Monday, February 02, 2009

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What a great SuperBowl to watch yesterday. I am not a fan of the Steelers or the Cardinals but that was one to remember. Kurt Warner really deserves more credit than he already gets. 3 of the most exciting superbowls of all time and he is QB in all 3. Mind boggling stats. I think the Cards defense will definitely improve next year but if K.W. retires then Matt Linert will need at least a year of full support before they do anything again. 1 year in the NFL can make all the difference. I can't see K.W. retiring after this run....but if there is still a QB controversy then he will retire. He even hinted at this in his post game interview.
For the Steelers......great win. Big Ben is hard to hate. I really can't hate this team like I used to...hell I even rooted for The Bus to win in that Superbowl (which for my entertainment was the worst ever). So these aren't the hated steelers of old. Troy Pemullalluloo (how the frig do you spell that?) is probably the best player in the NFL although he didn't look like it in the SuperBowl. There wasn't much showboating or at least nothing over the top. Just a knock down drag out with two of the teams that played the best in the Playoffs. I really thought that the Steelers would hold them to under 17. I will never bet against K.W. again in the SuperBowl that is for sure. I lost a little in the bets but mostly all losses were on the prop bets...I would have the other most likely player to "Catch the first ball on the Steelers" for instance. Instead of Hines Ward I would have Santonio Holmes etc. I wonder if we'll all get in trouble for using Bodog. It's only a matter of time before that is looked into. I guess we'll find out during the Spring during the UIEGIA hearings of whatever they'll call them.

I forgot to post congratulations to my boyhood baseball hero for making it into the sacred hall of fame :

GOOD GAME Jim 'Ed' Rice!

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