Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Steppin' up

I had an extra 'step2' ticket on PokerStars from the night before last. I forgot about it until last night. The WSOP step satellites ended at 12:00AM last night. I won a step 5 at about 12:30. I sent an email before I went to bed. I figured it was just one of things where you win and your ticket is useless because the promotion had run its course. Then today I got this email :

Hello Dave,

Thank you for your email.

Please rest assured that no one will lose value they have earned in a
PokerStars tournament; that's simply not how we do business.

As the WSOP Steps have now finished, leftover steps tickets can be used to
enter WCOOP Step Sit and Go's. These can be found under the "Events"
> "WCOOP". These step tournaments will commence at 12:00 ET.

Best of luck in the games and thank you for choosing PokerStars.


PokerStars Support Team

Sweet!.......I knew I loved PokerStars for a reason. The Steps tournament page for the upcoming (Sept.) WCOOP is up and running.

Step 5 is worth a 700.00 buy-in to get the coveted step 6 (worth 2,100.00). I think I'll be a little nervous for that one. There should be some tight play right? Probably not....
Good luck to everybody playing the Main Event....I hope you run deep and someday I hope to be able to go! It would have been a stretch for me to try going this year...but my family knows it would be to much of an opportunity to pass up. You can't really be realistic about going to the WSOP when your child is born on June 3rd. I don't blame PokerFool for keeping the cash. 98% of the players in the BBT3 have day jobs and can't take that much time off. I certainly can't afford to this year. Next year is a different story though. I will go all upside those Steps tourneys...until I win. Download and play on PokerStars today.

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