Sunday, May 09, 2010

Short live bloggage

I was late...about 20 minutes for tonight's free roll. I was in the BB with 9-10o.....I called a small raise by one cmitch. 3-2-9 on the flop...I checked....probably my biggest mistake. cmitch pushed....I called. He had 44 and I couldn't fade the 4 on the turn....yikes. cmitch you are my nemesis in the BBT....going back years. So I had A-Q under the gun not too long after and I raised it...ooosssuuu pushed all in with J-7 or something. He spiked a J and then another on the river. Out in two hands..ouch.

Knockouts : DDionysus......The god of women, wine, and song cannot run like a god. Instead he looks into the eyes of Medusa and sinks like a stone to the bottom of the heap. D'oh!

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lightning36 said...

Very unsatisfying ...