Monday, August 31, 2009


I went to the Allman Brothers concert this past Saturday. Such a great show. The 'Comcast center' as it's called now is pretty expensive. It's ridiculous to charge as much as they do just for drinks. That's what ComCast is known for though....over charge for everything....get average service or goods. The weather was bad but the rain stopped for the most part after 6:30 or so. Lucky for us my buddy grabbed a couple of VIP access tickets. It wouldn't have mattered if it rained through the show because we were always under cover. I'm pretty impressed with the VIP area. It's such a great thing to go into a restroom without an inch of piss and beer on the floor. My buddy took a bunch of pics of us in the VIP area. I don't know if I'll ever get them though. He got tickets from a broker and a legitimate business so we weren't going to get ripped off. We get to park right up in the front, go into a restaurant with multiple bar areas and our own entrance. This is the way to go..since I only go to one or two shows max a year now. He found them on Craig's list....usually he gets them at the box office a week before the show.
Widespread Panic opened for the Allmans and they were great. They jammed with the Bros. on numerous songs and instrumentals. My cell phone is lame so I don't have pictures...not right now anyway. Damn stupid cell phone...I want a iPhone or something. During the show the people in front of us were recording with the cell video. I'm trying to get them to send their video may be a wash. We were sitting only about 10 rows back. So Widespead Panic had a bunch of 'SpreadHeads' in the audience. I think I saw them 10 years ago as one of the many bands in the 'H.O.A.R.D.' festivals. I don't remember them being as good as they were but I like what I saw. They jammed on a large amount of much that there were about three different sets. There was also two epic jams on 'Dazed and Confused' and 'Can't find My Way Home'. They were all tuning up their guitars on stage and I heard someone play some chords from the 'Can't find my way...' I just mentioned to my buddy that they were going to play that song and he didn't believe me. So they launch into the song and he says "You looked it up online or something"...he also owes me 5 bucks...PAY UP!!! I swear I heard someone play some of the chords while they were tuning and getting ready. There was also an incredible jam between the two bassists. Oteil Burbridge had his fretless six string bass and the guy from Widespead Panic (don't know his name off hand but he's good)tore up the ComCast center. Oteil sounded like he was playing lead was just friggin' great. I thought they might come out for more than one big encore but due to the puritans in the immediate area it was not to be. I have a suggestion for those who can't have a show go later than 11:00 PM.......MOVE! It was there before most any of the houses were....the ComCast Center is in the middle of the woods. That's why it was originally called Great Fucking Woods! well not Great Fucking Woods...just 'Great Woods'. You get the picture...even though I don't have any right??

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lightning36 said...

Yeah -- the days of standing in front of the stage are long gone. Sigh.