Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Massachusetts Miracle, Music to commute to work to in the morning-Part 5

The article that I linked to in the Washington Times is the perfect description of what happened last night. As far as Massachusetts voters go it is unprecedented. It's been oh....40 years or so since the last Republican Senator representing the people of Massachusetts. Last night was the Scott/shot heard 'round the world. Talk Radio and TV pundits are about to be more entertaining than ever before. It's just priceless to see an UBER loony like Keith Olbermann lose his mind on live TV. If nothing else last nights election adds a little balance to the mix. The Democrats will be forced to scrap their plans to force anything without a bipartisan vote. Now that is change.

As C.E.O. of PokerandMiscellaneousStuff Inc. (P&MS Inc. LOL) and as representative of the 1,000 plus empoloyees I ask you to listen LOUD...and enjoy. I was commuting to the main office of the main building in the main complex of the main campus of PokerandMiscellaneousStuff Inc. today I listened to this (a fitting tribute to the Democrat party in MA) :

Cemetery Gates (embedding was disabled but this is the link goes to YouTube)


Jeremy said...

Another one of my favorites Dave. I live near Columbus and have been to the club where Dimebag was killed. I actually had plans to go to the show but cancelled a week before. I did get to see them in concert several years before.

PokahDave said...

That was just a sick thing. I couldn't believe the 'Behind the Music' episode that showed most of what actually should be glad you never went to that show.

lightning36 said...

Liberal douche bags are even worse than the worst of the conservative douche bags. Yowsa!