniforms etc.). I have a ticket to go see the Red Sox for the Fox national game against the Cardinals on Saturday. Dice-K is pitching so it should be a great game....nice weather too. Here are some websites to amuse and educate all of you...mostly sports related and mostly relevant for recent events :

38pitches (Schilling is shutting down for the season and going for surgery tomorrow)
KissingSuzyKolber (you have to be a self-deprecating Boston sports fan to like this)
and my new favorite........because I'm a typical spoiled Boston sports fan and want another champ in Hockey no less!
PleaseSellTheBruins(wish I thought of right on the money if you think that the Jacobs family sucks ass).

Speaking of ass...I love this picture!

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