Wednesday, May 26, 2010

DDonkeynysus strikes!!!!!!

I know my picture post editing is sad but honestly I'm shocked. Every picture tells a story don't it! Fuck me...June 1st is coming soon and who knows what will happen...I feel a bad beat coming after running like a god. I ran like the anti-DDionysus tonight. I must find some stats for this. I haven't won more than 550 at anytime on FTP since I started here. Curious thing though. Ever since my daughter spilled a glass of water on my laptop PC.....I've been playing better. It knocked out the sound and nothing else. I can't listen to BDR or any other internet radio for that matter. It happened about 2 weeks ago and I've had some great results....very strange indeed!

Some stats for the dorks donks :
Full Tilt Poker Tournament Summary $14 + $1 Rush Super Turbo (162561612) Hold'em No Limit
Buy-In: $14 + $1
Knockout Bounty: $3
DDionysus received 15 Knockout Bounty Awards
Buy-In Chips: 300
932 Entries
Total Prize Pool: $10,252
Tournament started: 2010/05/25 22:21:00 ET
Tournament finished: 2010/05/26 0:03:28 ET

1: DDionysus, $2,357.96 +15 KO's = 2,400+ weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
2: Olliespence888, $1,486.54
3: signeiband, $1,102.09
4: Mtown11, $845.79
5: DrOvEInSaNe, $640.75
6: strayy, $461.34
7: newfie sprink, $307.56
8: mads191, $239.90
9: hayabusa0208, $174.28

So this eclipses my 2250 that I won on my favorite tourney on PokerStars. The 10 dollar 6-max NLHE at 11:15 PM ET.  I think I finally like FTP better than PokerStars now...that is a surprise......


cmitch said...


Very nice score!!!

BamBam said...

Very nicely done double D! Although I am ever so slightly crushed, that there was no semi-live blog "knock-out" post for my win!


oossuuu754 said...

Good Job!

PokahDave said...

Don't worry Bammer...I'll try to get epic tonight! I just didn't have the right mojo going that night....

BWoP said...

Nice job Dave!

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

Well done! Love those crack turbo's!

Jeremy said...

Awesome win Dave! You have been playing well and were definitely due.

Jeremy said...

how did you get the stat that said how many KO's you had? you just keep track of that yourself?

PokahDave said...

Thanks for the comments everybody. can just open the HH for the tourney and it's listed at the top after the tourney is over of course....