Friday, December 12, 2008

Have a good time in Vegas.......


Here is some Vegas memories from last year. I was in the most stressful period of my life and had not really been away from home for about 2.5 years so here you have it :

Poker and Miscellaneous Stuff: The Blogger gathering and misc. stuff Pt.1

Poker and Miscellaneous Stuff: Blogger gathering and Misc. Stuff Pt.2

I tried to get my last minute horses in via Biggestron for Sat. Venetian/WPBT/bloggergathering...............we'll see if I can at least get in on the action from afar....

1 comment:

Biggestron said...

Your bets where placed in good order before the tourney.

Sorry I couldn't do you better and get to the final table. I went out somewhere around crapteenth.